Practice English Speaking&Listening with: PoliteMail for Outlook - Email Tracking & Analytics

Difficulty: 0's what you do every day.

And if you're like 65% of business people,

Outlook email is your primary channel for enterprise messaging.

Outlook email is your primary channel for enterprise messaging.

But how do you know what's working?

Is your audience even reading the email you sent?

To find out, you're looking for an easy tool to gather key email metrics,

like Opens, Click-Through, and Read Rates.

What you don't need is yet another email program.

Because, as it turns out, the best email campaign and analytics program

is the one you already use.

With a little help from PoliteMail.

Only PoliteMail adds the advanced campaign tools and power analytics features you want,

integrated directly into Outlook.

Simply send broadcast messages to any of your existing

Exchange or Active Directory distribution groups.

Create and share branded, mobile responsive

templates for any of your corporate communications programs.

And gain insights, instantly, with key email metrics

plus powerful analytics to measure results and share with your team

so you'll know what's working, and have the data to prove it.

PoliteMail delivers all of this, without any tedious, time-consuming list management work.

Without worrying about making it to their Inbox,

and all within your familiar Outlook email process.

Create more impressive communications, engage your audience, and measure results

with PoliteMail, campaign tools and email analytics as easy as Outlook.

Try PoliteMail for Outlook today.

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