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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Count and Noncount Nouns

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let's look at the difference between

count nouns and non-count nouns a count

noun is a noun that you can actually

count so a car that's one car the plural

form is cars using the S two cars three

cars four cars a book that's one book

five books ten books twenty books some

books and Apple that's one Apple the

plural form is Apple's non count nouns

don't take an S traffic if you have ten

cars on the street you can say there are

ten cars or there is a lot of traffic

information is a non-count noun fruit

I have five apples or I can say I have

some fruit with count nouns in the

singular form you can say there is there

is a car there is a book there is an

apple there is a coke in the plural form

you say there are there are five cars

there are ten books there are some

apples there are a couple of cokes with

non count nouns to describe something

you say there is there is traffic there

is information there is fruit there is

water and of course the contraction for

there is is there's another difference

between count nouns and non-count nouns

is in making questions with count nouns

you want to say how many how many cars

are there

with non-count nouns you use how much

how much fruit is there to make the

negative with count nouns you say there

aren't many cars there aren't many books

there aren't many apples this shows a

small number if I say there aren't many

cars that could be four cars or five

cars if it's zero then you say there

aren't any apples that means zero with

Mac count nouns in the negative

there isn't much traffic in this case if

there are five cars in the road then you

can say there aren't many cars or there

isn't much traffic there isn't much

information that's a small amount of

information saying there isn't much to

show zero then you say there isn't any

there isn't any fruit there isn't any



The Description of Count and Noncount Nouns