Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【鬼灭人物志】甘露寺蜜璃:来鬼杀队找老公,竟成为了身材担当的队花

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hello, this is Qiling

in this episode we will talk about the curviest character in Demon Slayer

Mitsuri Kanroji, the love hashira

being the only two female hashiras of demon slayer corp

her appearance was very eye catching to say the least

people would think she's quite the mature character

but she's actually quite a soft-talking character

she'd get shy if she sees attractive people

and she's very enthusiastic to all people around him

in the other hashiras, compared to others with tragic pasts

Mitsuri's reason to join demon slayer corp was quite a unreasonable one

she only wants a boy friend

why is that such a shy girl would join up?

for such a ridiculous reason none the less

how did she get into this rather exposing outfit?

it all starts from her own past

Mitsuri was born from a regular family

when she turned 1 year and two month old, she wishes to help her pregnant mother

and lifted a rock which weighed 15 kilos

which terrrified her mother and she fell

she later learned that she was born with special qualities

her muscle density is eight times that of a regular person

that thin arm of hers

is as powerful as a weight lifter

and she eats an insane amount of food

she eats more than 3 sumo wrestlers combined

and her unique pink hair color is because she used to

eat 170 sakura cakes throughout 8 months time

this does not really affect her life too much

but when she turned 17, her date told her without hesitation that

with brute force like that, probably only bears or hogs or bulls

are willing to marry her

that disgusting hair color

is so disturbing to even think that children could inherit that from you

that statement is like a knife driven clear through her heart

she realized at that moment that she needs to hide all this

she dyed her hair black

and pretended to be even weaker than others

and tried to suppress her enormous appetite

during that time, she often starve herself

eventually, someone is willing to marry her

but at this very moment

she realized that she'd have to live like this for the rest of her life

that powerful girl with a weird hair color and enormous appetite

is she really that unacceptable to the common masses?

nah, she wants to be herself

this is why the date eventually turned out a flat fail

until one day, she was saved by the leader of demon slayer corp

she told her that she is an individual gifted by the gods

the ones who hurt her with words

are merely fearful and envious of her talents

this hit Mitsuri right in the feels, and she decided to join the demon slayers

maybe in there, she will find a boy that is willing to accept her

because of her natural strength, it only took her half a year

to pass the selection process and become an official member of demon slayer

she soon became an apprentice of Rengoku, the flame hashira

soon, she founded her own breath named breath of love

originating from the breath of flame

she became one of the nine hashiras through her talent and efforts

and after seeing the other female hashira, she realized

she was lied to

since the one who designed the uniform was quite the pervert

he designed a special outfit for her which is quite exposed

and lied to other female members that all females have similar outfits

until the other member discovered the truth, she immediately burned down that exposed outfit

then she got a normal set of outfit

after this, Mitsuri still kept the same outfit

maybe she didn't really mind the looks

at this point, she was truly accepted by everyone

and she is willing to accept the appreciations from the people she saved

another hashira even gave her a set of stockings as a gift

she's been wearing that ever since

soon, Mitsuri travelled to the craftsman's village to repair her sword

while she waited, she took the liberty to enjoy the hotsprings there

and she met Shinatsugawa Genya

she was going to say hi, but got ignored

this really made her upset

but Genya was just too embarrassed to talk

he didn't really ignore her

after seeing Tanjirou, Mitsuri complained about it crying

but after hearing about dinner, she recovered from her bad mood immediately

after dinner, Mitsuri talked to Tanjirou about her past

she told Tanjirou about her intention of finding a boyfriend in demon slayer corp

which confused Tanjirou greatly

in the conversation, Tanjirou discovers that

Nezuko really liked Mitsuri as well, she likes hanging out with her

this maybe due to Mitsuri's great personality

before departing, she encouraged Tanjirou and his younger sister

she expressed that she'll always be rooting for them

and told Tanjirou in secret that the village has a hidden weapon that can make people stronger

it's unclear if Tanjirou really understood what she meant

he clearly got secretly excited over Mitsuri

soon, two demons invaded the village

Tanjirou, Nezuko and Genya fought against the half Tengu

while Muichiro, the mist hashira fought the other alone

Mitsuri, who only just left the village was called, and she returned

she saved the village folks who were attacked by the goldfish minions

she is using her very new weapon specially made just for her

an elastic retractable blade, along with her unique skills

she can attack even faster than the sonic hashira

after resolving the troubles within the village, in the direst moment

she saved Tanjirou from the half Tengu

she didn't know how bad half Tengu really is

Mitsuri got angry after the opponenet mocked her outfit

she didn't listen to Tanjirou's advice, but rather just rushed in

although she could fight the half Tengu from her strength

but due to not knowing about her opponnent well enough, she got hit by the sound wave

good thing is she is quite strong and powerful

others would have perrished after taking this hit

despite so, she still passed out from this attack

and fell into a memory recall

everything from her past began going at full speed inside her head

the people who hurt her with words appeared again

and the leader of demon slayers, and everyone in the team

her thoughts were interrupted at this point

Tanjirou managed to save her

and they were shouting that they needed to protect her

she is the only one that may be able to best the half Tengu

at this moment, Mitsuri was deeply moved by Tanjirou's words

she examined her past, and realized

she would not have joined demon slayer without the leader's approval

The Description of 【鬼灭人物志】甘露寺蜜璃:来鬼杀队找老公,竟成为了身材担当的队花