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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Blind Slushie Taste Test

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Today we find ourselves in a bit of a pickle.

Let's talk about that.

Good Mythical Morning!

Today we're tossing you a PFD.

That's right, get ready for some pickles, foam, and dogs.

That's what PFD means around here.

In just a bit, we're gonna be trying

the weirdest internet trend, the Floral Foam Crushing.

- Yeah. - And then we have a game about dogs

with the most luxurious of hair.

But first, do you know that the average American

eats 8.5 pounds of pickles every year?

Well, apparently Sonic Drive-In knows

exactly how much we all love pickles,

because they just announced they're rolling out

a brand new Pickle Juice Slush in June.

This sounds crazy, but it's true.

I mean, look, "The Today Show"

- has covered it. - Rhett: Of course.

- You know it's legit. - Big news!

Sonic's vice president of product innovation and development

is quoted as saying,

"Quite simply, pickle juice is fun."

That's been my experience.

I've never had a non-fun experience with pickle juice.

Well, we're going to find out.

He also said, "Nothing says summer like a Sonic Slush."

- That's up for debate. - Well, nothing says "GMM"

like trying something before it's available to the public.

So we're gonna be sippin' these Pickle Juice Slushes today.

- Mm-hmm. - Not to mention also a few other flavors.

It's time for...

So we're gonna try our own expert approximation

of the Pickle Juice Slush from Sonic

as created by Mythical Chefs Tess and Josh.

All right! Bring 'em out!

- They're bringing 'em out Sonic-style. - Hey, guys!

- Oh, yeah! Skatin' in. - Welcome to our drive-in!

We have two Pickle Slushies coming right up.

- I'm rolling the window down. - Okay. Here you go.

- The inside of our car looks like a desk. - Bye!

All the Sonics I see now, they don't skate anymore.

- She's so graceful. - It's a thing of the past.

- Okay. - How can-- how can this be good?

First of all, let me just say that they had people like me in mind.

I love pickles. I love pickle juice.

I have... done pickle juice.

I've done pickle juice like a drug.

- Right out of the jar. - You sip it?

I have sipped it, yes. I'm a pickle juice aficionado.

- Okay. - Because we don't have the recipe,

this is pretty cool. This is what they did.

"Food & Wine" actually got a hold of some of these.

- "Food & Wine." - Apparently Sonic--

What about us, Sonic?

- is willing to deal directly with "Food & Wine." - Food and wine, right here.

But what we did is, we re-engineered

these based on the review that "Food & Wine" gave of them.

Which was "Sweet and tangy. The bright brine compensates

for the over-savoriness you might have been worried about."

And, "A bit too sweet, as if over-correcting for the acidity."

- M'kay. - So what that ended up becoming is

real dill pickle juice from the jar,

at a 3-to-1 ratio with sugar,

and then mixed with a recreation of Sonic's famous slushed,

crushed ice, and then we added some green food coloring for, you know, fun.

- Yeah, because before-- it looked kind of urine-ish. - It was just a little yellow.

- All right, dink it. - ( clacks )

- Huh. Is this not glasses? - Is this not glasses?

- ( clacking ) - This is plastics.

- You guys are-- - Oh, I see what--

- Oh, okay. - They came out on roller skates.

- She came out on roller skates. - Oh!

- They didn't want to give her glass. - Smart.

- Vote of confidence, Tess. - Tess: It's my first day on the job.

Let's taste it.

- Yeah. - You like?

- Mm-hm. - It just tastes like iced pickle juice to me.

Uh-huh. And? The problem with that is?

C'mon, you're food, I'm wine. We gotta be--

Hold on. Am I food and you're wine?

- Yeah, that's just how it happened. - Food and wine.

So, having sipped actual pickle juice,

are you telling me this is sweeter than that?

- Because I'm just struck. - Actually, this is significantly sweeter

than straight dill pickle juice.

This is almost like those, uh, like--

What are the other kind of pickles that are a little bit dill

- and a little bit sweet? - Bread and butter.

This has a bread and butter-ishness to it,

which I really like, 'cause I like those.

- I like all pickles. - It's dill-y to me.

I don't discriminate against my pickles.

Here's the thing. To me, this is like a cold shower

- for you mouth. - I've always wanted that.

It's like enduring pain to wake up or to become less aroused.

Sometimes you need to put a damper on it.

Sometimes you need to put a damper on your pickle with some pickle juice.

So if you like pickle juice like Rhett does,

I'm hearing a recommendation.

It's definitely not for everybody.

But if you're a-- I'm a big pickle fan.

I probably eat between 17 to 18 pickles every week.

I'm not kidding. That's why we have lots of peanut butter

and lots of pickles in my house. I'm a pickle man.

So as a pickle man, I can definitely recommend the Pickle Slush.

I'm not recommending it, but I also don't hate it.

And, like I said, a cold shower is good every once in a while.

And sometimes you really need one.

But let's move on to dare I say

even weirder slush flavors.

What we've done is we've asked Mythical Chefs Tess and Josh

to create some mystery flavor slushes.

See if we can discover something new, Sonic!

We're here to help you out, baby!

If any of these work. But we're gonna have to guess what they are.

The person who guesses the most correctly

will win the right to eat a bona fide southern treat--

Kool-Aid pickles.

All right, bring in the first one.

Oh! He's looking confident.

- Look at you. - Oh, you need a desk to settle yourself?

- Okay. You got it? You got it? - Thank you, sir.

- You got it? - Trust yourself, Josh.

- Can you push me a little more? - Yeah. There you go.

- All right. - Look at these Good Mythical coozies.

Dang. All right. So it's totally blacked-out.

We get no advantage from looking.

- Oh. It's on the tip of my tongue. - It's some sort of sauce.

- It's like a-- - What is that? What is that?

It's like soy sauce. Ugh. Soy sauce slush.

- Soy Slush! - Stevie: You ready to guess?

It's, uh-- I know what it is.

But I don't know what it is!

I hate it, whatever it is.

All right, give us the hint.

- Okay. Is that a guess? - No, I said-- am I wrong?

- It's not Soy Slush? - I'm gonna three-two-one,

then you give your official guess, okay?

Here we go. Three, two, one.

- Soy slush. Soy sauce. - No, it's not soy.

It's-- it's a--

- It's a sauce, but I can't put my finger on it. - Am I wrong?

Okay, I can't give either one of you the point for that one.

I'm gonna try and personalize these hints, so get ready.

If I go to this establishment, I usually get a bowl

where the bottom has rice on it,

and the top has this particular thing.

I get it really quickly, because that's in the name of this fast-food restaurant.

- PD Quix? - I don't know what that is.

Quick Stop?

I know I've had it. It's teriyaki.

- Teriyaki slush. - So close, so close.

But it's Chinese.

Oh, yeah, it's um--

- It's duck sauce. - Sweet and sour. Sweet and sour slush.

Okay, I can't give you the point.

- It's Panda Express Orange Chicken. - Yes! Okay.

- Orange chicken. - It was such a familiar taste,

but I don't have a word for that in my brain.

- I just eat the orange chicken. - Nasty.

- Hey, guys. Back again. - Okay.

Talk about a brain-freeze party, am I right?

- Wow. Okay. - Oh, wow.


I feel like if I respond, it'll encourage her.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah. - Okay.

Oh, oh, oh.

- This is like-- - Oh, gosh!


It's a fast-food-- um...

- It's a savory-- - My brain's not working.

Is it getting frozen?

I've totally tasted this!

But I can't "place-ded" it.

It's just it feels exactly the same way.

I've tasted this a million times, but I don't know what--

I can't tell you what it is.

When it's infused with ice and cold,

it's wrong.

- It's like a chip. - You ready to guess?

- Yeah, I got it. I got it. - Is it a chip?

Three, two, one.

- Barbeque chips! - Pringles!

Okay, it is a chip, but I would say--

Oh, Fritos!

- Yes, correct! - Yes, that's what it is.

- Got it! - That's what it is. Fritos.

- Very-- it's so Frito-y. - Okay, so I get the point.

Yeah. Eww!

- Here he comes. - I'm gaining confidence with every drop.

- I can tell. - If you could just say...

That is a dangerous thing.

Catching yourself on the desk

is where you really lose your composure.

Next time, just come in and gently set it down.

Josh: I live off tips. Please don't let that affect it.

( gags )

( coughs )

I'm sorry, I'll cover that up.

That's not good.

No, it's great.

- All right. - Okay.

- Give us the count. - Stevie: Okay.

Three, two, one.

- Sardines. - Clam juice.

Okay, it is in the sea,

but this is a very smart animal from the sea.

- Both: Octopus. - Is that a tie?

- I feel like that was a tie. - I started earlier.

Okay, Rhett, we'll give it to Rhett.

Oh, seriously? What do you mean?

Just because Rhett said--

Hold on, there needs to be a judge.

Did he start first or not?

He had the "ock"--

I started a good .75 seconds earlier.

Hey, guys.

Wow, you're really into that cold--

cold beverage situation.

- Here you go. - Yeah, we--

We just keep ordering 'em, huh?

Okay, try not to let your brain fall out of your head.

After that last one, I'm a little...

- Scared? - A little scared.

'Cause we got two more.

The blinders are on.

They better not have done, like, blood.

Oh, are you dinking for comfort now?

I just wanted to be sinked

'cause I don't want anyone to know

before the other one.

That's meaty.

But sweet.

It's like...



Stevie: This one's complex

and it's not supposed to be gross.

So, really, it's gonna harken back to--

Don't even give me a hint, I got it.

- I know what it is. - Okay.

Three, two, one.

Both: Thanksgiving dinner.


That's amazing. You're correct.

I said it a little early.

Tess: Oh, my God, no way!

I think I went early, but we both got it right.

- Yeah. - How is it?

You know what?

I don't know if it's because it's following octopi,

but I almost like this one.

I think they could sell this one.

Remember that time we were at a food court

and we saw one of the Sonic guys?

- ( heavy breathing ) - Uh-oh.

Happy Cotton Candy Day, daddies!

Are you ready to taste my salty juices?

Yes. Yes, Randy.

- I was not warned. - I'm always ready for that.

Before you take a drink,

do you wanna hear a sweet nothing, daddy?


( breathing heavily )

I have seen a great darkness.

It is coming for us.

A great beast will devour us from below,

and we will be born anew into a new world of pain

where the streets will run red with blood

and screams will be our currency.

You smell like a diaper tastes.

Something tells me I got the--

the sweeter end of that deal this time.

Usually I'm warned that he's gonna be here.

but it really frightened me.

I'm excited about our future.

- Very detailed, that secret. - Yeah, yeah.

That was the most complex sweet nothing I've ever gotten.

It was also a very loud secret.

Like, I could hear every bit of it.

Dink it and sink it.


- Okay. - Got it.

Okay, three, two, one.

Both: Wasabi!

All right. Got that one quicker.

- Well, I mean, we both got it. - But it's a tie.

We both knew. That's a tie all the way around.

That means we both get to enjoy Kool-Aid pickles

in Good Mythical More!

- Is it coming out of your nose, man? - Yeah.

And the Sonic guys, if you're watching,

we'll hang out any time!

- Yeah, we wanna be your best friends. - And keep watching

because we're about to soak in some ASMR

- by crushing floral foam. - Mm-hmm.

Rhett: Chill out, dude! Get out GMM beverage cooler

and your drinks will stay chill just like you.

Available at Mythical.Store.

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