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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How Tom Brady And Gisele Bündchen Spend Their Millions

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With a combined net worth of over

half a billion dollars, Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady

are a true power couple.

Bündchen was the highest earning model in the world

for 10 consecutive years before she retired

from the runway in 2015.

She's on pace to make a billion dollars in career earnings.

Her husband, Tom Brady, is one of the greatest

NFL quarterbacks of all time, with five Super Bowl rings

and three league MVP awards.

He's the fourth highest paid player in NFL history,

having earned 217.2 million dollars in his 19 year career.

Brady's contract with the Patriots for the 2018 season

is set to make him 15 million dollars

with an eligibility of 5 million dollars

in performance based incentives.

Throughout his career, he's regularly agreed

to discount contracts to keep New England competitive.

Brady also brings in about eight million dollars a year

in endorsement deals with companies like Under Armor,

Intel, Beats by Dre, and UGGs.

As a part of his deal with Aston Martin,

the luxury car brand produced

a Tom Brady Edition of the Vanquish S Volante.

Only 12 were produced and they sold

for 360,000 dollars each.

Giselle Bündchen retired from runway modeling in 2015,

but that didn't stop her from earning

10 million dollars in 2018.

She has endorsement deals with a number of major brands,

like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, and Pantene.

Bündchen has also developed several product lines,

generating roughly one billion dollars per year in sales.

This includes her sandals line with Grendene,

lingerie brand with Hope,

and a beauty line with Sejaa Pure Skincare.

Now let's see how they put all this money to use.

Their most lavish spending is on their homes.

Brady and Bündchen once owned a custom built

20 million dollar mansion in Los Angeles,

with a chicken coop for fresh eggs and a moat.

Dr. Dre bought the estate from them in 2014

for 40 million dollars.

The couple bought a skyscraper condo

in Manhattan for 11.7 million dollars.

They put it back on the market in 2016,

and reportedly dropped 20 million dollars

on a waterfront apartment in Tribeca.

The star duo of supermodel and elite athlete

naturally dedicate some resources to health and fitness.

They have a personal chef who keeps them

on their strict diets that include

no sugar and no tomatoes.

Brady also employs a body coach and health guru.

His duties include spiritual guide, counselor,

pal, nutrition advisor, trainer, and massage therapist.

When not training for the Super Bowl

or co-chairing the Met Gala, Bündchen and Brady

find time to philanthropic work.

Bündchen donated 1.5 million dollars to relief efforts

after the 2009 earthquake in Haiti.

And she regularly supports the United Nations, WWF,

Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital, RED,

and Saint Francis Food Pantries and Shelters.

Bündchen also works with several non-profits

focused on her birth country, Brazil.

A percentage of the profits from her sandals line

are donated to protect Amazon rainforest water sources.

For his part, Brady shaved his head in 2018 to help raise

6.5 million dollars for a cancer research institute.

If he takes after his wife's career trajectory,

he'll be in a pretty cozy spot even after his retirement.

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