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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Action-Packed Golf Trip to Crystal Springs

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So I don't know Mike I guess you'd call this one a golf travel vlog?

Works for me! So what's up guys this weekend we're at Crystal Springs in

Hamburg New Jersey for a little golf getaway. Yeah that's right and Crystal

Springs has six golf courses you might remember a couple of them as we played

our golf boards video as well as our Ballyowen and virtual open video not too

long ago needless to say we come up here all the time to play golf

yeah but here's the interesting thing for all that golf we've played we've

never taken the time to actually enjoy this beautiful resort and what we're

gonna do this time around unlike our Bayhill and our Orlando vlogs this time

we brought the wives we brought the kids with us we're gonna have a little bit of

family fun yeah dude and how great is it to mix golf with family there for Frank

we don't get in any trouble. That's the key! So we just got checked in we've got

an early tee time at Cascades tomorrow we're gonna bring those golf

boards out which he had so much fun with can't wait to do that again probably do

a little night putting yep tonight a little fun with that so I'm looking

forward to it yeah so let's go meet up with the girls check out the resort have

some fun cheers man

all right so we get the play golf tomorrow so let's let the ladies have

fun enjoy the spa guys

we're legit lost in the wine cellar at this point it's that big it is.

It's great. feel refreshed? So now is the best time to tell you were playing 36

holes of golf tomorrow funny try alright so we got a little dinner at the chef's

garden tonight it's a perfect night for we just got to wrangle this crew good


he's ready for night buddy mr. utters get him in get him in tonight


all right we're down to which is troubling because they're four years old

I think I like it

all right early morning kids were all asleep

time to get that sleep that early tea timing right on time what's up

oh man look at these views this morning up over the mountain

so we're riding golf boards today these are fun - this one for its nice little

element to the game and then look at this right here as we're going up to the

first see we got the David Leadbetter Golf Academy episode 69 of the golf

podcast we had him on talking about his a swing right here

alright I'm plus 4th your for a little bit of a challenging couple of holes and

tight fairways to get out here but fun rolling

undulation we got it all dodging these golf boards uh his zip around this place

with these golf balls

we got a long one here Frank so we got a 560 yard Par 5 the tips are playing

about 6 and change I was tempted to try it but look how tight this is and it's

blind over that hill but with my shot shape should be alright

good luck a ball

oh boy no it doesn't go right

all right so while we're waiting for this group in front of us Mike I know

you play here a lot so here's the question what are some of your favorite

holes ooh favorite holes well there's so many

awesome courses here the ones that come to mind number seven on Wild Turkey over

that Canyon to par-3 it's a beautiful beautiful hole I love number nine and

Crystal Springs that is the shot that kind of replicates that TPC Sawgrass

17th hole feel where it's just kind of like an island green sort of what else

I'm trying to think the 11 the 11 to Crystal Springs scary little hole you're

way up on the tee box looking right down on this dog bone shaped green and you

know it's a little bit of an e knocker up there but those are my three favorite

I'd say that's cool and it's a you know what my favorite course is Valley

kalyanam and earlier you know just a couple videos ago

you guys saw we got to play it for the virtual open I didn't get to finish Mike

did get to finish that was a great day right yeah that was awesome awesome day

feschi was in everything was beautiful good summer day at Valley Owen yeah not

just here Valley oh and I would put in my top 10 North East courses that I've

played I mean that place is money yeah yeah so let's uh let's tee off Leslie

we're all ready

views up here spectacular how sick of these mount your that off in the distant

solar panels nice park three right here a little shot up the hill our yardage

150 middle 168 back 125 from but he doesn't you know there's that tomorrow

chaddy for life Eddie for life life sentence

alright we're approaching the last hole here we got a pretty busy day we're

actually pretty excited about it it's a fall day that's for sure but we're gonna

finish up here the girls are getting ready back in the room we're gonna meet

up with them with a quick brunch and then we're gonna hop on this harvest

trail today heading into Warwick and the local distilleries wineries with the

kids we're gonna have a little fun some pumpkin picking some some wine some beer

some good food alright Frank you ready for it tis the season

tis the season it's cold today I'll see you over there

all right just getting a lift back to the room nice time that was fun yeah it

was a good round it's perfect timing early we still got plenty of time Ken's

the girls with lunch kids I'm gonna hit this barbash trail you want to get on

this pony thing

I'm gonna stop here actually Mike did check there's a hundred pound weight

so no dice today fun round what do we got here little

harvest basket local jam waffle butters

who's ready for brunch

finally got my coffee

very appropriate sweater and you got today thank you very appropriate

look at that nap

all right we're gonna call it quits it was one heck of a weekend we want to

give a special thank you to Crystal Springs Resort for putting us up for the

weekend Frank is inside with our wives and our

kids getting a table we're gonna head into this beer garden we're gonna put

the cameras away and we're going to enjoy the rest of this awesome Sunday up

here in Warwick New York again thanks again for tuning in if you like this

video subscribe like comment below and we'll be back with more thanks again

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