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Where do we check in?

Today we're staying at the superior suite room, so they will privately check us in at the lounge on 23rd floor.

Looks like a young successful CEO.

Her work space.

You watched too many dramas.

Hello, after checking in, we came in to the superior suite room, which we will be reviewing today.

This is the waiting room.

A suite room's must-have, a waiting room.

While Signiel's waiting room had a bit of a simple yet pretty and cozy feeling,

here in Shilla hotel's superior suite room seems a little rough but perfect for office duties, and it has strong classy vibes.

First of all, it is very spacious

There is a desk that can cover all kinds of papers and a laptop,

and if you see over here, there are all sorts of USB and outlet ports.

Also one of the greatest.

The tea brand is Singapore's TWG tea.

And there are Columbia American coffee bags here.

On the back, since it's a waiting room there must be many guests.

So there is also a restroom for guests.

This is the bedroom of the superior suite!

The lighting is great

First of all, what catches my eyes is this huge sized whole glass window.

The view is great.

Inside the drawers, there are outlets.

And the manual that is only allowed for LHW members...

Why did they hide it?

-That's what I mean, they should put it somewhere reachable. -Usually they put this on the bedside table where people can find easily, but they hid it inside this drawer.

-Looking through this is kind of fun right? -Yeah.

Shilla hotel is shy.

This is about the bedding, if you want to replace your bed sheets, place this on top...

It's enough for two right?

Also if you see the hangers, there are plenty so if you came to travel, you can hang your clothes so that they don't get crumpled.

The bathroom we've all been waiting for.

It's very wide.

Over here at the sink there's body lotion and soap for amenities.


It's Molton Brown's.

Yep it's Molton Brown's.

We took a whiff of the scent and it was really nice.

Here inside the shower booth, there's also a tub.

-There are places where they separate them. -Yep.

And over here is where you can shower, the waterfall shower that falls up from there, and there are lots of places without this shower sponge.

That's right.

Shampoo, bodywash, conditioner, they are all from Molton Brown's.

The toilet.

There's also a toilet for the reservers not the guests.

And also you can't reserve this online.

-Yeah. -You can only reserve it by phone.

So how much did we have to pay using which package?

Among the superior suite and the other suites, this is the most basic room,

Including breakfast and strawberry ice flakes with syrup, we reserved the package named strawberry delight for 605,000won.

Now it's time for us to go for our afternoon tea...!

It's time for us to go have our afternoon tea, so we will go to the executive lounge on the 23rd floor.

It's so pretty.

We arrived!

I think we got the best spot.

Yeah I heard that there would be lots of people.


Is this your first time to Shilla hotel??

Where did you say this place was again?

This is the executive lounge on the 23rd floor.

Yes, we still have some time left until our afternoon tea so we will drink coffee and talk a little about Shilla hotel.

Shilla hotel recently was given an award in 2019.

That's right.

And I think it was quite an issue from Korea's hotel business, so it was also mentioned in some papers

2019 Forbes travel guide selected some 5 star members among all the hotels in the world.

Only 120 hotels were chosen, and among Korea's hotels this was the only place that received an award.

But this hotel has a really long history.

It's been about 40 years since it was built, so I wondered if the insides would be a little old?

But it was so nice.

Very classy and elegant, clean and dignified

I also thought that it's been a long time since it was built and had a bias that this was a hotel for the elderly,

but I heard that they did a lot of remodeling.

I think that I why now after going through several remodeling, it became so beautiful like it is now.

In order to get 5 stars, the facilities are important but also the service is very important too, and the staff members were so kind.

-Yes. -They were very considerate

It felt like I was being treated.

I like that.

It's time, it's time now...

This is our afternoon tea.

They set it for each table and I asked if it's unlimited, and they said basically they give it once for a table,

but if we want, they can give us more, today they can refill us everything except sandwiches and scones.

It's pretty

This must be the track.

Oh do you want me to run this way?


I heard you're going to shopping?

On the basement floor, there's a shopping arcade.

Wow it's true...

did you think I was lying?

This is the mecca for honeymoons for the rich.

So there are lots of luxury clothing stores or furniture stores.

Would you like to go stand there?

I'll take a photo for you.

Wow he's playing the piano.

Actually we were a little disappointed about the afternoon tea.

Yeah we were.

There were too little varieties..

But the Happy Hour is...

I really got a plateful.


There are really lots of wine, champagne, and bottle of beers.

Our first sip will be the champagne.

I thought there would be only simple finger foods since the name was Happy Hour but this is a full dinner.

Even at the Signiel, which we both enjoyed,

There were only 4 types of alcoholic beverages.

But here, seriously, when you combine all the whiskies, beers, champagnes and wines, I think it's over 10?

After the dinner, we will go to the ground floor and eat strawberry shaved ice, too.

We have so much luck with food today, huh?

I know. What a great package.

The shaved ice we'll be having to day is 48,000 KRW.

It's worth 48,000 KRW.

It's a gold strawberry shaved ice.

But it's included in our package, so

Yeah, that's right.

How nice.

In here, for the domestic strawberry industry

They've put in a whole pack of locally grown strawberries, the premium strawberries, 'Geumsil' strawberries.

The price is devilish

This strawberry shaved ice was first introduced in 2019

And back then, it had accounted for 25%

Of the entire revenue of The Library

That's how popular it is.

There are so many strawberries.

What if you spill them?

The strawberries are super sweet.

It's a milk shaved ice, and the flavor of the milk shave ice is...

mild and neat.

are you enjoying it?

We've come to the lounge breakfast which begins at 6:30 in the morning.

We've checked out already, but we came again.

The last one.


With that, we've finished our review on a night at The Shilla Hotel.

Having looked around for the night,

Is there something like, 'I really wish people would enjoy this when they visit The Shilla?'

In order to fully enjoy The Shilla,

You must visit the executive lounge

- Multiple times. - Multiple times, that's the important bit! Multiple times.

You can enjoy the afternoon tea, the happy hour, the light snack and even the breakfast at the lounge.

If you're staying at a suite, you can make the most of it by visiting as often as you can and enjoy yourselves.

It could get a bit boring, visiting the same place over and over

But as the features change quite dramatically,

It was quite entertaining to see that, and I found myself looking forward to it.

These areas like the fitness center or the swimming pool, the locker room, the sauna

Were maintained in a very clean condition through continuous remodeling

And finally, The Shilla is one of the very old domestic hotels, right?

Even still, I hear that they are expanding some new businesses

Now, in order to be reborn as a global brand

It's launched an Upper Upscale hotel brand. It's called Shilla Monogram.

They say the brand new hotel is opening in Da Nang.

Along with their movement towards the rebirth as a global hotel,

One of the businesses they have been trying over and over again over the last 7, 8 years is

They're currently renovating a lot next to this place

It's called the Namsan Hanok Hotel

So they're building the first very vast hanok hotel amidst Seoul.

Recently, now, it passed the final review

So they started the construction this year

And they say they intend to finish the construction in 2025.

This cozy feeling, this relaxed feeling.

This interior that remains the same whenever you visit.

Even if you were to go to a very nice hotel, if you stayed there every day--

Wouldn't you sort of get sick of it?

That's how you'd feel, and with this place

It always has this comforting vibe like I'm at home

I think it's a room with such a charm, personally.

Certainly, as this hotel has a long history of operation

I think they know exactly from which aspects

People feel relaxation and comfort from.

We'll wrap up our review here.

- Bye. - See you again!

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