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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Evolution Is Dumb - 12 Days of Evolution #6

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A giraffe looks perfectly suited for its environment. But that long neck hides a stunning error

of evolutionary engineering.

Although its just a few inches from the brain, the nerves controlling a giraffes

voice box take a 15-foot detour before reaching their destination.

Were wired up the same way. The nerve letting me to talk to you right now is wrapped around

my aorta. In our fish ancestors, that nerve connected

brain to gills. But as gills gave way to lungs and heads moved forward, things got a little tangled.

Our bodies are full of examples provingevolution can be kind of dumb.

Why else would the waste management system be built by the amusement park?

Why else would we eat, drink, and breathe all through the same hole?

Why do we get cavities, or cancer? Why else would I be wearing these?!

Because natural selection isnt aboutsurvival of the fittest”, its survival of the

good enough’.

Nature cant draw up a body from scratch, it can only tweak existing plans. And if a

plan works well enough to allow an organism to reproduce, it gets passed on, tangled wiring

and all.

Life may not be logical, but you know Im speaking from the heart when I say, “Congratulations

on being good enough.”

Stay Curious.

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