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At Last, at last my CNC is here !

And I just have to install it, which is a big job

We'll do this together, let's go

We're not going to go through all the boxes

But I just wanted to point out AvidCNC's great work on parceling

as an example the leg gussets

It's a simple metal part but

each is packaged individually

Everithing is packed and labeled like that ; well done

You can see it is nice and neat

Not veau easy alone, it would be better with four hands

The online documentation is accessible (I'll put links in the bio)

and is very clear, it isn't possible to go wrong

Fully tighten !

Isn't this begging to look like a CNC ?

I'm having a blast assembling all this, a bit long but really well thought

Everything fits perfectly with the right number of screws

little bags with labels

really organized

I now have cabled the whole machine to feed the motors

and various limit switches

They now have put the limit switches on the gantry (green things)

instead of on the end of the frame

it used to stick out here

Much better like this !

I still have to gather up all the wires

cher is quite a lot

X in blue, Y in red and Z in green

... X in blue

It is allready wired for a 4th axis named A

And here are the limit switch connecters for all the machine

Here is the inside

The power supplies for the motors

the controllers down there and here the ethernet board

Of course I've protected these circuits with

a surge arrester that regulates the tension even if there is no thunderstorm

giving a very stable tension to protect all of this

Here is the spindle wire

I'm going to mary them

This grey cable is for the 2 enclosures to communicate

Last part of the assembly with the

plate that allows the spindle to be fastened to the gantry

and this other plate which allows

the tramming of the spindle, the vertical orientation in regard to the spoilboard

and it's not very complicated

ah it is in fact...

I just need the right nuts

Sorry screws

This spindle is a 2,2 kw

with an ER 20 collet

any diameter can be mounted

The most diligent of you all will have notice it has turned around

in fact it is much wider than long

1,9 long and 2,1 m wide

so I preferred to turn it this way, at least for now

The enclosures are quite noisy

with their big fans

I might put them further away

I don't know yet

This is the start configuration

It may change if I extend the machine

it is possible to extend it

in this direction

The Y axis can be extended as long as I have extrusions and wires

The gantry can move to infinity

In that cas I'll have to turn it round

and take it further into the workshop

It would change my whole shop setup, not quite there yet !

Let's start this machine

see already ???

Yeah, it's alive, it's alive !

It should come here at 0 - 0

Homing isn't very fast

This little green sensor

is going to this this magnetic switch

The homing is relatively slow

bot have a look at the normal use, not sped up here

That's better !

It has found the zero on this plate

and by deduction it knows the zero on my work piece

First crash with no damage, I'll try again

the surfacing test hasn't worked

becase I had a 1/4 bit

instead of a 1/2 inch bit, so I'll do it again on the B side

First test, quite worrying

because I don't now the machine, I don't know how it works

I don't yet know how it works

It is perfectly flat, nothing to say !

I can guess the bit marks going back and fourth

but it in perfectly flat !

that's a good start !

As a complete CNC and

3D modeling newbie

All of this is quite terrifying !

But I still managed to get results

I didn't draw this but

I managed to get the machine going and we'll go ahead soon

Yes I did switch off....

The first milling went ok finally, even of I crashed

It was all my fault after all

This type of machine does not pardon the user

The machine didn't get it wrong, it was the user !

if there are accidents or errors it is the user to be blamed

the machine works !!

no pity and it is a bit worrying !

I'll learn, I'll learn to use Mach 4

the GCode software

I'll learn how to draw

all the tricks on the go

I've already been through all sorts of documents before having the machine

I've spent hours on YT watching


I know all of Frank Howarth's films by heart

I'm now joining this club

I feel like beeing part of a club

with an AvidCNC

The next step is the spoilboard

with it's surfacing

I don't know if I'll film that because it not one of my designs

It is a design by AvidCNC

I didn't show you all the machine assembly

it is not that exciting, not exciting to film at least

it's very hard to film small parts on a big project

If one day you have a machine like this

You'll have pleasure setting it up

a bit like Meccano or Lego

Just read the manual and you'll make it !

Quickly just before the conclusion here is my new desk

made out of the kitchen table

I cut the foot from the side and the back

It will be quick and at least you'll have at least some wood in this film

we'll conclude just after

I hope you are able to have some holidays

change horizons, air, people

it's always nice

Next Saturday we'll have a FAQ video

with all of your questions

if you have more, please put them down below

What are you going to do with a CNC ?

How much does it cost ? How do I import one ?

Why this one ?

what are the capacities ?

and much more, please write down your questions

and I'll answer to all of that next Saturday

Bye to all !

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