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Hi, everybody!

Training time for the hens.

All young birds.

Let's see if they want to train a bit today.

Rayn, No... Stay... Wait....

Guys, do you know that feeling? That you think you got something special?

That one pigeon that keeps you going every day.

That one promising pigeon in which you believe!

The reason why you get out of bed every morning early, to take care of your pigeons.

The reason why you keep dreaming!

From that one race. Winning that one particular race.

This is one for me.

This pigeon has everything a good pigeon should have.

He's from the line of the famous "Red Bullens".

We all know it, raced by Jan Bullens and now in the loft of Gerard Koopman.

One of the best marathon breeders from the last year's.

Fantastic wing!

Fantastic back!

Closed, vent bones!

Shortly everything a good pigeon you should have!

Believe me, if you have a loft full like this, this one's.

You will get somewhere for sure.

The good news for you guys is

that the father of this pigeon is in our first auction at October 28.

I'm not sure, but I believe it's lot number 4.

A mealy cock also, so the father of this

great and promising cook will be in our first auction.

As a special lot. I believe in it.

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Have a fantastic day.

Enjoy your pigeons. Stay safe.

Stay healthy. Bye bye.

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