Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Massey University, New Zealand

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(female voice-over). Kia ora, greetings

from New Zealand.

This webisode is for students who are thinking about

studying at Massey University.

Massey University has three different campuses.

One is in Auckland, another is in Palmerston North,

and the last is in Wellington.

We chose to explore the Wellington campus because it

is New Zealand's capital as well as its cultural capital.

In the next few minutes we will be exploring what

Massey University offers international students,

where those students may eat, and of course where

they may lay their head at night.

But first I want to discuss a uniquely Kiwi option they

have available to students who study abroad for one year.

Students are allowed to spend one semester at one campus,

then their next semester at another.

So students can spend one semester at the Wellington

campus and the next at the Palmerston North campus.

The course offerings at the Wellington campus mesh well

with EIU, offering papers, aka courses, in communication

and business, engineering and technology, health and

well being, as well as the creative arts.

Another unique opportunity available to those students who

study abroad in New Zealand, particularly Massey University,

is that they embrace the Maori lifestyle.

The Maori are New Zealand's indigenous people.

Students can take papers that examine the history of the

Maori, the Maori language, Maori art and design, and

contemporary Maori issues.

Kiwis have a strong commitment to the environment.

As a result, you will find an abundance of

environmental classes at Massey.

New Zealand has some of the rarest flora and fauna.

Students can visit that flora and fauna by going to the

Botanical Gardens or the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary.

For students who are interested in communication studies,

the Wellington campus may be a good choice.

We teach journalism, journalism studies, public relations,

commuication management, interpersonal, cross-cultural.

So we do all the normal sort of suite of commication papers.

Our Bachelor of Communication is absolutely

unique in New Zealand.

It's the only Bachelor of Communication where you do a

really well-rounded set of papers because you do from the

Humanities College and from the Business College.

So that's what I said about our philosophy that you have to have

that kind of critical thinking and that inquiring mind and

challenging the existing [unclear audio].

But we also want you to go out there with skills

that are immediately useful for an employer.

(female voice-over). Students can also be

on the radio, MUNT-FM.

As we walked around campus we noticed the atmosphere

is very calming and students are very focused.

Fourth year, and I'm majoring in documentary photography.

I've got two year-long projects that I'm focusing on.

(female voice-over). The Wellington campus is known

as the creative campus and is located near downtown which

features New Zealand's parliament, the world famous

Te Papa museum, and I think some of the best

restaurants in the world.

Wellington is home to 300 cafes and restaurants,

so you can imagine the possibilities.

One of my favorite restaurants was Strawberry Fare,

it's a dessert restaurant.

If you can't get off campus for lunch, try the

Tussock Bar and Café within the student services building.

Massey offers a variety of student housing near campus.

If you prefer living somewhere else, accommodation services

can help you find a place to stay.

Massey has a great location within Wellington.

It is set between the harbor and the rolling hills.

Hei kona ra, with the Maori and the Kiwis, we are EIU!

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