Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Annabelle Creation Prank - Annabelle 2 | Câmeras Escondidas (06/08/17)

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How are you, Mrs.Idê? The agency sent you, right?

Yes. Please, come in.

The thing is, she's not feeling well and I need to go out, but it's really quick. I'm just going to my sister's, it's near here.

But I'll explain, it's easy. She's sleeping now, when you hear the alarm, it's time to give her the medicine that is upstairs.

Right. Ok? Thank you! Bye. I'll be right back.

Hi, Bia!

Are you ok?

Where's your medicine?

Where's your medicine?


Oh my God!

What's this?

It's a doll.

It won't open!

Oh my God!

Open the door!

Please, open the door. Please!

Open up!! The door is locked!

Open up!! C'mon! Open the door!

Open the door!

Open up!

Please, come with me.

They just told about this. Come here, please.

They will arrive tonight, in the meddle of the night.

The place is all dusty...

It's simple, just sweep the floor, take off all the dust. I'll be down stairs.

Open up, please! Open the door! Help

God, please! Open up! Open this!


The doll is moving!



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