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At Regions, we meet your banking needs where and when you need us.







We'd like to introduce you to our new mobile app.

It's simple and easy to use.

We put Regions Bank in your back pocket.

And at your fingertips.

Where a tap or a touch makes banking easier.

Log in securely using fingerprint or facial recognition.

To quickly view accounts.

Whatever you need, find it fast.

Check balances.

Search your transactions.

And quickly find your account or routing number.

Easily move money, make a transfer between accounts.

Pay bills, and send money to people you know.

It's a snap to make mobile deposits, too.

Check your rewards.

Use services to manage your cards and access our support.

And for convenient card control, easily block transactions with LockIt.

Use our notification center to set up alerts and stay informed.

Whether using a phone or tablet, our mobile app makes it easier to bank on-the-go.

Learn more at Regions dot com forward slash app.

And download in app stores now.

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