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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: IM IN TEARS, FINALE! South Park The Fractured But Whole | ENDING Part 13

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Hello minna-san konnichiwa

Everybody it looks like I'm wearing the same outfit as yesterday, which if-it's crazy

And it doesn't make any sense we're gonna finish the game now all right Mitch Conner is everywhere. I'm Mitch Conner. It's great again.

I am - I might be crazy here

But I do think Mitch Conner represents some form of American politician

Nope actually we can just walk in

Mitch Conner is great again

Are they still talking about the gay fish? No okay? Just making sure they just seem traumatized. They've been there for a week

All right all right all right well

It doesn't look bad everywhere, so I think we might be all right all right all right. All right all right all right?

Oh right? Oh right? Oh right? Oh, right? Oh, right? Oh, right? Oh right? Oh right? Oh right or now ten-eighty move your hips

No, okay cool all right good talk yeah

It's the Trump supporters everybody

People like change don't they?

That's almost like real life

Except, we can go back in time

we can fix this

I'm Morgan Freeman

You're farts seemed to have blasted a ripple in space-time continuum

that's right, my name is

Morgan Freeman here's a picture of

Hanabi Walt's very nice Hanabi which of course means fireworks

So they are dancing underneath the fireworks


Can't believe we haven't really like paid attention to this because it's super fun like there's pictures of stuff, okay some stuff

Hashtag freedom pals. Isn't that cute? it's a bit immersive in a weird way

Yeah, just me am I talking to an empty audience here, huh has everyone left you need you didn't care about the ending?

Okay, let's be really you're not that pretty plus, you're eight, so I shouldn't be judging you

okay great glad, we got that out of the way

Excuse me I had a soda

for lunch

Okay, now you know that, isn't this great you learn new things every day or thank God. We're here.


Oh myyyy

*breathes heavily*

It sounds good, I wanna eat it

I understand

Ah look we took a picture with Morgan Freeman

No we should just go I don't think ready to eat the seven-layer quesarito Chipotle beefy nacho supreme. Yes, I'm Morgan Freeman

So what what makes you so farty about burritos

I thought it was the being back in time to before Mitch Conner was sworn into office

You can do it. You just have to believe in yourself. You just have to believe the classic storytelling

You just have to believe oh

Excuse me

Intentional oh my god, it's so awkward

Earless all right Bruce it's stronger than any bird over leash it

I forgot about the believing in herself bet I guess oh, no you didn't believe harder now

Well where well I wonder where we went probably scarcer oh, it's Christmas

It wasn't that bad with Mitch Conner

That roller coaster

Listen it's not that simple. I didn't believe in myself. How do I believe myself when everyone is so mean to me?

The fractured, but Hall, that's

Ridicu place on Christmas oh yeah cuz that because mr.. Hankey comes out

On the lawn for its creatures


Yes yes

Woodland critters and we're gonna find out I think so

Defeat the woodland critters. Oh wow

Oh, they have a lot of help dude oh, no

No more dark meat

Or not

What are we gonna do

Yes of course

But oh yeah, I am a Christian okay, let me just charge these prayers

hashtag thoughts and prayers

I'm working on it. Thank you very much and

Aren't you Jewish shut up. I'm trying

All right, I'm almost am I'm I just got a praise a little bit. Oh there we go

It's Jesus Christ and he's God

All right Santa

Now are we gonna fight him as

What's happening bet okay

We weren't expected Santa to show up whatever will we do?

We're in a bit of a bind rabid II don't be sad Barry shucks. I can just sacrifice myself. No no oh

Okay, all right. Well why not?

No, I think about it

Oh, he sacrificed himself and now they all Saturdays with us excellent. Okay. Well let's begin on this

420 baby

That's my season oh

Boy, I'm going to do Shakespeare

You know we don't do a lot of damage do we okay this might be it I'm gonna block this attack

I hate her she says that all the time whatever you just did naked

Yes of course

All rights going down very slowly

It's time for diabetes, baby

Can only really do this one?

They can heal each other Lucifer loves you she meets

Yeah, alright alright well at least we have a chance now before I was like a little worried

What else does Santa have he has he can create a gingerbread

That looks terrible, but okay

Okay now let's finish this Jim

Hey you came track any very nice

Okay, all right. I get it guys. I get it your your rebels. I appreciate it. Let's confuse this guy


And we got it already hopefully he's confused come on no well he attacks a friend is well, I guess

Chapelle okay, man I

Want a place in Poe

I think they released an app actually from her phone destroy or something like that. I need to check it out alright

I hopefully that did something Adam

Hey, yeah, that's good kills two of them, okay

mam ma looks like

What is he healing

Sorry but that ya know it's your turn, this is a junior junior man even do anything

And he's down. I always feel bad for killing the Christmas critters. They're so cute


I don't know if you can reach all the way oh

You can awesome I am out of luck nigga oh

Look at that that was awesome

We got two attacks with Santa you're gonna

Thank You Shannon

Give me that we technically killed your reindeers. Oh, he was crying one of them

That's okey. Hey we got a new did we get another one then

Or we might I think we're on this

Sorry why are we going to?

rock pit rock beats paper Mitch win sides actually

Not bad not bad now listen boys and girls. This is said this is etem

We need to max out all our skills. Okay, all right. Okay, all right, okay? I think okay

I think actually oh wait. What is this we got this one?

Look at that. It's very powerful very Marie forbidden very nice


Yes, oh

Okay, and then I just said hold on there now on one second there

Any outfit that we haven't cried wait you can find them in efforts

Tell you now Mitch Conner Barlow

Here we are at the unplanned Parenthood right before Christmas

Portions, we need a doctor to look at our friends asshole lemme guess has got a big crack down the middle ha ha

The mayor has to be stopped we know how to do it the mayor

That scumbag made that town that shit always today. We can put a stop to it. Please just look at our friends

Just look at it. Oh here it is

I'm glad there's the title actually made sense ah the sphincter trying to take us back

Are you ready for this you can do it you hit

Well it didn't work the first time, so I don't know why

So mysterious candy by the way, I'm a I'm an idiot. I'm mentioning in a previous episode and everyone freaked out just

Thought I'd mentioned that now that there's a little bit of loading time, and we don't really have anything to discuss

There's just a black screen really okay. Please be over. Thank you. Oh what?

We're back here. This is our first fart

When we were

We should be happy that he's made friends in this town so quickly we came here to hide more friends just means more trouble

You're being paranoid. You need to lay off that stuff. It's changing you

Thing that helps me relax from your stupid

It did seem like we weren't really finish

We were doing stop Mitch Conner catch up to yourself

Excuse me they

It appears here in northern timeline cozy own does not yet support

We're not playing superheroes dumbass come on you kid oh

Yeah, because we were the king yes, yes of course genius plot land

This isn't a dragon hey Frank fuck you dude. I'm great. We don't have time for this stand aside

We have to get to carbon well. You'll just have to get back on and our kick are we finding our past self

Good good. Good. Good good

Well we should be a lot stronger oh nevermind

This is why we didn't let girls play in the first place what in the world?

What does it do

I did nothing oh

I'm gonna relay

Yeah, no I'm gonna beat the crap out of myself

Never thought I'd say that

Right here, we are

fairly strong yeah

Big strongest warrior can handle these weirdos well. I mean okay special objective defeat warrior Clyde

What oh he's good

Why did the king stop

Okay Dan, that's a lie go need

This computer snap oh he's confused, and he kills his teammate. That's awesome. It's nice

And it's down that was easy very easy compared to everything else. We've done

Alright figured every more

We got to find all

Bündchen no chit sir

No, that's awesome

Defeat thief Craig, but he knows jujitsu

What if we possibly gonna did

All right now you know what I will, which one is the real well

Well not that one that's our but that was your buttonhole

Nice that was smooth as butter in your butt

More okay, I guess we're going through all of them. There's like the last big fight or some shoes

Rahr Rahr every

100 and so actually it is kind of like is it punishes a Jewish joke I don't know exactly how it works

Damn that sucks. I wish I could rewind that now use the gun I get it

And then a punch was that okay?

And he's gone I guess we have one more aha jeez

What no no no no no

Hopefully, they don't have full help at least

Because they look damaged right I mean look at them

They have full health okay great. Okay great. That's what I that's what I wanted. That's this is just what I want

This is great. I used the meteors again, which I can't block

That's great

They'd charge a lot of our old though

And was a pirate hamster or guinea pig


he called me a fat ass I

Forgot about the microaggressions, this is the best

I sort of went all in on just the king this time

And he's dead, but I actually think we have to kill everyone so that was kind of pointless oh

You worked okay great good good that that elven really looks like something else, okay? Let's get real here

Okay cool. I'm glad that stright worked. It was a bit riskier. Yes

Yeah, but we know how to

Kill him

Yes, I was just traveling back in time to find you a cat's missing

There's a big reward wait why you guys already playing superhero. We know what you're up

But you're with the freedom house. We're all freedom pals. We're from the future you fat turd no I'm from the future

I was just coming back to stick a tooth times to get you guys. We aren't playing anymore

We know everything like are they connected in her left hand my left hand, but when I was your fucking left hand

Hello freedom pass time travel ain't it a bitch Connor what the hell are you doing here?

I had a plan to use the new kid as means to get what I always wanted

But it looks like some do-gooders traveled back in time to stop me Cartman. I swear to god

It was it he Jennifer Lopez because I still know something you out don't what's that?

how to make someone fart super bad by hitting them in the solar plexus

What could possibly happen next

Well the game is black, so I don't know maybe Morgan Freeman welcome and savers Oh, No okay?

Here we are Connor we're in the time that a superhero was born recognize this place new kid. Yeah, oh

Why have you brought us here, don't you see this is the night new kid fateful night your dad fucked your mom

You walked to the mirror don't do this to him, but don't you see King?

This is what he wanted out alone to fix it oh

You heard your mother calling for help so you left your room

Don't you kid you can't change the past of course you can go look

Huh where oh sorry

Okay, don't you see new kid I've given you an opportunity

Which will you do new kid fight the bad guys again?

Fight your younger self so that you never have to witness what's behind your parents door

bad guys

We're just followers right you're the little kid with like a zillion followers, right we just thought well

We thought that if you could add us and maybe

Know maybe we could have friends because we don't really have any followers. Oh, please add us of course

Let's do oh boy selfie

Anything our moment moment is finally here Wow?

Yes, of course it's happening. That's happening. Let's do it smiley face. Oh


James Paris we did everyone

Have a 3a in France or now that's incredible

See we did it. We did it everyone. Don't go through that door. Yeah, no

No no no no

Go back to bed, honey. Oh yeah our parents hate each other. Okay? You did it you stopped your dad

You saved your mom new hit that's right, and now there's nobody left to stop me. I'm off to another

10200 know who the hell are you I'm the king this is your kid from the future our child from the future oh

God I know something like this would happen our child knows. We've been lying and wants some answers. You're right kiddo. We've been dishonest

But only because we wanted to protect you

The truth is your mom and I have certain abilities

powers that normal humans don't have I

Discovered mine when I was younger

One day I created a facebook profile and within a few hours. I had over three million followers

My powers are similar except. They only seem to work on Instagram

I got four million followers as soon as I posted my first picture of course powers like that. Don't go unnoticed for long

shortly after that your mother

And I were kidnapped by the government where they had scientists spending months doing experiments on us try to figure out

How we were able to gain so many followers so fast

That's what your dad, and I met and fell in love huh Perrin inside a cold damp government lab

Yes, by day they ran experiments and by night

We made sweet love oh no my powers combined with your mother's you

Received over 10 million followers the minute you were born


By the time they cut the umbilical cord you were already more powerful than all the Cardassians combined

That's why we had to escape because we knew the government would use you to do horrible things

And we've been on the run ever since moving from city to city always trying to stay one step ahead

But everywhere we go you just can't seem to stop

Gaining followers that was about sometimes they even break into our house and use our toilet just to be close to you

That's why we've been putting special medicine in your dinner sweetie to try to curb your powers

But it didn't work the side effects of the medicine just gave you really

Powerful and really smelly it all makes sense doesn't it re kiddo. Oh my god

I feel so relieved to have finally told the truth me too, honey. I

You know I don't think I need to drink any more. I said I don't need to run from my problems with pop brownies

Oh, honey. I feel like your future is going to be totally different now. I believe in us

Yeah, God, but what about you sweetie now that you know the truth? Do do you think you can believe in yourself, too?

Leap through time really that's what we're getting okay now

Not like this oh sorry

It's bit anti-climatic when you do Lily just like you move anything and it

just stops

It's gonna really charge it at an energy

Press X to believe in yourself

Press F. We're suppress areas the Ephesus


Can downtown South Park, but where is everybody more importantly what period of time have we landed

We got a step

But why don't we just cut off your hand or something?

Stop Mitch Connors inauguration, yeah

Can't let that happen

Are we gonna be like those salty Trump supporters, I mean

You're not going anywhere

You are Mitch Conner admit it Carmen. No. I'm not how admit it no ciao. I have no control over Mitch Conner

You are Mitch Conner. You've always been Mitch Conner, and you better stop right fucking now, then how do you explain this?

I'm not doing it. Dude. Fuck you. What's the matter cane shoes on the other hand how fucking knock it off

Why are you pissed at him because he's fucking making it up. That's why I'm not making it up, dude

That's your fucking hand as hosts. Not fucking charlie me. How does he trailing you kid?

He's trying to teach me a lesson about being deceitful wait

So you admit you were making it up before see this is a troll to get me to admit. I was rolling you guys

This is just when I run it all the Coon friends at each other's throats dude come on are you doing that yeah?

Which means maybe Cartman was just doing it before well, will you admit it Cartman you see proves it see what he's doing right?

I have no fucking idea. Oh how one little issue of mistrust can rip a team apart well, Freedom Pass

Who do you attack me or the king?

Why in the world

I'm not doing it

Bullshit mr.. Maddock kun. You're not happy to see me fuck you cap this is sad. It's pretty confusing at this point. I don't

Any damage I take goes to the king

I can't do it

Well I got rules too, buddy

They're gonna be me or the Keene, I don't

Oh no no no no fucking deflects

Okay, so anything damaged I do hits kyun anyway, it's

How about you Freedom House, which one of us is the real villain

In feed

Your up who you're gonna fight freedom now. I'm really open to hitting either of you. Uh-huh

same I can't attack I

Have a really good feeling about this gasps

We have to finish Khan egg kun, and then we can finish Kyle I think


My god


Doesn't heal

What what

My brain

my brain everybody

classic, Michigan I

Don't know I really don't know I

Feel like if Kyle wasn't trolling he would have just stopped us by now

Okay same switch

This is oh my god

What is going on

I kind of agree ha ha ha

At the same time


Help us, what wait wait wait wait wait dr. Timothy calls no cheating go okay?

Nice look at that oh oh oh Connors it is same

Haha, thank fucking god. Oh my god

Tell these guys you were just fucking with me, they're gonna just keep beating the shit out of both of us, yeah, dude

Kyle if you're just fucking with us we have to know you're just making things more confusing

If I was just fucking with you, then so is he right

Oh, I see, I'll admit. I was just fucking with you guys, but only if Kyle admits you at first

I'm not seeing anything until he does you admit it first all right fine

We'll both admitted at the same time all right Bogg three. We're both saying. I was just fucking with you

I was surprised

For too long our town has been led by a

dumbass bitch mayor who never did anything to stop crime and now Mitch Carter's gonna

Talking just make me mayor already. It's Mitch corner

We made it

To begin the inauguration mr. Connor, would you raise your right hand please?


I do solemnly swear a do solemnly swear

What's going on here just finish the ceremony

everyone listen

this is all just a plan to get more crime in our town so that the Coon and friends franchise would be bigger than the

freedom pal franchise

of course

Ma'am except Sharon has been put into your drugs and alcohol to raise crime in the city so that the Coon would have more crime

To fight everything was thought up by then asshole

Mitch Conner rads a fat raccoon

No, don't you get it? He did it all go ahead, and you kid show them the selfie you tuck

Show them this sip

Which was that that was that let me just show it to me, and I'll put it on Connors Instagram for everyone to see

It's uploaded there we go. I'm glad the Coons two gram actually had some sort of purpose

You mean he was putting poison in our wine and cocaine


I'll tell you that because the new kid isn't the only person who had a parent get fucked

My dad got fucked when I was nine years old

Only two people on this stage know how that feels

Not already Shh. I want to hear this my father will be avenged even if it means everyone else has to die

Mitch Mitch it's over. Ha ha ha ha ha

I've been here

It's not your fault Mitch

What are you talking about? It was me Mitch. I'm the one who fucked your day


Didn't I wanted a future for you how these years hunting for the person that fucked my dad

And it was my own mother Mitch try and stay calm fuck you you may be really cute

But even you can't fix this did he look at you ma'am

Did he look you in the eye when he snuck up and fucked him?

Please tell me you're not buying into this I didn't kill you for what you did

Well that guy isn't gonna be mayor come on everybody let's go

Yes, oh that was it right


Oh my god

What an ending, but I got damnit knee oh

My god so


Love the whole Mitch counter thing it's so dumb

Okay, like I would old tied it together. You know that Kunta Graham the time travel

Connor and the backstory that was brilliant, man

It's funny. How you know such a complex thing like time travel is done

It's usually done so poorly in movies, but they you know something like South Park. That's so silly and they really nailed it

I was so good

Yeah, I know they aint got me man, I will say like

Some parts I find the game to be a bit. Oh, okay. I'll give my final thoughts after this

Playing with your friends honey. This is a great town. Isn't it? I love it here

I'm so glad that all those years ago. We came clean about our child's past

I feel like all those years among like our lives are different now somehow I

Love you, and I love you

They're not gonna have sex are they in fact

Kiddo, would you excuse us for a moment Oh mommy and daddy have a little business to take care of upstairs?

Oh, you know my god

Don't walk in there little kid oh

Don't do it no

Did you really think you could stop bad things from happening now. It was underneath the glass

Catches up with you he's driving

There's only one truth of Miss Maggie no matter, how hard you try to change the past

You've got a house

Okay, so that's the official?


So I don't know I think the first game was so good that my expectations for this was you know way higher

obviously, and I think since it was delayed so much a lot of the

Anticipation for it to come out really brewed up a lot, and I think that even made it even worse almost

so my expectation was so high when I played it and

It has a lot of issues the game is really glitchy


Mean I had to restart the game a couple of times which is more than most games these days at least

I mean I understand some glitches, but you know there was lip-syncing issues all the time

Loading screens was just atrocious man

I know that's a console thing I would but I hear that's a big glitch here on the PC

So it's just a shame. It just kind of sours your experience a little bit I

found that

It was maybe because I didn't do enough sidequest maybe but a lot of the times

I just felt like it's a lot of walking from here to there all the buddy system

I found to be kind of annoying it just felt like alright. I get it

but that


the times were it shined it really did and it was so funny and everything that you love about South Park really came through and

It made it worth it. It made it like a really really good game like that ending got me so good. I was hilarious

Still I've been just thinking about it, but I mean

It we made up right. I was saying. I really really enjoyed it regardless

and I can't wait and I really hope they'll make another game because

They really I think they still really did a great job

And I hope they will find maybe the issues with this game and improve upon because they can definitely be adjusted

Other than that thank you guys so much for watching this let's play our playthrough walkthrough alright now, but with me

It's a lot of fun. I really really really enjoyed it. It's been a long time since we had a long play through

Every single day it was a lot of extra

Especially since I don't have internet. I keep having to like well. It doesn't matter, but it was them

It was nice

It brought me back to like and all the time of the channel, and I hope in maybe not too far in the future

We'll do another one because it's a lot of games coming out now for Christmas as well, so we'll see you know. We'll see

But it really means a lot that you guys stuck through this with me, and I hope you enjoyed yourself as well

And I will if anything I'll see you back with the daily videos and in the next let's play. Thank you guys and quite fan

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