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KENNETH: Open your Bibles with me. The book

of Mark, chapter five. Now here's Jairus, leader of the

synagogue. So now, "Behold, here comes the ruler of the

synagogue, Jairus by name, when he saw him, he fell at his feet

and besought him greatly saying, 'My little daughter lieth at the

point of death. I pray thee, come and lay your hands on her,

She'd be be healed and she shall live.'" So Jesus went with him.

"Much people followed him and thronged him and a certain

woman, which had an issue of blood 12 years..." Now there's

not anything that indicates that Jesus knew this woman. There is

something that indicates that she, that he didn't because she

gave him all her testimony. She told him about all the doctors.

She told him how long she'd been sick. She told him that she'd

spent everything she had. So obviously she had been a woman

of means and, but now I'm the, I always wonder, where's her

husband? Well, we don't know. That's an interesting thought.

But then she's been a shut away ever since this issue, blood

thing, she's been a shut away because it's illegal for her to

be on the street. She was frightened about coming out

there that day, just long enough to touch the hem of his prayer

shawl. Cause she thought, "I'm going to go out there, I'm going

to touch that. I'm going to be made whole and I'm going to just

skinny right back and he'll never know I was there." Besides

that, you know the leader of the synagogue's right there with

him. I mean, and that's the man that had legal authority to act

on the situation. I expect he knew her. But all this is what

you know. I expect you can expect whatever you expect, but

you know, now watch, "A certain woman which had an issue of

blood for 12 years, suffered many things of many physicians,

had spent all that she had, was nothing bettered but rather grew

worse. When she had heard of Jesus, came in the press behind

and touched his garment for she said, 'If I may touch but his

clothes I shall be whole.' And straightway immediately,

instantly the fountain of her blood was dried up and she felt

in her body that she was healed of that plague." She did not

believe and release her faith after she felt what happened in

her body. She was healed before she felt it. You have to

understand that the flesh is always a step behind. Oh, Thank

you, Lord. I haven't thought of that in a long time. We

were...Brother Hagin came to Fort worth, and of course any

time he got anywhere close, of course we were there. And um,

that day, I don't even remember now what I had done, but man, I

had turned my ankle and just almost broke it. I mean, then it

just swelled almost instantly. Oh, it hurt but I wasn't about

to miss that meeting. Don't ever get too sick to go to the

healing meeting. So man, we were there. And I remember we walked

in the church and uh, and uh, we, you know, we got there as

close to the front as we could. And uh, we're, scooting down the

aisle to get two or three seats in there and Oh, that thing

hurt. And it crossed my mind, "Wonder what's going to happen

to this thing?" I'm going to sit here for the next couple of

hours. It just wasn't all that funny man. He was hurt, you

know, just really working me over good. And I just prayed,

and of course Gloria laid hands on and then, you know, we praise

and worship service and so forth. And uh, and then of

course, brother Hagin got started and, and we just locked

in on the word is, and as I'm sitting there listening to him

and watching him and what a marvelous service. Oh, just,

just one of those kinds. And we got up, started out and I said,

Gloria, sometime or another, my foot got healed. I have no idea

when. I just, I'd forgotten about it, but I received my

healing. Let me give you some really good information. It is

important for you to get your mind off of it. For one thing.

Another thing is, did Jesus heal me? Oh yes, of course he did. A

proper terminology is I received my healing. Jesus healed me 2000

years ago. Healing always comes. Healing always comes. It's not

always received. It's not a matter of whether God did or God

didn't. It is a matter of whether or not you and I

received it or not. Now I could, I could put it like this. Jesus

saved me the second day of November, 1962 and that's not

really correct. He saved me 2000 years ago. That day he was

raised from the dead and I received it on November the

second 1962. Amen? Our terminology has has been based

largely on sense knowledge and really carnal thinking. "Well, I

just don't understand why God don't heal me." Come on. It's

not a matter... "Well, then Brother Copeland, You mean that

he's not gonna do it?" I'm going to tell you again, He's done all

he's going to do about healing you. "Oh, you mean he's not

gonna heal me?" See, there you go again. Well, how come I'm not

healed if I'm healed?" because you keep saying you're not. And

you have what you say. You do have what you say, that

spiritual exchange in the matter of words and you can't get

around it. Amen. So what you and I need to do is choose the

words, change the words, and you change the outcome. If I but

touch his clothes, I shall be whole. See what she did. She

said it. Now what if she's said that? "You know, I'm telling

you, I'm telling you. If I could just get to touch his clothes, I

know. I know. I'd be made whole. I know. I'd be made whole." She

could have set right there in her little room and died and

bled to death knowing that. But you got to get out in the

street. You say it then you do it. "Well, I'm trying." Well,

quit trying and do it. "Try" never did anything. The faith

process goes like this. You start always, always 100% of the

time. Always, always, always. If I or anyone else walks up to you

at any moment after you have crossed that faith line and

said, what scripture you standing on? You better be able

to tell me. Don't you quote me, Don't you quote Billy Burke,

Don't you quote Tracy Harris, No, no, no. Don't be quote. You

quote Jesus. You tell me the scripture and out of the mouth

of two or three witnesses and you get up every morning, you

look yourself right in the mirror and you quote those,

those, those very scriptures upon which your receiving is

based. Amen. Until then you're still just trying. Oh good. But

there is a point. You gather up your scriptures. I like what

Keith Moore said. You know what you have to have to be

scriptural, scriptures. You, you, you ha, you have those

scriptures. Surely he bore my griefs, and my sickness, my

sorrows and my pain. We did esteem him stricken, smitten and

afflicted of God, but he was wounded for my transgressions.

He was wounded, He was bruised, for my iniquities, chastisement

of my peace, and by his stripes I am healed. he cast out the

spirits with his word fulfilling what the prophet Isaiah said,

and he took my infirmities, any bore, my sicknesses, and he bore

my sins in his own body on the tree that I being dead to sin

should live unto righteousness. By whose stripes? I was

healed and if I was in, I am right now. Glory be to God. I

want you to know, bless the Lord God almighty, I'm healed! Now,

when you get to that point. That's the time. I am healed.

Ain't no, going back. I'm healed. I'm healed. And it's

based solidly on the rock of God's word. I don't care what

pain, I don't care what devil, I don't care. Hey, that line is

behind you. I mean, go through the physical action. Just draw

your line, date it and sign it. Can't do that without

scriptures. You just making up stuff. If you do, even if you

quote the scripture, you know that no,

no baby, you go, go get the book. and write

'em down. Amen. Don't have your secretary do it. Go get the

book. Don't have your grandbaby. Do it. Go get the book and write

them down and sign the thing. Step across the line. Can you

see that in that woman? She did a lot of meditating on that. You

read it in your, you read it in the book of Matthew. You can see

it says she thought she thought in herself. Well of course she

did. She kept thinking about it. She kept meditating on it. You

keep meditating on it and it'll get in your mouth. Cause see

she's thinking about it. She's thinking about it. She didn't

have the book of Mark. She couldn't go look at that. But

she heard about Jesus. Well you couldn't live in that town

without hearing about Jesus. I mean this where the man lived,

you understand? There's a crowd in the street. Every time

there's a room of these coming home, she could hear it. People

are telling him, telling her what he said and she's thinking

about it and she's meditating on it and it's, it's building on

the inside of her. It's building on the inside of her. My

spiritual father, Oral Roberts, he said, he said, "Kenneth,

faith has to come to a climax." Gloria calls it, faith boiling

over. Just stay in the word and it'll boil. Cause faith cometh,

faith cometh, faith cometh, faith cometh, faith cometh,

faith cometh. You can't feel it. It's coming. Faith's coming

right now. It's coming right now. You keep the water on on

the heat and it'll boil. Amen. But you can't get the idea. It

ain't working and go pour some little water in there. Or turn

the fire off. I don't want to waste my fire if the water's not

going to boil. There's no such thing as water that don't boil.

There's water that's not hot enough. Amen, but you got to

keep it cooking. It'll boil over. Amen. And she, she worked

her way out in that crowd and touched that garment. Man, she

got a hold of the live wire. Jesus just frozen his track.

It's important, Jesus was following Jairus. Did you hear

me? Jesus is following a man. He's not following him because

it, but because, because he's his friend. He's not following

him because he's leader of the synagogue. He's not following

him for any other reason except the man made a faith statement

and never opened his mouth and said another word. Even when

they told him the girl was dead, he said his faith, and that's

the last word he said. Jesus never even said anything to him.

He just go on with him. But all of a sudden the woman stopped

him. Well, he didn't know who it was, he said, who touched my

clothes. So it was faith that put him on the move and it was

faith that stopped him in the street. The touch of faith.

Touch of faith. Thank you Jesus. "The fountain of her blood dried

up. She felt in her body she was healed of that plague. Jesus

immediately knowing in himself that virtue-" or dunamis, the

Greek word dunamis. Power. Miracle working power. We get

our word dynamite from that Greek word. We get our word

dynamo. Self producing power. "Had gone out of him, turned him

about in the presence and said, 'Who touched my clothes?' His

disciples said to him, 'Thou seest the multitude throng of

thee, Sayest thou, 'Who touched me?' And he looked around about

to see her that had done this thing, but the woman fearing and

trembling knowing was done in her came and fell down before

him and told him all the truth." Now this took some time. She's

telling him all about these doctors. She's telling him,

she's telling him this whole story. Now, wouldn't you think

Jairus would just assume she'd get through? Well, we can go on

to the house. I told him she's dying. Well, he could have blown

this deal right there. He could. Without him open his mouth, he

could have gotten put out with her. "I know that woman. I tell

you, she sets a talking, this woman." She didn't have to go

through all that. He just stayed with his faith. And I'm going to

tell you right now, you are going to get the opportunity to

judge other people, and judgment... Oh, we as we judge

other people by what they do and say, and we judge ourselves by

our good intentions. Well, you know I'm working on it. Ain't

good enough. But you really, really have to be cautious and

careful about judgment because there are things that are

actually really in the spirit realm, very, very dangerous. But

over here in the natural, they look so, so simple and innocent.

Nobody pays any attention to it. Now, Jesus said to her,

"Daughter, thy faith has made thee whole." Your faith did it.

Your faith made you whole. Now we know dunamis flowed out of

him, it said so, and that's the anointing, the anointing, how

God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy ghost and power.

Same word Dunamis. How God anointed Jesus with the Holy

ghost and power. That's the same way. That's, that's what

happened right there. She was oppressed of the devil and that

power flowed and made her whole. That's the same power tonight

that's making you hold right there where you sit, your faith

is connecting with it right now. All you gotta do is just keep,

you can keep your faith going, keep your words going and it's

working. You know why? Because the great physician is here and

when you get in his presence, he operates. He begins to function

as the great physican. You don't have to sit in his office and

wait and wait and wait and wait and wait. Amen. Now, faith was

the connector. Think about a magnet, a powerful magnet that

searching for metal. It is hunting metal and all of a

sudden, and you just get in close. Well, what did it, the

metal? No, the magnet. The magnet. The faith was

searching for the dunamis and they came together. Was

it the dunamis? No, it was the faith.

ANNOUNCER: We hope you enjoyed today's teaching from Kenneth

Copeland Ministries, and remember Jesus is Lord.

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