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Congratulations to you, but for what? Congratulations to you for clicking on this video coz this

is the video where you are going to master the art of communication once and for all.

I really like the word art of communication. Communicating is almost like art where you

have certain tools which you should be smart enough to use them to make your communication

very, very effective. So like an artist you are also going to learn how to communicate

effectively through this session on Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for the real world.

So to communicate effectively the first point that you need to keep in mind is word choice.

Why is word choice so important? Well it is because words have the power. They have the

power to build nations and words also have the power to destroy humans. So be very careful

about the words that you use. Words really affect your relationships and they really

impact the image that other people carry of you. If you use negative words all the time,

words like worthless, hopeless. It doesn't give a very good impact and the person talking

to you doesn't feel positive about you. So make sure that your words are meaningful as

long as the listener can understand you. They should be colourful and positive. It's great

to use words like acceptance, extraordinary, a word like positive and a word like possible,

it's possible. Try not to say too often that it's just impossible to do it. Rather you

should say that it's possible which gives a great impact to the listener. The second

thing that you need to be very careful about is not using slangs in your everyday speech

as long as you are talking at work. If you are talking to your friends it's alright to

use slang words. But you should not use slang words when you are talking to people at work

or at professional relationships. The third thing that you need to be very careful about

is not slurring. So slurring is when you speak out words very quickly and no one can understand

what you said, when you just said so quickly that people don't understand. So make sure

that your words are distinct and very clear and you use positive, impactful words to make

your relationships better.

The second way to master the art of communication is by expanding your vocabulary. In the previous

tip I talked to you about word choice. So how can you choose among words if you don't

have enough words in your vocabulary bank? So you should make an attempt to expand your

vocabulary by reading vocabulary books or watching our videos on vocabulary at let's

talk. This is on way to strengthen your vocabulary and sound more educated, more learned to those

who are listening to you. But you have to be very careful when it comes to vocabulary.

You can use good and hard vocabulary with people that you think can understand. But

if you think that a lay person would not understand difficult vocabulary, so that's time where

you need to use graded vocabulary which means easier vocabulary. The second thing that you

need to take care of is the intonation when you speak. So intonation is the rising and

the lowering tone of your voice. If I speak to you in a monotone, I will almost sound

like a robot. And I will not be able to catch your attention. So it's important that you

have a rising tone and a lowering tone, so that you can keep the attention of the speaker

to yourself and only yourself. The third thing that you need to take care about is the pace

of your speech. So if you speak way too fast. Obviously the hearer would not be able to

understand. But sometimes when you are speaking fast, it also reflects that you are very excited.

So if you want to hide your excitement try and speak a bit calmly, which reflects thoughtfulness

and intelligence of course. And the last tip that you need to take care about is your volume.

So can definitely not speak in one volume and just go on in that volume. Just imagine

if a painter used only one paint in the painting, that wouldn't be nice, right? We want lots

of colours. So in the same way the volume of your speech should keep changing. You should

take the hearer or the listener on a roller- coaster ride of communication, where you go

up and you go down. They have a great experience listening to you, having all their attention

exclusively to you.

The third tip that I have for you is to use your emotions as an effective communicator.

The key here is to not let your emotions overflow. So you should show your emotions without being

too emotional. It doesn't matter if you cry in front of someone. You don't need to feel

about it. They know that you are a very passionate person who desires success, has certain aims

and ambitions. But if you cry in front of someone, it shows a very tender side of you.

It shows that you are a very soft hearted person who understands another person's situation.

Even if you get angry, its not that bad, really? Unless you get angry very often. Sometimes

anger reflects seriousness. So if you are very serious about a matter and you have an

intense expression on your face, an intense emotion, then it is alright. It will help

the listener to understand the seriousness of the situation and sometimes if you laugh

a lot like you do most of the time. It shows that there is a fun side to you and that you

don't take difficult circumstance too seriously. So it's alright if you show your emotions,

they can be a very powerful tool to communicate with someone. So don't shy away from your

emotions. Show them but use them to communicate effectively.

The fourth key to perfect communication is perfect enunciation. Does this mean same as

pronunciation? No pronunciation is to say out a word correctly. But enunciation means

to say out a word clearly. So I like I told you in a tip before this that you should not

slur while you speak. This means that you should not speak words too quickly. The point

is that you should speak out your words clearly and distinctly so that the listener can understand

you. However, it is important that you don't sound unnatural by distinctly saying every

word, which will go very wrong. So what's needed it that it should be clear but not

very distinct. So make sure you get the enunciation right so that the listener can hear the punch

in your voice when you are talking.

All the tips that we have looked at before are where we are talking about verbal communication

where you use your words. It's very important that what you say through words, it really

impacts your communication but as important is what you don't say while you are communicating.

Here we are talking about your body language. Which means how do you use your hand and how

do you use your body, what position are you sitting in. Are you looking into the eyes

of the person that you are talking to? All these points really affect your communication

very strongly. So if you sit with hands like this and you don't move them at all. This

stiffness shows that you are kind of a bit arrogant person who is not interested in listening

to the other person. Maybe you are not arrogant and you are really interested in the communication

but it shows that you are not. So it's better to keep your hands loose and be very demonstrative

with your hand. Now this doesn't mean that go around making different patterns with your

hand and the listener would think, ok what is she going to do next? Not like that, but

that you use them to express yourself correctly. Now coming to your eyes. It's very important

that you look in the eyes of the person that you are talking to. Have you ever spoken to

somebody who is not looking into your eyes and is looking everywhere except at you? What

does it show; it reflects a lack of interest in what you are talking. So that person is

possibly not interested in listening to you. So if you do that to someone for any reason.

Make sure you don't do that anymore and you look carefully in their eyes and show that

you are interested in listening to them. The final thing that you need to be careful about

in terms of body language is position. Especially when you are in a meeting or giving a presentation.

You should be very careful about where you are standing and how you are standing. Sometimes

you would choose to even sit down while giving a presentation which is absolutely correct.

There's nothing wrong about it, just that it shows that you are very casual. But it's

ok to be casual if you are working with your close colleagues or people that you know very

well. However, if you are giving a meeting to about a thousand people. It's important

that you stand, which shows strength in what you are talking and it catches the listener's

attention entirely. So these are the tips for body language. Make sure that you incorporate

them in your communication because this is as important as the words you choose.

The idea for all these principles that I have shared with you is to add variety to your

communication. Think of yourself, would you like to talk to a person who talks at one

speed, one tone, without any emotion, without any passion? No, that person is too predictable

and you know what they are going to say and you even lose interest when they are talking.

So the challenge is that you should use all these tips that I have shared with you and

become a master communicator, effective communicator. Make sure you practise all of these tips in

your everyday life and I hope this was very helpful for you. So thank you, this is Michelle

signing off from Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for the real world.

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