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all right everybody this is luisa

welcome to my youtube channel I am a

mother so this channel is about

motherhood and it's about lifestyle I am

trying to bring to you a whole bunch of

information on how to make your life

easier how to handle the baby the

toddler and everything I've been through

as a mother I'm trying to pet it on and

then the great news is that I am seven

weeks pregnant I'm expecting a little

ones or early october or late-september

I don't know yet of 2017 and say yes

it's very exciting news this time around

it's going to be so different because I

know I've been there done that and

that's why I want to share with you all

the information and everything that's

going on through this amazing journey I

can't wait to grow a belly I can't wait

to hold my baby I am so excited I'm

filled with love and joy and i just want

to share this with you guys and what I

this is it and I say voila a lot because

i am paul says i am french this is my

accent it's not resilient

well I am so like I said I'm a mother to

a four-year-old whose name is Ella she

is the joy of our life right now she is

amazing her personality next level and

you know it's amazing to see a mini

version of yourself the best of you and

your partner in that blank canvas that

you kind of mold and it's just the

journey of being a mother there's no

word there is no word once the baby is

their first of all once you hold that

baby for all of you first time moms who

are carrying a little life in your

bellies right now let me tell you once

that baby's out and you hold it in your

arms after pushing it so hard your life

I did at this very moment your life

takes a turn and there is no way back

there is no going back to that life that

you had before and it is okay at that

moment it is okay until that moment it's

very scary it is super scary and it

still is scary once you have the baby

because you're like oh my god where's

the manual I don't know how to deal with

this but it makes sense at that point at

that moment it's like my life is not

about me anymore and I don't want it to

be about me anymore and that's the

beauty of it something in the branches

switches and for your partners for those

of you are lucky to have your life

partners with you for the journey

whether it's the biological debt or not

it will sink in once they visually see

the baby they men need to see things in

visual and it's all beautiful and

amazing when the baby's in the valley

but it doesn't kind of it

doesn't quite since yet in their brain

once they hear the first heartbeat one

day once they see the first ultrasound

it slowly makes its way in their brain

like oh this is happening then once the

babies out there like holy shit and so

for the both of you it's going to be a

tipping quick the first is voila and it

doesn't matter how the burbs happens it

doesn't matter you have to go through

hell it's at the end of the day you will

have your baby hopefully knock on wood a

healthy baby and in life is going to be

amazing from there it's going to be hard

don't get me wrong it's going to be hard

like you have never experienced that

before that level it's good you're going

to be pushed your that baby is going to

push all the buttons that you have but

you will learn so much about yourself I

promise you you will learn so much about

yourself when you think you can good

when you every time you think this is my

limit I didn't know where can go any

further than that uh-huh you will push

that limit further and once you're like

okay but this this now this is my limit

because i'm at the edge and i'm about to

fall it guess what the edge is going to

get longer and the few next limit is

there so there's no limit so while you

dislike that fit you know what let's

just let it go it will be when it will

be and it will be perfect you will be

the best mother for your kid you will I

promise you you will do everything wrong

and you will blame yourself all the time

but you will be the best parent for your

kid you will that's just the way

now let's talk about my pregnancy I am

seven weeks pregnant I found out I was

pregnant I'm very early too early

unfortunately but I am blessed enough to

know my body because I've been listening

through it since they won and I've

learned a lot and i'm still learning a

lot trust me i'm still learning so much

but I recognize the symptoms right away

and for me what it was it was loose

joint which means that well for example

one day I was making Ellis bed I was

shaking the sheets and then might not

like that it's shaking the sheets in

slow motion and my wrist kind of gets

dislocated a little bit you know goes

except check and I'm like hmm this is

not normal and for me loose choice was

one of the symptoms of PMS I work out a

lot Sam all I'm at the gym a lot I like

to push my body I enjoy it and that's

another thing that I'll be sharing with

you throughout my pregnancy I I know

from working out that before my period I

have to take it easy because my knee

will more than likely can go cluck you

know like this locate a little bit and

my insurance work for me a sense of that

a certain level of all and we're up when

it shouldn't be there for that might be

an indication of my body doing something

you shouldn't be doing and then the

other one was what was the other one my

nipples oh my gosh my nipples my nipple

started hurting so bad and since I've

done I'm done breast feeding ella which

was from birth till nine month she was

done after nine month I was with then I

wanted to go I wanted to keep going but

she was done so i win myself out of

breath sitting and she helped me very

much because she was biting my nipples I

bet when she had her for from tube out

and she would just chew on those nipples

like if it was she knows or what not

that was painful so yeah we stopped then

since that time obviously my boobs got a

beat on the breastfeeding and once they

emptied out and there was no milk in

there they were pretty flat and I was

never filling pms pain you know before

you have your period your boots myself

said in a way that nothing not saying so

once my nipple started to hurt it remind

me a lot of breastfeeding kind of pain

when you know Kim's have come it in and

stuff so it was like up there we go

that's another clue that I might be

pregnant those were the two big symptoms

that were telling me your body's

hormones are uh frack and something's

going on you may have conceived during

your oblation window I'm going to do

another YouTube YouTube video about

understanding your cycle because I think

it's very important for women comes in

the cycle in order to be very successful

at getting pregnant it's a key I think

it's a key and unfortunately we are not

taught at school how a woman cycle works

properly they don't tell you how to

listen to your body i think it should be

in still at school women should have a

class just for them when they understand

this is how it works so i'm going to do

youtube video just about that to make

things as clear as possible at least it

was clear for me once i got that

information and then from that point I

was able to monitor all the symptoms in

my body and when I tell you I got

pregnant the first time I tried I was

blessed to be able to fertilize the eggs

right away not ever it's not a kid for

everybody and the Hustle is that the

struggle is real but I am a strong

believer that the more you learn about

your body the more you learn your body

the easier is going to get for you too

it's going to be for you to get pregnant

so but uh that's pretty much it for the

the first symptoms and that would be

from two till four weeks pregnancy to

the four weeks which means two weeks is

the time you're over late four weeks is

the time for three kids attending

supposed to have your period so it's

very early more than likely usually

people don't even know women don't even

know they're pregnant at that point

again I'm on my second pregnancy I know

my body better so I was able to point it

and I took a pregnancy test about over a

week before my ado period so I didn't

expect the pregnancy test would even

catch the level of almonds that I was

supposed to but it did and I have a very

very faint line and so I think I was

four and a half weeks pregnant when I

found out I was pregnant which is

ridiculously early if you can take your

mind out of it if you're that strong or

that busy that you can take your mind

out of it and don't do a pregnancy test

early you're good wait for your period

trust me it's gonna once you're priming

you I mean it's gonna be a long journey

so take your time to find out and then

the more you know the number you have to

wait until you can tell somebody I mean

you're you're close friends and family

because you want to make sure you have

to wait at least I mean you don't have

to but it's recommended to wait at least

for the if we to tell people it beats so

Allah take your time

yes as far as my symptoms i was saying

nausea who is my frenemy yeah it's

annoying every time I can feel okay

there's a wave coming in when I snacks

throughout the day like have small

snacks I'd say not fruit I'm not going

too crazy and I drink a lot of water a

lot of tea then might I feel better it

doesn't hit me as hard I've been bloated

though yes around week five 5 six

bloated gassy boobs bloated gassy and

tired that's pretty much what I'm doing

I've been dealing with I'm not so

bloated and gassy anymore few cravings a

bunch of food aversion so far super

mellow I think it's gonna kick up and

much again until I reach the 12-week

mark 11 12 week that should be the temp

stuff to slow down and feel better and

then I think I'll start to show around

then but until then this is what I'm

dealing with and it's okay the way for

me to cope with nausea now that is to

remind myself that though they're waves

of almonds that are going for my body

and this is an indication that the baby

is growing so yes it hurts it hurts to

grow the something I'll run with my

daughter it hurts to grow growing can be

painful and I am growing something in my

belly so sudden hurts me and I write I

didn't hurt me then heard it because I

don't know what sex it is yet this is it

for my update i will show you picture of

my belly in a second


that is it I hope that you guys enjoy

this video I had fun doing it I am fun

sharing with you guys please let me know

I want to know about you guys I want to

know what your symptoms are is it your

first or your second pregnancy please

let me know how do you feel what's the

difference between this go around and

the previous go around if you have any

question that you think it can help you

with I'll be more than happy to try to

answer as best as I can feel free to

subscribe subscribe subscribe and I will

be I will be doing more videos and

trying to do a weekly journal of my

maternity so stay tuned all right I'll

see you guys soon avoir a bientot

The Description of Early signs of Pregnancy and Pregnancy Symptoms