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[gavel pounding]

- All right everybody,

I hereby call to order this meeting

of Local 692,

the Honorable Union of Plumbers,


- Hey, hey.

- and Soap Opera Actors.

[dramatic music]

- My heart burns as the world turns.

- I thirst for justice.

- La biblioteca.

Bismark: Charmed.

- Who are these people?

- As you know, in an effort to drive up membership,

we've had to merge with some of the other unions.

Jess: No, that makes no sense.

Dalton: Are you kidding me?

[glass breaking]

Arvin: Whoa!

Bismark: You made me perspire,

but I only glisten.

Leader: All right, all right, all right.

First item on the agenda is

the discussion of the new health plan

which was sent to membership for review.

I hereby open up the floor to what you call comment time.

Jess: I got a comment.

This plan stinks.

There's nothing about pre-existing conditions.

Arvin: Yeah, my son has asthma.

- I know too well of pre-existing conditions.

I was diagnosed with Tova syndrome, Nixon's disorder,

munchmouth and demonic possession.

And I was only in one episode.

Leader: Wait, wait, wait.

Boston: Stop!


She's soliloquizing.

Go on, my sweet.

Bismark: I was in the hospital recovering--

Leader: No, no, no.

We are here to talk about the health plan, okay?

Sit down.

Any helpful comments?

Arvin: Yeah, I noticed it doesn't cover doctor's costs

for ER visits.

[dramatic music]

- Did someone say, 'Doctor?'

[dramatic music]

- You're a doctor?

- No, but I play one on TV.

All: Oh?

Monterey: Jes, he was my surgeon in episode 12.



Bismark: Oh!

Cody: Yes, I separated her

from her evil, fraternal, conjoined twin.

[dramatic music]


- I played that evil, fraternal, conjoined twin.

Leader: Can we just stay focused?


- Oh, I played that evil, fraternal, conjoined twin.

- You already said that.

Bismark: She has amnesia.

[glass breaking]

- Oh!

[glass breaking]

Bismark: Here.

Monterey: Thank you.

[glass breaks]

Leader: Can we stop breaking glass!

[glass breaking]

Bismark: That one slipped.

Leader: Back to the health plan, if you guys took a second

to look at your union bylaws, you would see

you guys had ample time to communicate

each and every problem that you had with


What is that?

What is that!

Cody: He just suffered a massive stroke.

He's in a coma.

Bismark: No! No, please, no!

No, take me, take me!

Monterey: Don't pretend that you loved him.

Bismark: [gasps]

Monterey: You only wanted him for his money!


Dalton: Oh, I knew it!


Bismark: That's not true, but it hurts the same.

Dallas: Then how do you explain this?

Union Members: [gasp]

Leader: I'm gonna have to demand that you stop acting.

- Wait, wait, I want to know what's on that piece of paper.

[audience laughs]

- What piece of paper?


- Oh, she is good!

- I'll tell you what's on that piece of paper, it's--

Washington: Don't listen to him.

[dramatic music]

I was wrongfully imprisoned so Boston could steal land

from my family.


On that paper, is--

[dramatic music]



Jess: Well, what's on the piece of paper?

Dalton: Come on,

you can't just leave it like that.

What's on it?

Bismark: You'll have to wait...

until next meeting.

Jess: Oh!


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[slap] - Ah!

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