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- Mr. Carling, I have the conn. - Captain has the conn.

- Right standard rudder at 0-7-9.

- Right standard rudder to 0-7-9. Aye-aye, sir.

- All escorts, Greyhound. Return to your stations immediately.

We have enemy contact, bearing 0-8-7.

- Just imagine any way a sheep would try to escape a pack of wolves,

and you've got a ship trying to get away from the Nazi submarines.

That was the game of The Battle of the Atlantic.

- A wolf pack shadowing us.

- They'll attack as a group.

- Yeah, waiting for nightfall.

- "Greyhound" is about an American destroyer

escorting a convoy of merchant vessels that's crossing the Atlantic

to bring vital war material and soldiers to our allies.

- Captain Krause has been given quite a lot of responsibility

as a first time commander. It's a bit of a trial by fire.

- Hard right rudder! Hard over!

- The Nazis had submarines, U-boats,

and their job was to sink any allied ship that was floating at sea.

(sonar pinging)

- That dead silence...

(sonar pinging)

...and just waiting to see what's on your radar screen.

(sonar pinging)

You can imagine how it must've felt for the men back then, coming under attack.

- He's trying to slip under us!

- All mounts, fire at will.

- We're nowhere near air cover, we're low on fuel.

No one has any idea if they are going to make it.

- U-boat, starboard bow!

- What you did yesterday... got us to today.

- It's not enough, Charlie. Not nearly enough.

- Krause has a lot of pressure on himself 'cause he has a lot of lives at his hands,

and every decision he makes determines the outcome of the whole crew.

- I don't think there's any commander that doesn't have

this innate fear of being wrong.

But that has to be conquered. You cannot let your command

be governed by this nagging doubt of, "What if I am wrong?"

- Here they come.

- The goods will be delivered by this nation,

whose Navy believes in the tradition of,

"Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead."

- All hands, brace for collision!

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