Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Twin Telepathy Slime Challenge Part 5! Rachel vs Julia!

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- [All Girls] Welcome to Crafty Girls.

- Today Julia and I are twinning

because we are doing twin telepathy number five.

- Rachel versus Julia.

- Also, we have done four of these challenges already,

and one of them was with our mom,

so if you guys have not seen those,

you gotta go check em out

'cause I love those videos, they're great.

- Yeah.


- If you're new to our channel, I'm Annelise.

- I'm Rachel.

- And I'm Julia.

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- [Annelise and Julia] CG family.

- Now on to the video.

- By the way, if you missed it in our last video,

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- [All Girls] Let's get started.

- Okay, so I'm gonna move out so we can set this up.

- We forgot to announce that we are wearing headphones

so this is gonna be super fun.

We cannot hear each other, which also helps

for our minds to connect in that

telepathic, mystical way that they probably should be doing.

- Yes.

- We also cannot hear products that are being opened,

so we don't know whether we got a point or not,

so that makes it also a little bit more mystical for us.

- Okay guys, we are gonna turn our music on

and now it's time for round one

and I literally have to take this off.

- Round one, white glue, or glitter glue, good luck.

- Okay, sending the message.

- Okay.



(light music)

- Okay guys, I'm ready for round two, so come on.

- Okay, I'm ready for round two.

- I cannot here myself so I don't know how loud I am

or what I'm even saying, so what did I just,

I hope I said that correctly.

- Yeah, so lets get onto the next round.

- Round two, food dye, pink verses blue, good luck again.

- Okay, so I guess it's my turn to receive the message.

- I'm sending the message.

- So, yeah.

- Okay, I got it.


Okay, so I got my food dye, and I don't know about her.

- Okay guys, round three.

- So yeah, I'm ready for round three.

- It's so pretty.

- I don't know what to say.

- Also, just so you know I love light colors, so.

Also I'm dancing to the best song.

- Round three, glitter, orange versus yellow.

Again, good luck.

- What?

- I'm gonna send you the message.

- Okay, sending the message.

Okay, sent.


Okay, by the way I know my friend Natalie

will be probably watching this video.

- Ow.

So I'm listening to a song by Allen Walker

and if she can guess which song it is, she gets one point.

So, my cat is staring at me.

- Round six, it is time.


- Round four, more glitter, pink again, versus blue.

- My turn to receive the message.

- Good luck.

- I like it.

- Okay, uncap this glitter now.


Gonna pour it in.

- Oh, wait.


- Okay, ready for round I don't know what

because I haven't been counting, but yeah.

Excuse me.

I have a neighbor who.

- Sorry.

- Does not watch where she's throwing things,

so that almost hit me in the head.

- Oui watch it.


- Be the way, this board extents far beyond them,

so they cannot see each other unless they lean back.

- Round five, shave cream versus shave gel, good luck.

- Okay my turn to send the message.

- Good luck.

- You doing to me.

Didn't see, did not see.


- It is my turn to send the message.

- I'm gonna send you the message now.


- Okay, I sent the message.


Let's do this.

Okay, I am ready for the next round,

because I have got my thing in.

- Yeah.

- Round six, foam versus little pink puff balls.

Let's see what they choose.

- Ouch.

Okay, it's my turn to receive the message.

- I'm gonna send you a message now.

- Okay.

- Sent.


- Okay, this looks, this really looks

like a snowy mountain top to me.

Okay, it is time for the next round.

- Round seven, corn starch versus lotion, good luck.

- Okay.

- Good luck.

- Let's go, it's my turn to send the message.


- Also I'm gonna send you the message.



- Now it is definitely a snow covered mountain top.

So I am now ready for the next round, so yeah.

- It is the second to last round, activator,

but first we're gonna let them mix their ingredients

and tell the.

- Okay, so.

- You guys are gonna mix your ingredients first, okay?

- Okay.

- Julia gonna mix first.

Rachel, your gonna mix first with mom.

- I'm gonna send you the message.


(playful music)

- And now it is our second to last round,

which is activator.

We have Borax or they can use Saline and baking soda.

So good luck and good luck send a message.

- I'm gonna send the message.

- I'm gonna send the message.

- Okay.


(playful music)

- It is now the last round and we have clay, daiso clay,

and we have colors yellow and blue.

- I am receiving the message.

- I'm gonna send you the message.

- Okay.

- Sent it.


(playful music)

- All right guys you can take off your headphones.

You can take off your headphones.

- I just, it's just the best song.

- What?

- Okay, headphones are off,

but I wish I could keep them on I'm listening to a song

that is very enjoyable for me.

- All right guys, it is time to take this away.

Are you guys excited.

- Yes.

- All right. I do this, not you Rachel.


- Yes.

- You guys got one wrong in the glitter.

- Oh, which glitter?

- That was one out of.

- Yeah, which glitter?

- Wait, wait, wait, wait, mom, are they the real twins?

I mean I know that we don't really look like

and they look more alike.

- And we have curly hair.

- No we don't.

- We're both going.

- My hairs wavy.

- Well curlyish.

- Mom, we need some explanations.

- Tell us, tell us.

- That means I'm eleven.

I mean I'm twelve, I'm almost thirteen.

- No, I'm just kidding.

We're actually twins.

- No, we're real, real, real twins.

- No, we're not.

Okay you guys, so our slimes are almost exactly identical.

Hers is a little fluffier, so mine of course

is a little darker.

- But obviously they look like a lot alike.

- It must have been the matching shirts that did it.

- Wait, it's funny 'cause they both turned out blue,

like your shirt.

What does this mean?

- Don't worry, we are actually real twins.

- Ready?

- Okay, all right guys, that was so fun

and now it is time for shout outs.

- Shout outs.

- BoolovesAnneliseRachelandJulia,

and I think what a cool name that is.

- We love you too boo.

- Arya Slimes.

- OliveAndy Show.

- Janah Caryl Esteban.

- Kailyn Price.

- And Mina Osman.

Thank you so much for being part of our CG family.

- We hope you enjoyed this video.

If you did, please give it a big thumbs up.

- [All Girls] We love you guys so much, bye.

(upbeat music)

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