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British boys or Spanish boys oh I have a thing for a British voice I'm not gonna

lie one of our favorite things to do on this channel is interview people

friends youtubers Londoners holidaymakers you name it all with the

aim of bringing you real English from the real world but it's been a while

since we've done this and the other day I've got a call from my ex-girlfriend

saying Harry I'm leaving I'm going back to Spain I'm going to españa never

coming back and I thought don't go I love you but also why don't I interview

you about your experiences of living and working in the UK that will be useful

for our subscribers and she said yes so get ready for some cultural Intel from

Sabella about how life really is here in the UK

lots of informal British vocabulary that comes out naturally in our conversation

and of course some casual flirting hi hello would you like a cup of tea oh yes

please it'll be lovely actually it's not brewed yet okay what's your name

I'm Sabella that sounds Spanish so where in Espana are you from I'm from

Ourense galicia or Ourense Galicia yes Sabella what are you doing here where

are we by the way we're in Bedford Bedford! estamos en Bedfordia..

why did you come to bedfordia well I studied nursing a few years ago four

years ago and yeah I always wanted to live abroad and I found an

agency that was offering nursing jobs in Bedford and I decided to apply for it

because it was close to London and to be honest it was the first offer I saw and

I was like why're so lucky that the first offer was for such an amazing town

like Bedford I know you must have been like over the moon yeah that's why I'm

leaving you're leaving Bedford now having worked it for three years

yes three and a half years when you came here what were the requirements to

become a nurse here in the Uk? None.. it's gotta be someone with a pair of hands and a heart no you have a lot

yeah no you had to obviously have a nursing have a nursing a degree but you

know now you need to to register with the NMC which is like the nursing and

midwifery council you need to have an advanced level of English IELTS 7

okay at the time when I came over they didn't ask for anything

there was no requirement ..did they have any way of

like looking at your English level or was it just how you performed in the interview yeah

I mean well the agency would like assess your English level before like they put

called you on skype and have a conversation with you and then we had

this interview in Madrid and we were interviewed by people from the hospital

so yeah I guess they kind of assessed us again from Bedford hospital hospital

they went to Madrid for those interviews yeah okay

and then so you got the job in Madrid yeah and how long after the interview

did you find out you got the job oh straightaway oh right yeah when can

you come to Bedford yeah Wow how was your English when you first came to the UK

because your English now is incredible it's really good it's really good so how

was it how does it compare now to how it was when you first well I never

had a problem understanding people or communicating but I've obviously noticed

a massive improvement the Spanish accent when talking English can be very strong

yeah but you haven't got like a really strong Spanish accent you don't say like Harry I

love you Harry then you say I love you Harry and that's you know really your

pronunciation has your accent change much your pronunciation? I think's a bit Bedfdordian now

what's a typical thing that a Berdfordian would say my favorite sentence, and you know this, is bottle of water..

ok and how would you order a bottle of water.. what in Bedfordian or? In Bedfordian English, yeah.How would you order a

bottle of water at a pub? Can I h..Can I...I can't.. bottle of water please mate, cheers!

yeah not bad not bad yeah yeah that sounds pretty Bedfordian..So in the

hospital have there been any situations where because you've told me a couple of

stories where English has been difficult and there's been confusions with the

patient's yeah due to a lack of English yeah so one of my friends had this

patient who's coming with I don't remember what but I don't remember

whether she had a fall or something but basically my friend wanted to see her

knuckles and she asked her can you show me your nipples .. so it does sound

quite similar knuckles nipples but obviously very different yeah

where are the nipples hmm where are your nipples yes and then knuckles here okay

so there's the nipple story and what other words or confusions were there

there was this girl called Pilar which is a Spanish name so because of the

English pronunciation which is a bit different they would say Pilar

called her Pillaah my friend was working and one of her

colleagues was asking where's Pilar where's Pilar asking about this girl

called Pilar and my friend brought them a pillow.. it does sound like pillow .. yeah coz a

cockney would say pillow give me a pillow I want a pillow yeah so it's

.. yeah a couple of girls a couple of there were a couple of girls

called Tamara..see you tomorrow yes and people would

say Tamara and sometimes it sounded like tomorrow .. sometimes I was

like tomorrow what yeah tomorrow yeah we going to the pub or what? .. so what are your

favourite English words lovely you need to know lovely when you come to England yeah what other

words do they need to know when they come to England oh darling of course yes

darling darling that's the word everyone uses. When would you use darling.. could you say it in the

supermarket could you go hi darling you got any chewing them yeah where is the

bog roll, darling? What? Bog roll..What's that? Toilet roll

yeah excuse me darling where can I find the sugar... bog roll..isle 5..yeah (laughs). The alcohol one..

booze oh yeah how would you use booze in a sentence who's bringing the booze

tonight oh yeah who's bringing the alcohol tonight yeah you can say I

got a bit boozy last night can you say that what about if you're really drunk in

England I'm pissed

shit-faced very good and if it's raining lots how would you say that it's pissing

it down that's nice it's pouring it down okay so these are some really nice

informal expressions that Sabella has learned naturally by being in contact

with native speakers in the UK she's also learned some really nice

pronunciation features like the glottal tea but of water but you don't need to

move to the UK to speak like this you just need practice and a good way to get

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discount so I hope you enjoy that and let's get back to the interview a lot of

people think that the food in England is a pile of shite what do you think of the

British food and the food that you you eat you can eat regularly with ease here

in the UK you can say what you want you don't pull any punches okay I think what

I like about the UK is that you have a lot of variety because you've got like a

lot of Chinese Japanese Indian but English food itself is quite dull

what have you thought of the British people um be honest.. extremely polite you're

right do you want some more tea? I'm okay thank you

British boys or Spanish boys oh I have a thing for a British boys, I'm not gonna

lie right and what is it about British boys that you like so much? I really like tall men

and I guess most British guys are taller than Spanish and it's just I don't know

the features I don't know there's just something about them so they've just got a

kind of a je ne se quoi so if you want a boyfriend the Brits

are pretty tall and have nice features, apparently.. he's single.. they know I'm single..that's boys covered well what

would you have liked to know prior to coming here that you know now one thing

I've learned in England is that you can never really rely on people.. you can't rely on Brits? Are you saying we're unreliable?

I'm not a hater or anything.. just they know you're just you're leaving the country and you're slagging us off

no I want you to be honest oh yeah I kind of I always have to chase things up if I

want them done like for example I have internet with sky and I call a couple of

weeks ago to cancel my account because I'm leaving my flat and I said okay so

that's one thing were a bit disgruntled about that yeah what's next

for you then you're thinking about becoming a teacher aren't you? and starting.. what is it?

Galician with Sabela? That's a secret..Can you teach me some Galician words? yeah of course

Palabras Gallegas.. I really like this word Bolboreta..butterfly..

Mariposa bolboreta

yes how would you say I have a pet bolboreta in Galician? ....teño unha

bolboreta de mascota ..

como mascota.. muy bien..okay if you were to start a youtube channel teaching Galician what

would you call it something Galician basically slowly we say a modinho

..a modinho? Yeah so something like Galego a modinho..

so learn Galician slowly? so your English has got really really good what

has helped you to get this good level what are the things that have really

worked for you that have made a difference real English with real teachers videos.. oh no..ah it's so embarrassing..

is it all because of that or just like 50 percent 90 percent okay so 90 percent

from this channel the other 10% the other 10% I like to speak to people and

like learn from people that's how we met actually yeah yeah how do we meet? You

tell them do you want me to tell the whole story?

Well not like up to the breakup just when I first came to Bedford um I was looking

for people who I could improve improve my English with so I was with my

housemate looking for yeah people do exchange languages with so we went on

this website and we messaged a few people and Harry

messaged me back and he said he was not living in Bedford at the time he

was living in the Basque Country in Spain what a coincidence I know I was

in your country and you were in mine yeah and then he said but we can I'm back for

Christmas so we can meet up then but I was in Spain for Christmas what

a shame so then Harry said oh we can we can do

Skype or more like yeah okay so we started video calling each other on

skype speaking like English Spanish and after

like.. I don't know how many times we spoke but about four.. yeah not enough.. but somehow

we decided to go on a trip to Barcelona

I've been tried trying to teach him how to make up Tortilla for three years

he hasn't learnt yet but.. my tortilla is really good now well you haven't made me one for ages

darling oh darling yeah using conversation exchange is such

a good way to meet people and practice your English yeah that was really cool and

you meet people, you make friends..yeah I have a friend an Irish friend, my friend Collum and I

realize that sometimes when I'm speaking to people who don't speak my language I

try to use like simple words but I guess that for English like everyone

speaks English so English people are so used to that that you just speak like

normally maybe not you so much because you're a teacher but people I speak to

daily and they say expressions or words that are quite like informal and

sometimes I don't know and I always ask everything

so you're inquisitive yes that's really important try to remember and like make

sentences in my mind more than stuff yeah that's really good

yeah thank you very much for for coming on the show thanks for telling us all

about your life and you know if you change your past and yeah what brought

you here it's been a pleasure....beso..that's what we do in bedford

bye guys bye

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