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hello everyone welcome to my life stream

everyone so this is me Catherine your

English teacher in France how are you


how's everybody doing so yes guys in

tonight's live streaming everyone this

is actually a Q&A about English grammar

so if you guys have questions about

English grammar please don't hesitate to

actually ask those and if you guys are

watching this as a replay you can

actually just comment your questions

about English for everyone so yes guys

welcome to my livestream everyone see ya

before anything else let me just check

the chat room right now know who is here

okay Mary flour in Vietnam hello welcome

to my live stream every flower in

Vietnam how are you Mary flour in

Vietnam yes I guess it's a very late in

Vietnam right now so yeah so while

waiting for people everyone today is

Saturday saturday Saturday with them

happy Saturday everyone yes guys I just

actually finished my private class here

yeah I just finished it and so my throat

is a bit dry so I want to make it a bit

you know shall I say okay so yes guys

let's eat some orange while waiting for

some people to come everyone so yeah

that ice for up to nice live-streaming

this is a Q&A Q and a question and

answer yep yeah so don't be shy and

don't hesitate everyone to ask whatever

questions about English grammar that you

want to ask just ask okay

ask and ask until your answer

see ya guys get always with no well look

it always be the well yes get always

would know Wow welcome to my lecture oh

my god why is it a big one

wait - hi get away Sweden welcome to the


how are you get away speedin well how

are you

oh this very fast is great great to hear

that they always been well well I just

actually finished my private lesson here

yeah I just finished that was for an

hour yah it's really Minami it's very

cool if you don't it's very cool now but

I always been oh well you don't work on

weekends right do you work on the

weekends get away smooth well do you



um well lady what she oh yeah a lot of

people are very busy right now watching

the sea games you know

yeah and I've even seen a lot of videos

a lot of craters actually um have made

videos about the sea games oh my gosh

and how is it um me I haven't really

seen that I wish I could see but I'm a

bit busy and right now I have a little

time because my baby's asleep

and yeah so I am here talking with you

guys so yeah that's it sea games is it

very good I mean now how is it so far

get away stupid no well what can you say

about the sea games where where where

did not send that okay okay good you

missed second have you eaten dinner you

know we spend well no problem get a

mystery well on your cooking okay well

uh me just here really just I'm just

eating orange here and waiting for some

people if there are people coming if not

well it's okay so far I can't want to

start watching mmm okay focus and

watching here focus focus focus focus

I bet most people are very busy today

you know it's Saturday and yeah it's uh

oh this some for tomorrow's December

everyone and say well yeah

where's December and uh I guess it's you

know it's weekend so people are very

busy probably shopping preparing some

gifts for their family and loved ones

uh-huh yeah that's really it you already

know me one get away well whatever you

know the ones I think they are still

busy in the other community because

sometimes they are in in other


get away Sweden well or maybe someone

there is watching right now probably

it's okay because actually I said I

would go live earlier not after 6:00 but

I couldn't make it I was busy I went

grocery and yeah I had a lot of things

to do and after grocery I had to have my

private class here in fact I just

finished right after I finished my

private class I scheduled my screaming

yeah so why we have 10-minute break

maybe what's the C game get away spin

well do you watch it with what's that on

YouTube or there is something live or

something like T there is really let me


can you uh can you tell me the what

should i search let me you can read

mom's welcome to my life stream oh it's

trickle gates there should I say how can

I stay how are you life in UK with bias

how are you this is opening was only

opening ceremony I don't think there is

a live thing but I'm not really very

into sports you know but yeah okay thank

you so much gonna we spin well lonely

lonely hello from France

good evening lonely lonely how are you

Chinamen blood sausage shirt hello

everyone life Noel

yes the lobe shine amen how are you Mary

flower I think has already left

I think she is asleep now because no

it's a it's very late in Vietnam right

now so yeah I guess she said guys wanna

eat some oranges

yeah loeli loeli fair fine thanks you

I'm great no deal only I just actually

finished my

I'm in my class here I had a class with

one French student here so we had a

one-hour class and I just finished it as

soon as I finished the private class I

decided to go live right away because

you know I told you I would go live

earlier than what 5:00 p.m. but I

couldn't I wasn't able to do that

because I was really busy and yeah I get

a lot of things today yeah it always

been oh well laughing okay

shiny and Magnaflow i'm good teacher

okay great to hear that life in UK with

buzz a lot of shine even well and Mary

yes so loeli loeli guys is actually

always you know she's always yuechu

studying english and at the same time

making friends right normally so yeah

everyone loeli loeli is here and louie

louie is also fun friends yeah it's a

student she's a student so yes guys for

tonight's live streaming everyone this

is just really a Q&A Q&A not about me

but english grammar or anything about

english lesson that you would like to

ask any clarifications or things that

are confusing to you please feel free to

ask everyone especially for those

lessons which we had before for examples

different tenses and if conditionals and

some helping verbs and questions yes if

you guys have questions and what common

mistakes in English you guys have

questions about those lessons we have

had please feel free to ask how are you

shiny man so yes guys teacher is opening

this is wondering wondering wondering

everyone high life in UK yes life in UK

is in the United Kingdom loeli loeli

yeah so it seems it's very silent

tonight so guys I'm so sorry your

teachers talking here and at the same

time eating I hope you don't mind


mmm very good

because my throat is a bit dry from not

having the lesson you know I had my

lesson no questions

oh come on shiny Munhall Sears Saturday

and loeli loeli what have you done today

lowly lowly how did you spend your

Saturday's and your Saturdays about to

end it and this number is coming

Oh ha December bird


nobody's stopping now hello ants venture

how are you catch venture welcome to the

lights remain here as venture everyone

is from the US you know me Smith well is

in the UK like me UK isn't the UK shine

you miss in France lowly Louise in

France marries Lauren Vietnam is in

Vietnam everyone is shiny men of course

and in France I am very worried thinking

phrasal verbs to be back someday

yes no worries Raymond we can make it

come back baby come back to me tonight

right amen would you like to have some

questions about phrasal verbs tonight

you are very welcome to do that shiny


asthma's you're doing great city how

about you I'm good adventurer it's just

really freezing and yeah I wanted to go

out today for you know for example at

the park or a spending time outside but

I only went outside for grocery guys and

buying some few stops these stops

because it's really freezing everyone so

I can have a chance to hang out you know

doing great ok

yeah only lonely did not hamster and how

is your Saturday loeli loeli er still


loli loli I'm so sorry yesterday I think

you were there listening right because

my boy put you into time down it's ok

so yes guys Saturday is my Saturday has

been so busy Jen analyst hello how are

you Jen appleís loeli loeli if I had

studied harder my English maybe I mean

if I had studied English harder I could

have spoken English please is my

sentence correct

okay so loli loli your question is if I

have studied harder my English I could

have spoken English please okay so if

you think would have spoken it means to

say you couldn't speak English in the

past only in the past but if you're

trying to say now you should say okay

you should say I could speak English

good not good house VP because good have

Pippi has a past

meaning all right now with the if clause

you say if I had PP is okay that is


welcome Wilhelm a regular so if I had

studied but if not my English you don't

save my English because English is a

language and I don't think you own it

maybe you can say my English skill but

if you want to say just English okay you

can see if I'm here studied by the way


teachers bought is writing tonight okay

this is me if I had studied if I had

studied English harder so this means in

the past okay if I had studied English

harder it means I did not study hard in

the past okay so if I had studied

English harder I could speak I could

speak English this means I could speak

English means now alright so you use

this we

this for because the fact is okay the

fact is you are trying to say that you

can't speak English very well now right

so you're giving the imagination you're

expressing imagination so you have to

say could okay I could speak I have

studied English harder I could speak

English okay so here we go that is the

correct sentence loeli loeli all right

so teachers thought that is me all right

Jennifer ambulance thank you so much no


thank you so much not my teacher I'm

here sorry guys

SHINee min said second time I've been

watching fines no thanks no in Mindanao

great content and big equality big

channel 350 sobs highly recommended oh


okay I'm gonna check it out later shy

named it nature simplistic beauty

photography welcome to my livestream how

are you my dear how are you how are you

how is our white to rural lowly Lily

okay got it thanks teacher you are very

welcome loeli loeli least everyone if

you guys have questions about English

maybe English grammar or anything about

English please don't hesitate to ask

because that is our show tonight

SHINee methinks no Finn's no I think I

have seen that Finn snow is the correct


all right mmm-hmm nature's I am good I

am good just so busy nature simplistic

very photography but even if I am busy I

still have time to be on YT you know

white is part of my busy day

ah but Finn's no this is this is he is a

foreigner right ah enchanted Filipino

forest we lost

at the most beautiful place in Mindanao

Philippines all right mmm

okay I'm gonna watch it later

shining me mmm shiny men I guess so Noel

Noel said I know Finn's no yeah he's

familiar I think it's popular you know

get always been oh well he is an

Icelandic oh really

yeah this why his name is finished no

I'm not sure if I even pronounce it


Finn's knows the name of his channel he

is an adventurous Icelandic American

traveling the world where no one goes I


yeah that's what he says where no one

goes on eco oh interesting I would like

to go to a place where no one goes what

is it going to happen or is there any

place that no one has done I don't think

so all right shiny man you met Tim you

mean get all wasted well hello fans Oh

welcome to the live stream fans oh you

can always we can well not yet but we

exchanged Instagram messages in the past

Wow perfect sentence get away smitten

well shiny Manfred oh never been never

been there oh yes yes yes I'm amen

I'm gonna show you more about your dog

try Neiman okay but I think for now I

have shown a most yeah around here the

place where I live but I'm gonna explore

more here in freedom sooner okay fine so

said except to shine amen nothing out

loud hi to all except us finding loeli

loeli is there any place that you would

like to actually go lowly lowly

a place for no one has gun loeli loeli

is there any place is there any place

like that I'm not even sure that place

still exists shiny man may I ask you the

reason why why here thanks though may I

ask you why why you are here fans oh no

problem get away so when you well enjoy

your dinner

oh sorry guys it's shaking thanks oh is

that SHINee men talking to me well I

guess so

like in UK oh where are you changed yeah

guys liking you keep it buzz this is the

rate this is just the the twin of the

life of UK fans let's say what about

South France South friends yeah for me I

haven't been there but a lot of people

has been there Louie Louie if I had made

a lot of money I would have mmm-hmm so

the question first loeli loeli are you

talking about in the past only in the

past are you talking about in the past

you did not buy a large house and you

did not make a lot of money do you mean

you didn't make a lot of money so you

didn't buy a big house loeli loeli so

what are you trying to say I aren't

money teacher stop running from me with

love you Appa I'm not running away from

you I'm running towards you or money yes

okay this is good

but yes he already corrupted your

mistake if I had made a lot of money I

would have bought a large house

correct you would have what well if you

use would have BP that means you're

expressing about your action the action

that you didn't do in the past you

didn't do but if you're trying to talk

about something that you were not able

to do you were not able to do in the

past you could you could say or you

could have said here I would or I

couldn't have what okay if I had made a

lot of money I could have bought a large

house could have bought that means to

say yes it could have been possible for

you to buy if you have made a lot of

money all right

this is a great job lomi lomi wow you

really studied conditionals really lowly

but Levine only this morning this


okay I have a question everyone this

morning did Cathy go live everyone did

Cathy go live it got a go like this

morning morning my time morning in

France they get they go live I would

like you to give your examples maybe

practice using if in that situation

anyone fans of a German word oh did she

what is ditches shiny my teacher her Oh

tea sure

here's the German harissa for ISA who is

that do you know Larry now retired yes

all the time here what do you mean in a

shiny man her is a German name that

means mister or sir ah okay I understand

shiny Minogue literally no Kathy didn't

go live all right

so I would like you to give your example

okay about Cathy's going line if Cathy

had done lied this morning what would

you have done everyone

yes Cathy went live this morning

no I didn't live in you can be buzzed I

didn't go like this morning I just had

my video premiered this morning it

wasn't a live streaming life and you

gave me buzz oh come on I think you okay

did you think it was a last ring it

wasn't a live stream it was a premiere

premiered video all right her it's the

German ah her is a German word Hermes

mr. OH

so you need to say in German mr. and

mrs. there's only one word it's only her

but maybe my pronunciation is very

English pronunciation her not the German

pronunciation as the shy amen ISA are

you talking German slang now is it oh my

god I shouldn't say words which I don't


uh-huh laughing you okay oh that's what

I meant

yes it wasn't a live streaming it was

just a video premiere life in you can be


come on everyone you haven't made your

example sentence using if with that

situation I asked you if Gabby had gone

live this morning what would you have

done during the live streaming of Cathy

fans of shiny men is a fun zosyn he

might typo fans Oh is a ah okay her Asik

Double R is a German word lonely lonely

said if Cathy hadn't lied this morning I

would have studied more English haha

maybe you say I would have studied

English more okay I would have studied

or I would have maybe talking the buzz

possibility I would have been able to

study English more or you can say I

could have studied English okay that's

it that's what you should say if Kathy

had been like this morning I could have

studied English more or I would have

been able to study English more yes

perfect sentence loeli loeli exempts the

period okay yes period is very important


only when you take the test any way of

speaking it's not really that important

you know yeah that's a shiny many your

typo is Lily Lily you are very welcome

loeli loeli

laughing you keep it buzz if Kathy have

gone no remember I told you if the

meeting is past

you have to use if plus this was

actually the lesson yesterday plus had

people okay if Kathy had okay you have

to save Kathy if Kathy had gone if Kathy

had gone live Kathy had given live this

morning I would have been the first one

in the class all perfect sentence yes

that is correct

unlike a new carry bus except in the if

part of your sentence remember in this

part of the sentence you have to use tad

pipi because you are expressing the past

situation nature simplistic beauty

photography how was your Thanksgiving

holiday t-shirt well I don't think we

have here in France nature simplistic

beauty photography we did nothing

yesterday I just actually went lion

yeah I did some cleaning in the house I

did some cooking laundry and stuff like

that in the house

the mother is a wife so woman yeah

no Thanksgiving Day here Thanksgiving

holiday here in France I think it's only

in the u.s. right yeah I'm not sure I'm

shy even here in France is there a kind

of Thanksgiving holidays like amen man

so if God Fame what do you mean fans of

caffeine is from the coffee you mean the

spelling is wrong fans Oh

caffeine is ca okay if caffeine had gone

like caffeine who is that I would have

been awake maybe maybe you have to say

yes I had had some blah blah blah this

morning this morning I would be awake

dpph Enzo would have been awake mr.

saying you were not a weight in the past

but are you talking about your condition

now it means you are not awake now fans

oh are you sleeping now Enzo fans

offensive are you sleeping are you

sleeping fans oh come on get up fans Oh

wake up get up and wake up but I think

you mean now right fan so if you mean

now you are not awake now you should say

you should save this one if I had had

some caffeine

this morning I would be awake now okay

if you say I would have been awake if

necessary I was not awake in the past

yes Krishna mania yes Thanksgiving is

only a holiday in the u.s. Amy welcome

Chris thank you

for that information yeah I knew it so I

was wondering if there's a kind of

Thanksgiving holiday here in France so

because you know I've been here in

France only for a year now so I really

have no idea at all about that

the hippie-dippie hello welcome to my

lecture hippie-dippie how are you keep

it deep here

how are you are in still positive PPD

p89 I'm good hippie dippie I'm alive

alert away enthusiastic

yeah hippie dippie this woke up oh you

just woke up oh my god maybe my voice

woke you up hippie dippie 89 right I

hope I didn't wake you up

uh-huh so yes does English teacher in

France is live right now but guys I'm

gonna ask you if English teacher in

France was alive today what would you do

everyone if English teacher and Franz

wasn't like today or if English teacher

in France weren't like today or right

now what would you do everyone what

would you do SHINee made nice mini

cymbidium on you when your desk teacher

does it mean you're you gave away roses

oh yeah guys oh by the way guys I love

the news this is very beautiful everyone

okay actually I didn't know how you call

it here but in Philippines we call it

orchid and the the pot the very cute pot

is red and you know red is a lucky color

but if you keep something red in the

house I heard it's a lucky color and

this this flower guys caught my

attention this morning when I went for

grocery so I just thought oh I would buy

that I

well I don't want to go home without

buying that so I bought this one today

guys and yes it's very beautiful and

very cute guys but even if I have this

it doesn't mean I have given up my

grossest my roses which are pink are

over there near my Lucky Charms over

there yeah so I haven't given up my pink

roses shining then make sure simplicity

pity photography said everyone else give

thanks gifts this year around I guess

nothing on that oh yeah I need your

simplicity photography but here in

France we don't really have that kind of

celebration but this is very popular in

the US

happy Thanksgiving Day to all the people

in the u.s. yes fans the teacher is so

loud whoa c'mon oh you didn't give me

your example everyone I told you if

teacher Kathy weren't alive right now

what would you do everyone he did you'd

be laughing a lot of know I've been

going to sleep at 3:00 to 4:00 in the

morning record of video so what do you

mean hippie-dippie you mean you mean you

went to sleep at 3:00 a.m. you went to

sleep at 3:00 a.m. me lucky color is

pink oh really you're lucky colors pink

lucky color is pink lucky lucky lucky

free the flowers yes I love it - no I

love it it's so fresh but guys it looks

like one flower here is about to fall oh

my god I'm so sad I don't know maybe

because when I couldn't put it together

with the grocery maybe it touched the

the other stuffs in the back so yeah one

flower is about to fall down

everyone fall down teachers hiding

behind the flowers

oh my god I'm sorry I'm being ridiculous

right now

all right well I think you can read buzz

I wouldn't miss the live stream uh-huh I

love that color Wow laughs a new kitty

bus striking the word color in British

Way wow you are really from the UK Gwen

yes color everyone this is actually the

British spelling color but for American

English you be right at this white color

see yes guys you see English British

English and American English they also

have some kind of differences when it

comes to spelling everyone for example Z

and s yeah something like that so some

differences yeah for example ter and tre

yes those are examples of differences

between American English and British

English yeah so nobody is giving an

example and nobody's asking a question

shiny man it's a matter of honour

uh-huh it's a matter of longer what are

you talking about shiny men huh what is

it's a matter of honour showing any meds

yeah mm-hmm

it's a matter of Honor

what do you mean shine amen so yes guys

the nice life streaming is just really a

Q&A in us so if you guys have questions

please don't hesitate to ask

and teachers just here willing to answer

any questions if you do have if you do

have I would do as my you know emphasis

and make it hmm stronger

Chinaman for British people to use our


do you have dreams dream the impossible



EPT p89 of course uh yeah hippie-dippie

everybody around the world I think has a

dream right how about you hippie dippie

what is your dream what was your dream

why are you were sleepy remember

everyone dream has two meanings okay

dream has two meanings so what are you

trying to say dream like ambition or

dreaming while sleeping yeah you need to

specify everyone yes sorry guys teacher

is laughing here Wow nature simplistic

beauty photography said now that you are

monetized how are you feeling about YT

is the assignment excitement still there

no more excitement at all nature

simplistic beauty photography the only

excitement I have nature simplistic

beauty photography is when I upload new

videos and when I read how can I say

good comments from my subscribers and

when I actually how can I say when I how

can I say when I meet new people look

you're gonna meet new people and they

are able to share something that is new

to me you know something that is

surprising or something that is unknown

to me you know yeah but they say

meant not much I am excited when I see

you guys when I'm like when I scheduled

my live streaming

there is a segment a little because I'm


Oh what's gonna be there at my live


yes guys does the excitement I had as a

where is collar makers channel yes yes

you pay selling this longer laughing out

loud yes but you know what guys in my

case I always met I always spell things

in English every my name in American

English not British English sorry

color makers channel was probably very

busy I have no idea that all fans Oh but

anyway big shout out to you call her

maker channel if indeed be 89 my dream

is to get married to a beautiful girl

and love her for the rest of my life oh

so sweet I wish you luck hippie dippie

alright so now I'm gonna ask a PPTP if

you find that girl beautiful girl okay

yes so romantic loli loli it's true so

he PDP I have a question okay

but this is not only for hippie dippie

this is for everyone who is who is

looking for their beautiful girl yes and

who is looking forward to spending the

rest of their lives with that beautiful

girl okay if you found that beautiful

girl of yours how would you show her

your love for the rest of your life come

on everyone give me your answers write

it in the chat room right now if you

found one

okay or shall I say if you find but this

is Doug magic

everyone so I would rather use you

family where you laughing out loud

things oh if you found that beautiful

girl how will just show her your love

for the rest of your lives

come on everyone if you DP come on write

a sentence if you keepin everyone in the

chat right now and everybody who is not

there in the chat but just watching come

on join us with this conversation Q&A

okay if you are a girl then do the


okay if you found that handsome okay

handsome man of yours how would you show

your love to him for the rest of your

life I also said I skip why scare fans

oh there's no skipping okay

there's no skipping of any answers fan

so you can skip broke times I was

keeping room okay loli I am a girl I'm

not looking for a girl hahaha

perfect sentence loli loli so romantic

but maybe you can think loli loli okay

if you were a I'm going to change the

question for you loli loli if you were a

man okay if you were a man how would you

show you love to a woman because you

know there are many ways and how to show

our love to people especially to the

opposite gender shiny men the most loved

the most loved you show the most

improvement the more I understand the

most loved you show ah the most loved

you show the more sample you might get

really I

so Neil Fallon during those family have

no welcome to my life story how are you

- line demon is romantic loeli loeli he

will write to you are Roman nature

simplistic duty photography okay I get

the impression that many feel similar

and you found land realist family has

given you the heart he petite the 89 I'm

just saying come on you could GP yes you

are just say but remember you are going

to practice tonight right team the

sentence you seen yes loli loli is

laughing come on no you know leave if

you were a man how would the show you

love to olden be sure what are you

talking about teacher oh my god teacher

guys look my hair guys fans a loli loli

and he got a romantic big house romantic

because really Wow

romantic so the house is romantic not


thanks ooh are you saying that loli loli

complete sentence do you see him come on

hit me deeply uh hippie-dippie easy make

her feel wanted in life uh huh so you

mean to say you you would make her feel

that she is wanted in life uh-huh so how

would you do that how would you actually

show that to her so maybe a lonely Lily

is trying to say I would treat her like

a queen

why can you give advice show your love

by staying in love through good time

in bad times I'll be on your side

forever I get teacher a singing teacher

is boys not good

sorry everyone my sincere apology

everyone nothing out luck make a habit

of appreciating every little thing even

things you don't like oh really so you

mean we have to appreciate things even

if we don't like those things like a new

commitments oh my god our topic is

suddenly about love use English grammar

nature simplistic beauty photography

women don't show love they receive it

that's the man's job

no I strongly disagree with that nature

simplistic beauty photography showing

love is for both sides okay it's not one

sight okay that's my opinion

okay I believe I believe yes I believe

everyone that showing love is not one

sight okay it should be both sides

showing the love mm-hmm yeah it's just

like white tea you know scientific

teacher don't steal your topics from

Mary flowering Vietnam no I've never

stolen anyone stopping shiny men this

topic is from PPTP he PDP's talking

about it spending his life spending his

the rest of his life with the beautiful

girl so the question is just really from

that hippie hippies hahaha leapin it is

that she will be a queen and when she

has problems I'll be there for her no

matter what

oh so romantic to hear that but you know

what everyone I hope actions speak

louder than words everyone you have to

remember that

we cannot just say oh I would blah blah

blah I would bla bla bla bla bla bla bla

bla but in action those things you

mentioned don't exist so yeah guys like

an you give it best yes because you

can't just love the good things in your

husband you have to love the whole thing

oh it's very true oh my god what is the

topic now the top is about a lot of come

on everyone stop talking about love

no need only know they are talking about

love yes maybe

looks like loeli loeli like Disney

Princess movies I mean the whole package

laughing out loud yeah course everyone

fans oh hey sensei did you just - did

you just take oh my god fans though you

studied that yesterday okay you have to

say did you just take fans oh alright

they just take blah blah blah okay


make sure simplistic beauty photography

later yes but in the beginning mainly

the man's job is to prove his love

that's the old-fashioned way yes yes yes

yes nature simplicity photography that

couldn't be right

the hippie teepee I think so yeah

actions always speak louder than words

everyone that's not the juice did you

just say my phrase out loud

what's your phrase fans oh I didn't say

and I didn't copy anybody's phrase fans

oh this phrases I mentioned our money I

have a book of phrases by so do you know



but right now I'm single

Oh single but not available Oh

what is the topic all about hey you're

supposed to ask questions huh but you

guys are talking about love now uh-huh

if it D be said but it depends on your

mindset yes it's true but sometimes the

mindset is different from the actions

well for me as a woman for me as a

teacher I rather choose to have actions

okay better than words words are nothing

if there's no action words are nothing

if there's no action that is zero

conditional okay thanks though we are

not at Mary flowers LS now guys yeah

because of hippie-dippie everyone our

visitor hippie-dippie brought up that

topic truly I will agree okay you have

to say I will agree with that all right

I will agree with that is the correct

sentence agree is followed by wins okay

and will she always have to use based

form everyone you can I say I will

agreed to that you have to say I will

agree with something but anyway if you

use agree you can also use too but you

say I agree to do that I agree to plus

verb agree with something all right

and so he'd be Dicky your shoe surname

is funny yes he's always funny you know

also his videos are quite interesting he

PDP 89 is also a greater everyone so

fancy or shiny man loli loli and life


Budds the I'm not craters our money is

also a crater this is great

uh-huh yes it's great our money you PDP

well it used to be my radio name oh

really you had a radio

Jenny Cornwall hello welcome to metal

x-ray my dear how are you gonna teach

you a little to all I'm so sorry for

being late

what did I have missed no you have to

say what did I miss

okay what did I miss or you can say what

have I missed

okay you can't use did and have together

because did is helping verb and have is

also helping fruit and miss is your main

verb so you can just use either did or

have so you say what did I miss

or what have I missed okay Jenny

Cornwall that is life okay

practice makes perfect well anyway

nobody's perfect but at least we can try

you know fans of shiny men are you

writing a book now maybe Chinaman is

writing a very long story right now

because I haven't seen any of his missed

messages in this network right now he

PDP yes I was EJ Oh mr. DJ and I

request if it did be you ready say all

that's wonderful to know that on a radio

show wow you should show us in one of

your videos how you do the DJ thing he

PDP 89 and that would be interesting

I don't know if you have a bloated one

but I haven't seen ya

Jenny Cornwall Thank You teacher that's

why I'm here to learn more you are very

welcome to any Cornwall I wanted to

become the host from Korea welcome I'm

gonna say all I wanna I'm gonna say

thank you for coming I run up TV welcome

to my livestream so yes guys Jenny

Cornwall actually tonight for those

people out there who are interested in

learning English so nice live-streaming

everyone is just really a Q&A about

English grammar or anything about

English that you are wondering about and

you are confused know about then you can

just ask everyone and teacher is here to

answer your questions if I can't answer

it yes I will answer it as much as I can

Simon are you sleeping right now oh yeah

shiny man the second box the second box

which which I showed you everyone in the

second box which I showed you actually

yeah then the sweet thing okay this one

this one the one I showed you yesterday

this one I have exactly the same as what

my brother's best friend brought before

yeah it's the same and too sweet yes I

am not so good at it but anyway I think

my daughter is gonna eat that but this

one I love this I love this one we do

not yeah Sean use the key where you have

say hello teacher hello hello

thank you so much for coming Charlene

big shout out to you welcome to the

stream yes I run a TV how are you Oh

everyone is silent no nobody's talking

now nobody is asking any question mm-hmm

it BD p89 do you remember your doing

something before you do it uh-huh

do you remember something do you

remember doing something before you do

it yes of course I remember I remember

shiny man yes fans oh I was trying to

remember the lyrics of say the word by

the Beatles but tea tree destructed me

Irana TV everyone is also a teacher in

ingria nice so we have another teacher

here I Arana TV is an English teacher in

Korea everyone I'm gonna say oh is it

hard to teach is it hard to teach

English there in France

I run a TV I would say yes it is hard

because kids it's hard for children to

understand English and as a teacher of

you're in France where people don't

really not all people speak English the

teacher also has to speak French while

teaching in a way from time to time not

all the time it's not really advisable

to use French during the lesson because

the class is English but sometimes you

can't help it everyone I can't help it I

can't help using English I'm using all

French while teaching it's kind of hard

I run a TV I run a TV you are a teacher

in now in Korea right am I correct

oh my god maybe I'm saying wrong thing

charlie is Vicky or us a kinda level oh

my dear how are you 13 people watching

right now PPTP like you remember some

but you did it before yeah so yes guys

now I have a question you don't have a

question to me teacher has a question -

what's the difference between remembers

to do and remember remember doing come

on guys what's the difference between

remember to do and remember doing anyone

I run a TV I have really seen here in


yeah it's so hard my dear I run a TV

that is the challenge mil so yes guys no

one remember to do and remember doing

what's the difference between the two

everyone what is the difference between

the opportunity to do and do we after

the word remember it's the same with

forget okay forget don't forget to

psyche meant to do in the future doing

knows how to do something

mmm-hmm not not really anyway

Jenny Cornwall way back in my high

school days when it comes to English

subject most of the scores I got okay I

got because you're talking about the

past okay I got not I've got okay when

you say I've got everyone you are

talking about you know it's connected

pass and now connected okay yeah but

you're talking about the past here in

your high school days you're not high

school anymore you're finished so you

have to say I got I got was 1 out of 10

when it comes to grammar

he hit me DP deep that's cool oh really

uh-huh while he PDP got level - oh wow

he PDP got level 2 right now he's busy

people if he got to level 2 of 2 from

booth to symbol today is the 30th of

November 20 1901 wants to answer it

what's the difference between remember

to do and remember doing even DP I had

to learn English again when I was okay

what'd you say when I was when I was 4

years old okay I had to learn English

again when I was 4 years old oh my god I

should write the complete sentence I had

to learn English again when I was 4

years old okay you have to say this and

remember everyone we are talking about

this subject or a language you need to

make first letter capital alright

capital letter okay should be one

all right each I Neiman delete his

message or my still shiny men's massager

I'm sorry um he'd be DP said but I'm

still bad at it Oh nobody's perfect TP


all you have to do is just a practice

he'd be he'd be in which country are you

from PPTP I actually thought you are in

the u.s. I can't remember you're from

Mexico oh I can't remember exactly he'd

be TP where are you from where are you

now I only you has but originally where

are you from mess originally where are

you we are you from 8bit DP 89 hmm I

mean I know us we did so English is your

mother tongue hippie-dippie 89 Jenny

Cornwall I can't answer the topic

because I don't know where to start yet

perfect sentence

uh-huh well because someone was saying

remember to do remember doing so I was

just wondering if you guys actually are

familiar with the difference between the

two between remember doing and remember

to do so until now nobody has answered I

think everyone in the chat right now are

thinking so

wait or sleeping so deeply which is

correct which is correct fans Oh

sleeping so deeply all fans is bad so

fans Oh has been sleeping right Antonia

Antonia I'm hello welcome to my life's

dream my dear how are you I did it um

what I miss

aha what did I miss benzo the teacher

was asking what is the difference

between the remember to do and remember

doing are you actually busy talking with

shiny men right now fans oh if it D p89

well when you hit your head on the

heater it messes up your speaking

abilities I have trouble spelling oh

yeah phaseolus me applause hello welcome

to my life through my beer be applause

how are you lonely know me remember to

do I think first and I do it okay that's

a great job

of course first you think and then you

do it very good

no me so yes that means to say this one

happens first okay and then you do the

thing okay if I see remember to lock the

door it means you remember and then you

lock the door all right well what about

remembered doing I'm great me of locks

don't remember remember to do remember

doing is else I'm her what are you

talking about thanks a lot and did it

now yeah I love this topic yes yeah I

hope you guys will be very willing to

ask questions anything about grammar or

English even if it's not grammar as long

as I know the answer I will be willing

to answer those questions of yours okay

that's what you should think first

before you do it but yeah that's it does

anyone will remember to do is the one

that you're planning to do and remember

doing is remember what you've done

normal nobody'll only remember doing I

did it and after I remember to do know

you did it and you remember doing it I'm

not to do anymore okay you did something

and you remember doing it for example

for example for example everyone

yesterday I'm gonna give the example

okay yesterday you called Kathy alright

okay yesterday you called Kathy so you

know now I'm gonna ask you what should

be the correct question okay to ask do

you remember to call Kathy or do you

remember calling Kathy which is correct

me as months old fancier great yes we

have lots what are you doing I think

it's very late now in your place right

now how is your internet neon vlogs

you'd be give me while I have to go

b-positive everyone and have a great day

yes you do get me did you have a good

one thank you so much for dropping by me

applause wow I love this topic clothes

thank you some loli room and remember

calling Cathy yes very good so you say I

remember calling Cathy so that means to

say remember doing everyone actually

means you did something first

okay and then you remember it

mm-hmm that's it fans a sense they asked

shy eight men Oh doing for a past action


so you remember something you did in the

past you say remember doing for example

I've visited Vietnam three years ago so

I can say I remember to visit Magnum or

I remember visiting Vietnam which is


confusing Antonette when you see

remember to do it means to say first you

remember and then you do something okay

but remember doing it means you did

something something or what he finished

something what you did and then you

remember it you remember what you did

okay that is the difference between the

two too early here host 9:30 p.m.

only oh I see I thought itself I thought

we are three out I mean we have three

hours difference three hour difference I

thought daddy things you are very

welcome Internet mm-hmm

shiny man okay okay my neck toes Oh your

neck is okay that's great to hear not so

do you guys understand so I've given you

a situation for example three years ago

I went to be

I've visited Vietnam for a business trip

trip trip trip business trip and I was

there to give a to give demo classes to

a big crowd of Vietnamese people yeah I

stay there for almost a week

so what are you gonna say in that

situation I remember visiting Vietnam

oh I remember to visit Vietnam Jenny

Cornwall I remember you while I'm

watching while I'm watching a movie okay

ah movie you have to use everyone before

and now especially if a noun is singular

countable noun alright let me just read

a little come to my wife's room mommy

Castro loeli loeli I remember visiting

Vietnam very good so easily so you have

to say I remember I remember the days

when you're here with me uh-huh I

remember visiting yeah okay I remember

visiting Vietnam it means to say this

already happened and then you remember

it guys keen Anthony host yes of course

teachers thought everyone is actually me

okay yes I remember the days when you

here with me those laughters and tears

forgive my voice

everyone just asked me to teach you

English but not singing okay don't ask

me to sing everyone because you will

have problem with your ears see here oh

my god no

there I'm not a singer I'm just a

teacher very good job loli loli the yes

guys this the difference between the two

I hope you guys are not gonna be

confused anymore

now I'm going to give you another

question because you're not asking so

how about the difference between stop

stop loss the verb ing and stop stop

Louis the tuber what's the difference

between the two can I raise this one

okay I hope you guys already understand

this one okay so another question

because many people ask this question

okay what is the difference between stop

to verb and stop verb ing what's the

difference between the two what's the

difference what's the difference

zenyk Cornwall I remember our high

school I wanted to sing I remember today

I remember our high school days while I

was looking to our photo together

ah you have to I think you should say I

remember I remember our high school high

school days while I am or I'm yes it's

the same anyway I'm looking at okay

remember guys when you use the verb look

it should be followed by act look at our

photos together rugged Zdenek worn well

on our photo together

no not on

cuz Luke should be followed by at look

at look at means you see okay

when you see on that miss on a surface

for example this is a this is a tumbler

so I put this phone on on the tumbler on

that means our face okay yeah come on ma

yeah stop worrying

shiny man what are you talking about

stop worrying about my voice yeah my can

you give it bus listening t-shirt I'm

who came dinner all this wonderful so my

guys what's the difference between stock

to room and stop ing loeli loeli says

stop - when you stop an action and do

another action ok

and stop verb ing what is the meaning I

told you teacher my grammar is crap no

problems any side a minute

shiny min and everyone everyone they

when it's right guys this is a second

pack guys I'm gonna eat again I told you

to failfish co-vice how is it different

from stuff to do oh my god

now remember everyone there's actually

when you use the verb Luke okay let's

have a look at here when you use the

verb look well there are different

purpose there are different prepositions

which you can use this is what we call

the phrasal verbs okay now when you say

look at that means you see but you also

have blue for and you also have look

after so you have these three phrasal

verbs you see schleimann phrasal verbs

no you'd only stop doing you stop

temporarily okay you have to say stop

stop temporarily temporarily stop

temporarily or stop temporary and action

you stop temporarily you have to use

adverb because stuff is group to adverb

temporarily and action to do another

action and after you continue the first

action stop doing it missus stop

temporary action and action to do

another action and after you continue

the first action yet that's right loeli

loeli so remember everyone you say stop

doing for example for example now I am

talking okay so I stopped talking okay

it means to say this has been happening

okay this has been happening now I am

talking everyone I am talking no new

what's gonna happen I am talking now but

look at me

I stopped talking

you see I stopped talking yes I stopped

talking because I was listening to you

guys yeah but can you say stop to do it

me say for example right now I am

talking alright hmm so I stopped to

drink it means I stopped one action to

do another action you see so he'll stay

here stop to drink it means to say I

stopped something because I want to

drink so you stopped to do it means you

stop something else because you want to

do another thing

alright yes ARC's captain is beaming oh

what's the meeting hello art art Stanton

and welcome to the live stream what is

the meaning of be I see whoa okay what's

the meaning oh my god I think I saw

someone I think there was a student

before oh my god I missed the student I

think there was a student who was here a

while ago I can't even remember I think

a student was here yeah we cool Napoleon

will have lunch oh my god Nico Saint

Nick una película oh my god I missed his

message Nicola bunju he's not here


I'm sorry guys I missed some of the

messages shiny men not gonna happen just

bought 400 grams amen mental oh hello

verse 8 in America welcome to the life

Aradia dear nurse ate in america

Londoner state in America you are no

like big boy but big enough you ever

know you have to say you know you know

you know in English we just say big boy

big boy

all right no I know Dean yes it's not

you it's not you who is loading I know I

misspelled ah big boy you mean big boy

ah big big boy you mean big boy uh-huh

are you loading ma'am or I am the one

who's loading I'm not loaded maybe you

your internet internet internet our

Hollywood home be pronounced renamed arm

or arch should be our right arch Stanton

I think you're from the US I'm not so


why does I don't understand what you're

saying I hope you guys can use English

in the chat because oh my god I dropped

it because I don't understand other

languages except English for female and

French a little okay but other languages

I can't understand I'm so sorry well I

drop the thing I'm sorry guys excuse me

recovered arch that time I do not to

pronounce your name arch I have no idea

at all or I can't understand exactly

what you are asking because the words

there that you've written are not

familiar to me so if you actually write

the words in English I would be able to

enter your question okay

arch where are you from are you from the

US or from another place yes yes let's

eat they just almost make sure

simplistic beauty photography are you

exacting nature simplistic beauty

photography I think I think you are very

near now near to they the real like the

world the real real near to the reality

of being a white tea creature oh now

we're just talking now come on everyone

let's go eat real white girl laughing

out loud yes real whitey world I think

nature simplistic beauty photography is

near to the real whitey world what is

this question shiny midnight dice let's

eat guys I'm actually eating right now

you can see the peanut over here oh my

gosh very delicious wish I can't talk

the way you talk teacher all remember

everyone by the way guys when you use

switch every

you have to use wish and then subject

subject and then pass simple verb okay

so wish subject pass simple word this is

similar to if when you do a skip okay

it uses the same pattern with if you can

say well yes I need men you say I wish I

could speak or I could talk the weight

of trotty yes okay I wish I could I wish

I could talk the way you do yeah I wish

I could talk the way you do it means oh

my god the spelling of talk

it means you regret that you can't talk

the way I do all right so when you

regret something at present okay

you regret a present situation because

we used to wish everyone to express

regret okay when you express or when you

express sorry when you express regret

about the present situation you can use

wish subject pass simple but when you

when you when you express a regret about

the past situation then you can use wish

+ subject + 10 PP hmm

for example I didn't go live yesterday

so I earned nothing so I can say

oh I wish I had gone life mm-hmm

I wish I had gone live it means I didn't

go live and I regret that okay Internet

and what is the difference between Ken

and good I can't remember anymore ken is

a present form good is the past form

alright yeah so Ken it good we use this

when you talk about possible

ability and many other things okay yeah

but the commonly abused can include when

you're talking about possibility all

right stability and ability yeah you're

not the one in and untie your needles

yes guys so anyway because you are

expressing right now no you say well I

can't speak like her and you regret this

situation so you say I wish I could

speak like her okay yeah you understand

but for example yesterday Kathy invited

you to go Linda penile the join of the

panel offensive Kathy invited you but

you did not you did not join the panel

okay so Kathy was angry Oh Kathy was

angry so you say oh I wish I had joined

the panel yesterday I wish I had joined

the panel yesterday happy because you

expressed regret about the past

situation that a shiny man will be out

of cheese Torah so he will be a moody

student just got back panel yes fans of

panel fans oh do you guys understand I

hope so

how about these guys is the difference

between the three phrasal verbs everyone

look at look for and look after no 400

grumps I got oh really I have here guys

oh this is the last pack everyone it's

very good you know this one I showed

this yesterday night

very delicious guys that's what I'm

eating right so I only show up at the

sky panel on on skype okay on skype

shiny man there's nothing for you

laughing at one


so yeah guys we only have 13 minutes

more before the show ends okay I'm so

sensei shiny man I can send you some

laughing out loud

all cheese really tastes good yes very

good friends Oh excellent but this one

no I didn't try it yet because I think

it's really the same with the one my

husband's best friend brought but I'm

gonna I'm gonna try it maybe tomorrow

yeah it looks like exactly the same yeah

and hey there's a wait here okay there's

oil here made me you see it's only so

I'm gonna check this tomorrow how it is

there's a finally I see you oh thank you

so much nurse aide in America can I have

a spare shop close to my place open on

Sunday because on things fine even

Sunday stocks are closed you know I'm a

genuine bacteria's happy oh yes Jan I'm

happy because you guys are here

and it's a story about a love you

finding man hello Jennifer nice I'm

eating here you guys no questions


everyone what did you have for dinner no

problem first aid in America what did

you have for dinner hi guys Tina and me

I got goose - I got used to it ah you

say I am used to calling you p9 and ok

or I am used to it or I got use to it

but as well we all know what shiny man

had for dinner only cheese this

impossible offends Oh avocado all really

all this very healthy or I love avocado

guys uh-huh you are very welcome

I'm Jennifer a Buddhist I actually have

a video using using a canoes to get used

to and be used to always - ok no other

preposition that's a shiny man I don't

believe you laughing out loud teacher is

just eating no this is eating live

streaming netic human aid that's what

the difference between the three phrasal

verbs everyone Jenny Cornwall I have to

stop watching enjoy

the question-and-answer because I have

to stop and cook for our dinner

yeah it's very good sentence Jenny

formal I have to stop watching and join

the question I have to stop watching and

joining okay I have to stop what she IMG

and IMG I have to stop what she and

joining the question-and-answer because

I have just no more I have to stop

because I have to cook for our dinner


I have to I have to stop what shame and

joining oh my god will happen here I

have to stop watching and and joining

because I have to cook for our dinner

okay you have to say that Union

hello let me Castro Genevieve and Lear

blog thanks so much for tuning in with

us shiny man look at a picture where is

that wait a second because have a

problem with my keyword here

shine Amen said look at a picture look

for my phone and look after Chloe very

good yes it's a great example of shiny

man Oh what's the difference what's the

meaning when you say look at what's the

meaning when you say look for and look

after life you came I'm making two 9s

sense also just oh my god setting him


I don't know yet what I'm gonna cook but

I'm gonna cook pork I don't know I know

yes that I'm beautiful pork chops


it's like pork steak uh-huh

listen oh my god if you guys let me eat

this I will finish one within less than

hour you know about this oh I really

like me at your house no I will invite

myself okay

oh nice orchid over there aware ease

where are the roses now where are the

roses no the roses are over there near

my lucky charms

okay lighter nuclei will invite me

myself no I will invite myself remember

everyone we need to use the reflexive

pronoun if the subject and the object

are the same it means the subject does

the action to himself/herself okay

themselves Wow yummy yes Jenny offense

Jenny you Oh yummy like a new Keep Calm

you are welcome Penn so the teacher you

are eating all this yes teacher you

eating all that stuff now no you are

eating you are eating yes I am eating

but I haven't finished okay I have been

eating since yesterday nice flower pot

picture above the orchid nice flower pot

picture above the orchid ah there yeah

it's a kettle you know it's very

beautiful everyone I think I have shown

you in one of my videos one of my

subscribers actually sent me that

Christmas card there's a message at the

with that and I just love the color

because the flowers are pink so I

decided to put it there at the mall

yeah I mean you can hope your fridge is

full of yes does does relief that no

need only look for the search for

something or someone very good

what about look after I know look at

this very common to you guys look at

this very common

well many of the people are thinking

what's the difference between before and


it's a good job loli loli look for means

to search for something or someone

for example oh my god where's my phone I

can't find my phone so now I am looking

for my fellow look for I am searching

okay no searching for the prints we

searching for the fridge we looking for

the print the prince who is looking for

the Prince of benzo join amen

look for and what are different okay as

what the little is that look for means

search or find okay it's not what look

for searching mm-hmm sorry typo mm-hmm

yeah and then after oh yeah

look after it means watch mmm not really

no shiny men


mmm very good only Louis look after bees

take care o take your on something or


okay wait up shiny men only excuses

anima sorry does your teacher it keeps

much in here

lowly I said look after lonely before


but the meeting is not what what about

look at look at me

can you see anything on my face look at

me I'm looking for my phone please look

after my life three meters

yeah guys look at me I'm looking for my

phone can you look after my life

screaming for a while but just like a

man is searching for more cheese

yeah shiny miss looking for more cheese

yes very good job little bit Elina look

at everyone

this means watch or see all right that

is the meaning of look I hope you guys

understand the difference exactly

perfectly but anyway but why do we got

his congratulations do our word shadow

our English the screen Francis channel

we have reached 2k and more subscribers

okay nobody is really talking now should

I even want to sleep I think what this

signal has gone to sleep

shiny many skipping all right no more

questions everyone yeah in a way we have

plenty three minutes now okay so I hope

you guys the real questions if you like

this laughs screaming while teacher is

eating please don't forget to hit that

hit that thumbs up there I mean like

what's in there yeah like it's almost

everyone okay

now the challenge is thanks to the

ceramic saucer chest pain at you'll be

to send it to your sensei oh I really

surround a sausage I didn't know that

shine even Jen I need myself when I

write fun so you will love it reading

because I'm not very of anything yes I

like sausage but here in France I have

seen a lot of sausages which are hard

you know and I'm not very good at eating

them yeah so I'm not sure what sausage

are you trying to say fans oh but yeah I

think I have tried it or not anyway

would it be done I would eat

half them I would eat top I can't eaten

half of this join him in what he said

Jennifer is not skipping his cheese yeah

guys thank you so much everyone for

coming to my livestream tonight if you

guys have questions please don't


because you know this is a Q & A with

English teacher and friends about

English grammar yes guys English lesson


very good teacher is disgusting right

she dropped the food but this one guys

you can't stop it it really jumps when

you bite come on shiny mature out

laughing out loud it's okay guys

okay just anyways healthy mmm but I

think not all right

Shannon said before I was depressed when

I wrote books here now I'm depressed for

short sentences full of typos or nuns

that Chinaman is normal in life we can

reach the stage of having this kind of

you know Commission it is normal we are

not always perfect we can make mistakes

everyone okay English teacher in France

is teaching while teaching while eating

teacher was a connection what are

talking about so yes guys always

remember nobody's perfect and if someone

is perfect we can be perfect at some

time but not all the time okay there is

always a movement in our life oh my god

are you a life teacher or something yeah

there's always a moment in our life that

we are you know we we don't I mean we

don't do good we don't do well a little

Jennifer yes be true not all some are

very salty yeah by society men don't

worry I write a lot of nonsense here

Buffy a lot oh now you're calling me

coach not teacher anymore so yes guys we

only have 810 minutes more I want to end

the stream now if you guys don't ask me

questions then we're gonna have the

stream like you gave advice but I like

the fresh sausage like the ones with

apple on it

what sausage with apple on it

I don't think it's possible does it


Jennifer abalos yes you are right

teacher nobody's perfect

Oh perfect sentence get ugly speedy well

I agree nobody's perfect

exact perfectible alone my former

schoolmate oh my gosh ah perfecto it's

not a name is interesting huh

I thought is this perfecto it's okay

Filipino but perfecto Oh sounds like not

real you know like in UK that sausage

doesn't exist here okay

that sausage doesn't exist here Oh where

does it exist are you familiar with that

sausage everyone is it from Spain as

well live in UK where is it from

let me okay that sausage doesn't okay

doesn't pan so doesn't because sausage

is similar oh it's the only fine so they

call it Cumberland sausage oh really

never try that apple sausage yes Apple

I'm wondering wondering how about orange

sausage we put orange on top of the

sausage is okay or orange head guys

feature is being traditional like you

can follow you home we got fish and

chips laughing a lot shiny mail isn't

that big black sausage we call Budin wah

in France I don't know what it is those

days sugar hello welcome to my life

Cerritos fiction very nice voice

intonation and pronunciation

pronunciation everyone you spell it this

way pronunciation and pronunciation host

English teacher in France thank you so

much everyone and toasted sugar I think

you can read bus apples give a sweet

taste just little hint of sweetness Oh

does it

I've never tried it and and I've even I

haven't heard such kind of sausage shiny

make some people cook it with apples on

it ah so the stuff is yuku sausage alone

and you put apples on it nothis is that

you bought that there's already apple in

it right I go I thank you boots what


Oh like when you kick up level two okay

so he could give me the level to live in

UK gut level - Wow we'll get another

level so far the highest level from

Buddhism ways to guys but the sumo is

very easy today huh dosage to our

pronunciation rather no problem toasted

sugar where are you from toasted sugar

get away Sweden well roasted pork and

apple sauce goes very well oh my god

sorry I'm hungry

I'm going to cook pork steak tonight

everyone because it's easy to cook you

know like a ok it's produced here in

it's produced here in UK oh thanks oh

don't with the similar doesn't like me

anymore okay as though but this single

doesn't like me anymore because this

thing way singular so you have to say

doesn't I am for film beautiful toasted

sugar good evening

okay I think your I Philippians and is

very linked right now in Philippines

toasted sugar buns Oh IRA getaways along

Pacific Apple at noon case they're up

you or really I write to

much nonsense no I'm wrong I think

there's no apple with Cumberland nothing

outlet don't see sugar I am an education

student what so yeah

you are a student stairwell what level

are you now a university toasted sugar

and what is your major like an you kid

was yes I know there are apples no

sausage with apples on it already

teacher oh sorry

I understood that way all of those

issues where your English major that's

great where are you in Philippines

well my major was also here's your

fourth year why you're almost about to

graduate that's great

toasted sugar Sara where are you in

Philippines toasted sugar so toasted

sugar guys is an education student she

or he yeah he is the fourth year

education student Wow you've got a great

Channel high spoken word poetry by

toasted sugar Wow interesting love is a

choice to stay and wait it means it made

her to break break okay not grapes

it made her to break you weaken your

knees but it could also be your healing

the one that makes you whole gives you

strength and color colors your world


good job toasty to her interesting

gentleman this grape you are very young

but you have started vlogging so

features Bob is there with you now

toasted sugar depression is no face he

loves me he loves me who was not

I'm going to read spoken poetry everyone

okay I wish I could share to a spoken

poetry by toasted sugar okay

yes guys listen and there are some

Corrections I want to make haha teacher

no correction teacher yes hi can I speak

with you for a moment I know you are

busy and I understand that I know you're

busy and understand that it feels like

strange but I really need to talk to you

Oh sad you are aware that I love you but

there is something I need you to know

and then you are free to go all i entice

every moment that I look at your eyes oh

my gosh and those beautiful and alluring

smiles no why tasted better than your

softer ruby lips oh my god

that keeps me drunk every time we kissed

oh this is very romantic huh your voice

sounds like an acoustic autumn that

serves as lullabies as I sleep at shoe

blossom oh the scent of your marshmallow

perfume in the air tastes like mild

vanilla cake the way I smell

but the reality woke me up and for this

reason I will ask for a favor

what is it please don't call me again

when you are broken oh so sad when you

lose another argument and you just need

a companion

man and it just can't resist your

temptations oh my god I can't do that

but I don't want illicit relationships

and be a secondary option yes romance is

fun and it's worth the night oh my god

but I wanted something that lasts for

the rest of my life

I don't need your buddy I need your

heart oh yes I agree I will still be

here until you are ready to let go of

the lust and start a real love story

mm-hmm hi-yah Oh B ba sorry guys for

advertisement so say sugar thank you so

much for that wonderful point of yours

and welcome to educators Pharrell very

soon you will be one of those educators

especially teaching English you know

don't station where Thank You host I

need a lot of improvements yet - yes

Faxon what's going on I just got back

fans of you missed one half of your life

fans Oh does this sugar it sounds better

it sounds better when you read it better

than mine I love it okay it sounds

better if a single Arce's sound should

have s it sounds better when you read

it's better than wine sounds cheers now

letting us get away speaking about I

don't need you buddy but your hard

si Corazon Yulan yes some fish sugar

that's it very good point of taste oh

sit sugar with just a few grammar

mistakes but anyway points you know it's

an art when you're right a point is an

art not to follow correct grammar so in

in writing a point it is acceptable to

actually you know not follow the grammar

rules I'm sorry guys

excuse me guys if you

- screaming and my papa bouba discussion

a dancer please hit that like button

below but why don't you get please tell

me about food I like that topic oh my


don't stay to wear but sleepy now but I

will finish your live stream no problem

so sixth or you can just leave it's

already late in Philippines and I only

have 7 minutes right now and the show is

going to end

yeah interesting hot roasted sugar now I

am curious about your contents here okay

let's read another depression did you

make this alone was that toasted sugar

get to make all these points by yourself

or you got them from someone's point I

love your channel thank you so much

toasted sugar we do make this points by

yourself or YouTube some lines meter

from someone else's points depression

has no face spoken word poetry by

toasted sugar I wrote it myself okay

that's interesting huh so guys this

point is about depression depression has

no face so now teacher is having

listening activity for you guys if you

guys are interested to listen or

interested in listening you can do that

the thread depression has no face there

are times I feel empty those moments is

seen before oh my god in this reality

called Theatre of the fools when I serve

as an actor in my own fake robe no see

me smile and everything seems fine

I may look strong but I'm decaying rust

inside oh my god there

loud voices in my head that keeps me

awake at night

I may look happy in day but I'm feeling

half alive oh my console

I speak jewelry and you hear my

laughters behind those secret tears I am

tired oh I'm so tired everyone yes I'm

alright nothing to worry about I can

still function but I'm wounded deep down

Oh said those masks I wear every day

just to hide battles

I fought myself they are made of glass

fragments that slowly breaking and it

hurts see I have vulnerable soul and

heart filled with no holds no frozen

heart but I never tell the world

nevertheless show those achievements you

see were weights of pressures to me

thank you and see you think it's not

much loaded only see you again have a

good evening

have a good evening loli loli where are

we now I just wake up one day that just

wanted to be freely I lost my passion

over everything it is more than mental

exhaust meant there is an emotional

drought behind my lecturers and sadness

at the back of my heart is emptiness I

never told you you never know but my

life is just a show everything may look

okay like a sunshine in the rain

but you only see the star face because

the oppression has no face sorry guys

she sure is enjoying here oh do you

think about that point everyone i also

composed songs i wrote it but it's oh

that's great come on fatso dinner is


laughing out loud oh I want to eat now

Chinaman boss money nobody no yes Monty

Monty booty you channel has an

educational niche I love your channel


oh thank you so much toasted sure if

you're interested you can actually join

my live streaming I go live almost every

day yeah most of the times every day

yeah I go live in a goal i but I

actually have English lessons at my live

streaming's if you're interested you are

very welcome okay

yes guys we only have one minute and 17

seconds 170 seconds no 20 seconds okay

yes guys and once again this is English

teacher in France thank you so much for

tuning in everyone and if you're new to

my channel don't forget to subscribe and

click that Bell button below to get more

updates about my channel everyone and if

you guys have questions you are just shy

to ask here at my life screaming please

don't hesitate to comment below and ask

questions okay

and I will be willing to answer those

questions of your especially about

English grammar or English yes my fans

though I know you have been wanting to

leave fans oh have a wonderful evening

and dinner fans Oh toasted sugar Thank

You host did not like you are very

welcome toasted sugar so yes guys that's

it guys

there was weed well fans await they give

each other back everyone have a nice


Oh shiny but also must believe yes guys

thank you so much everyone have a

wonderful morning afternoon evening

everyone around the room by by this a

single sister from France say bye bye

bye guys by nature simplistic mini

photography by mr. DJ yes