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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ENGLISH in your EAR / LIVE Lesson / In The Garden / 27th March 2019 / Mr Duncan in England

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oh hello there hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today

are you okay I hope so are you super duper happy are you as happy as I feel I

really hope so I looked out the window this morning and I saw all the wildlife

having a good time the birds were singing the squirrels were running

around grabbing their nuts and I thought to myself I don't think that the

creatures in my garden should be having all the fun so I decided to come outside

as well it is a very strange day today lots of things happening around me

including the pilot flying above my head right now

also the birds are singing outside it's a beautiful spring day the Sun comes out

now and again and then it goes back in as it hides behind the clouds so it's a

mixed day today a very mixed day as far as the weather is concerned anyway hi

I'm so happy that you can join me today in my little garden I'm in the garden as

you can see the daffodils are out the Heather is in bloom and also just above

my head you can see also there is blossom on the damson tree so everything

is looking very spring-like at the moment

lots of people already on the live chat I do appreciate you giving your time to

me I have had such a busy week something that I forgot to mention on Sunday is

that mr. Steve is taking a holiday a break from work next week so we are

going to be off together next week so I'm really looking forward to that so

we're having a super week even though the weather forecast for next week is

cloud cold weather and rain and maybe even a little bit of snow as

well so that's mr. Steve having his holiday next week so we're having a

little break although we will be here don't worry we'll be here on Sunday and

also the following Sunday but we might nothing official

at the moment we might do a special livestream next Wednesday in the garden

it all depends on what we are doing so we are having a little break but don't

worry we will still be here on the livestream let's have a look at the live

chat shall we now today I've become rather prepared

today I've got everything set up really nicely so my phone is set up in front of

me so I can look at the live chat very easily isn't that nice I really do love

modern technology so I wonder who was first on the live chat where so many

people are here thank you to Guadalupe hello to you all so full distraction

English Channel oh hello to you good morning from Brazil I found the channel

a pleasure it is a pleasure to meet all of you thank you very much that's very

nice I know I have a lot of teachers watching my English lessons which might

sound a little strange but when you consider that I've been on YouTube for

almost 13 years doing this you can imagine why a lot of teachers might

watch my English lessons they might be wondering how I've managed to do this

for so many years but it is true I have been on YouTube for a very long time how

is the lovely town of Much Wenlock it is okay today it's not too bad it's a

little cold it's not freezing cold but it is chilly there is a cold wind in the

air and now and again the CERN does come out you may notice the Sun will

occasionally come out and shine on my big face hello

from Amane the pink MSP says do you remember me mr. Duncan do I remember you

from where from where are you talking about this used to happen to me a lot in

China people would come up to me in the street and say hello mr. Duncan do you

remember me and I would have no idea who that person

was so when I said no I don't remember you they would look very disappointed

and then they would say oh I met you two years ago how am I supposed to remember

that I can just about remember what I did yesterday so lots of people on the

live chat let's have a look at some of the older messages I love these

spontaneous live streams Thank You Guadalupe I have nothing prepared I am

just standing here on my own in the garden surrounded by birds but I have

nothing prepared so this is spontaneous so everything that happens over the next

40 50 minutes is completely spontaneous

Ashwin is here hello Ashwin apparently your garden is like a desert at the

moment well we don't have deserts here in the UK him act asks hello mr. Duncan

or says nice to see you again the view behind you is so beautiful have a nice

day thank you very much for that a lot of people just popping on to say hello

that's okay if you just want to say hi it's fine by me no problem

hello dear mr. Duncan from a good games World of Tanks I believe you are a gamer

hello I am from Russia in Siberia and you are great thank you very much for

that Suda says best wishes mr. Duncan I'm

doing my 80 course please help me regarding English using a hospital

setting it would be very helpful if you could help me well between you and me I

don't like hospitals very much I've been in hospital maybe three times for

various reasons nothing serious but I have been in hospital but I

suppose if you are talking about medical things then that is a specialist subject

I'm not a doctor I'm not a nurse but maybe you are talking about words and

expressions connected to being a patient so if you have to go to hospital for

treatment maybe there are words you could use for that for example if you

have to go to hospital if you are admitted to hospital

that means the patient who goes there the person who goes to the hospital is

kicked in the hospital normally overnight so quite often if you go to

hospital and you are feeling unwell maybe you have some pains or some aches

or maybe something is wrong with you and you feel worried about it you might go

to hospital and if they think that they need to look at you more carefully or

closely they will admit you admit so that means they keep you in the hospital

overnight quite often for observation fest idioms

again says hello mr. Duncan just a Chinese sound for you to remember me how

oh yes I remember Niihau yes it means hello in Chinese hello mr. Duncan from

Vietnam the atmosphere is very good there are birds all around me there are

Robins there is a pigeon behind me there are lots of small birds flying over my

head and I'm sure we're watching me there is a pheasant

yes every day a pheasant comes into my garden and has a little walk around but

the strange thing is yesterday I was watching the pheasant in my garden and

he kept coming up to one of the big windows and he was very distracted by

his own reflection so the pheasant was looking at his own

reflection in the glass and he kept trying to attack it so he was getting

very upset because he thought his reflection was another pheasant but it

wasn't it was his own reflection but he was getting very angry so that that

amused me yesterday i sat in my dining room watching this pheasant attacking

its own shadow oh let's have a look I love your amazing voice Thank You Emma

I'm glad you liked it and I hope you can understand me

Amanda says can we say both before the week is up well before the week is out

yes you can say either of those things before the week comes to an end before

the week ends before the week is over before the week is out

hello mr. Duncan I'm from Algeria good job thank you very

much for that yes I have been in hospital about three times when I was a

teenager something very strange happened to me I don't know if you've ever heard

of this but one day I was coming home I had been helped I've been out with some

of my friends and I was coming home and suddenly I got this terrible pain in my

chest really really terrible pain and I thought I was having a heart attack but

of course that was impossible because I was only a teenager at the time but I

had this terrible pain in my chest and I couldn't breathe I found it very

difficult to to get air into my lungs so I got all the way home

but I was in agony I was in so much pain I couldn't breathe I thought I was going

to die and I knocked on the door I couldn't even get the key into the

keyhole I was so weak and my mother opened the door and she says what's

wrong what's happened she thought something had happened to me but nothing

serious had happened what it actually happened as it turned out after I went

to the hospital because there was nothing else I could do really but go to

a hospital because obviously it wasn't right so I went to hospital and they did

some tests and they found out that one of my lungs had collapsed very strange

so I actually had a collapsed lung something called a pneumothorax

pneumothorax that is the medical term so one of my lungs actually collapsed there

was a little air hole in the lining of the lung which caused the lung to

collapse so very painful very unpleasant so I spent about 3 days in hospital and

after three days I felt much better so the whole thing healed itself all I had

to do was stay still so that that was a very unpleasant experience and it

happened twice twice it happened twice but I was only very young at the time I

was about maybe 17 or 18 years old and it was very distressing

hello mr. Duncan from Brazil there is a beautiful tree with flowers behind you

yes above my head you can see some blossom so there is blossom on the tree

that is a damson tree so there you can see the damson tree behind me there are

some daffodils and the pink flower that you can see the pink

flower is Heather Heather yes it's very weird that your lung

collapsed well apparently certain people are susceptible there's an interesting

word susceptible if you are susceptible to something it means that you are at

risk of something occurring you are susceptible you are thrown to getting

something so apparently if you are very slim and tall apparently quite often you

can have a collapsed lung no one knows why but I didn't like that at all

no I'm much healthier now you'll be pleased to hear mr. Duncan I can hear

the birds singing yes they are very excited I think they are excited because

you are here with me live I think so hello mr. Duncan did you plant all the

flowers there yourself no a lot of these flowers were here when I moved here so

the previous owner of the house planted most of these flowers and plants and the

tree behind me just above my head every year we get lots of delicious fruit from

that particular tree mr. Duncan my wonderful teacher you are by the way I

live in Kurdistan it is lovely here oh hello to Kurdistan I was admitted to

hospital when I was three years old because I got saw tonsils yes the small

things at the back of your your throat tonsils quite a lot of people have them

removed normally when they're young so quite

often your tonsils at the back of your throat can become infected and they

become inflamed they become sore and painful and so you have to have them

removed however I have never had my tonsils removed I still have both of my

tonsils in my mouth hello mr. Duncan can you

tell me your best life experience I've had many experiences in my long life so

I suppose I suppose one experience that I really enjoyed was the one that I

mentioned earlier working in China living in China so that was a great

experience so yes I think working in China experiencing a different culture

getting involved in a very different situation as far as living in a

different country trying to learn a different language so yes I would say

that probably one of my biggest life experiences was working living

experiencing China I think so mr. Duncan it was raining here in Fortaleza there

were some noisy there was there was some noisy thunder not were there was some

noisy thunder I really miss you I'm a big fan from Thailand thank you David

David dream it dream it too thank you very much I like your name by the way

the tonsils can be reduced by consuming advic our dough oh thank you ts and

welcome welcome to my little garden in England so my tonsils have never been

removed in fact I've never had anything anything removed from my body that's all

I'm saying did you like the Chinese food

Ashwin yes I did I used to love eating Chinese food in China because that's the

birthplace of a lot of the Chinese food so yes I used to eat a lot of food have

you ever been to India No nay ha GOG no I've never been to India

it's a very fascinating place mr. Duncan what is the opposite of admission to the

hospital the opposite is discharged so if you are admitted that means you you

go into the hospital to stay and then afterwards they discharge you so you

discharge the patient that means you let them go home so that's the opposite I

hope that was helpful so admit in to hospital discharge from hospital

apparently in the Ukraine in Ukraine it is snowing Wow very different very

different from here it's sunny it's it's not too warm and it's not too cold it's

bearable did you eat any insects no I didn't I didn't eat any insects in China

having said that I did eat some unusual food but not insects hello sir I read

that the English sometimes I read and sometimes I listen to English but until

now I can't speak English what is your advice

hello 71 walid well it really depends on how you do it how often you practice

English so if you only practice once a week it will take longer to get used to

listening or speaking one of the big problems of course is many people have

no one to practice with because you might live in a place where there are

very few people who use English so that is a big problem but one of my tips for

improving your English is to learn maybe four or five new words every day

so try to remember them try to get them to stay in your brain listen to English

make English a part of your life so just as you would sit down to have your lunch

or your supper or your breakfast maybe somewhere during the day you can also

practice your English so make it a part of your life how old are you mr. Duncan

well there's one thing I'm pretty sure of I'm older than you definitely I think

I'm definitely older than you Thank You Sudha for that it's a very personal

question should never ask an English man how old he is

hello mr. Duncan nice garden I'm writing to you from Saudi Arabia I would like

you to visitors thank you honey for your kind invitation it's really hot

here in Thailand I'm sure it is now I've been to a country very close to Thailand

Malaysia I've been there many times and I know for a fact that in Malaysia it is

always hot the average temperature is around 33 degrees oh okay today we have

learned to admit into hospital and discharge from hospital oh okay

do you mean I have taught you that thank you very much I'm glad my information

has been useful thank you very much for your tips thank you 71 Waleed you are

more than welcome don't forget I am here every week on Sunday you can watch me

live for two hours every Sunday with my English in your ear every Sunday so

today you are watching something live and unusual because normally I don't do

livestream during the week hello to Lilia

hello Lilia some people like to make sick notes with English words on the

toilet door and then later check on them every time they are in there oh really

I've never heard of that before so some students go into the toilet and

they write the English words on the wall okay then yes we do something very

similar here in England but but most of the time though those are phone numbers

for various reasons you are the best English teacher ever I'm sorry to say

that I have to go to work now Guadalupe don't worry if you have to go to work if

you have to leave that's okay no problem you can join me later on you can watch

the live stream again later when you return back from your job what do people

mean when they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away thank you Chris it is an

expression that means if you take care of yourself then you won't or you you

you will avoid becoming unwell or sick so maybe an apple a day something

healthy so I think in that sense it is used as as a euphemism for staying

healthy so if you do something healthy if you get into the habit of doing

healthy things every day then you will avoid having to go to the doctor's an

apple a day keeps the doctor away I like it

hello mr. Duncan my best teacher oh hello Gabriel Gabriel or gibreel

faddle that's very nice thank you very much Tina asks what is your next trip

plan well if you are a regular viewer you will know that mr. Steve has had a

very successful year in his job he has Believe It or Not picked up two awards

so he's been nominated and won two awards and can you guess what

the prizes are for those awards free holidays so Steve has actually won two

holidays not only that but he's taking me with him on those holidays so yes we

do have a little bit of traveling planned for this year but I'm not going

to tell you where those places are because I want them to be a surprise

okay so that's all I'm saying for now but yes we will be we will be taking two

trips this year but I'm not saying we're just yet I want to keep them a secret a

little bit longer hi me and my son are of 14 months old are watching you own a

Jew in villa hello I believe you are watching in Vietnam at the moment Driss

says lucky you you are so lucky mr. Duncan you have won two holidays well I

haven't won them mr. steve has for all of his his hard work last year he was

working very hard last year Amanda asks do you ever use the phrasal verb drop

out I heard it today from an American if you if you drop out of something it

means you give up or you quit quite often used in in education so if a

person goes to university and they don't they don't get to the end of the course

they finish University before they graduate we say that they drop out they

are a dropout so the phrase dropout can be used as a verb and also an adjective

so you can describe a person as a dropout they quit before they got to the

end of something so a dropout you can be a social dropout you can be a

person who has nothing to do with other people maybe you stay in your house all

the time maybe you are a shittin shut-in it is a noun that describes a person who

stays in the house they have nothing to do with other people they are a social

dropout they have nothing to do with other people's so yes the word dropout

or the phrase dropout can be used in many different ways

also if something disappears briefly and then returns you can describe it as a

dropout so maybe if you are listening to some sound and suddenly the sound stops

and then comes back we can say that that was a dropout dropout if you pass out it

means you lose consciousness yes if you pass out you lose consciousness you fall

to the floor because you have become unconscious yes you pass out mr. Duncan

because of English language I moved from Germany to reading what do you think

Loulou well ah I believe I've never been to reading but I've heard it's a very

nice place so yes great all the way from Germany to England welcome and I hope

you are enjoying your life here in England mr. Duncan your way of teaching

is very good thank you very much wow I like you

Huang Li thank you thank you very much if you have just joined me you are

watching a live stream this is now live at 3 minutes past 1:00 o'clock here in

England at the moment something I want to mention very quickly is that this

weekend the clocks will go forward they will go forward by one hour

so if you are going to tune in on Sunday don't forget there is a time difference

and the time difference will change by one hour so we are going to move our

clocks forward by one hour this weekend which means that my livestream where you

are will be on at a different time so some people will also move their clocks

forward one hour whilst others won't and it always causes a lot of confusion

what kind of award is mr. Steve one know mr. Steve isn't a teacher even though he

does join in on Sunday with my live stream mr. Duncan what is your favorite

English song again you please tell us oh my goodness I don't know where to start

I don't know where to begin with my favorite English song because I grew up

in the 1980s with or with some of the best music ever so I grew up with the

Human League you to the Pet Shop Boys so they were all the groups so that type of

music was the music that I grew up with so I really do like music from the 1980s

because that was when I was growing up as a teenager so that gives you a clue

as to my age so now you know

so mr. Steve isn't a teacher no he isn't no no mr. Duncan I installed

BBC learning english app what do you think about that well this is something

that the BBC have introduced over the past couple of years they have been

involved in learning and teaching definitely teaching BBC learning and BBC

teaching has been around for many years in different forms so yes there is an

app I have seen it because it was recommended to me on my phone I don't

know why because my English is quite good but yes

I did have a look at it and it does look like a good application and of course

it's from the BBC so what else can you say what can you say it must be very

good mr. Duncan what do you do in your free time well in my free time I like to

go walking I like to visit different places I like to watch the wildlife I

love birds I love listening to the sounds of nature so yes I read I like

watching television sometimes there are TV programs that I enjoy watching

I like watching nature documentaries I like reading books about people's lives

so I can learn some valuable life lessons so yes there are many things I

like doing Ashwin says it's 6:37 p.m. here yes you are a little ahead of me

so now it's five minutes no sorry seven minutes past 1:00 in the afternoon

here in England and you are watching a special live English in your ear with me

mr. Duncan mr. Duncan my free time is taken it with lots of things the other

thing I do in my free time of course is this sometimes I'm preparing my live

English lessons so sometimes that takes a lot of time as well the way you teach

is very good thank you very much I will visit Manchester and I will stay one

month there how can I improve my English during this time thank you for your time

well here's some good advice if you are going to stay in Manchester or any place

find out if there is an English group there so maybe there will be some social

group for people who are practising or learning English so I'm sure wherever

you go you will find that there will be a group of people who may be interested

in helping you with your daily English so yes so that might be one thing

especially nowadays because we have the internet you can find social groups

maybe you can find other people in a certain area who share the same love of

the English language so yes there are many options Manchester is a very nice

place by the way beautiful city very modern have a good night

mr. Duncan thank you very much David are you going David are you going to bed are

you tired your teaching style is unique and

original did you ever go to teaching conferences or share experiences with

your colleagues online I have been interviewed by quite a few people who

have watched my videos on YouTube and then I always seem to have the same

reaction from people and that is surprised and intrigued so people are

often surprised by the way I teach and they are also very intrigued so if you

are intrigued by something it means you are drawn towards it you don't know why

you want to find out more about that particular thing you are intrigued by

the thing in question so yes people are often surprised and intrigued this

happened a lot when I was in China my school used to get so many phone calls

from other schools in the area and they would always ask the same question hello

we want the English man is the English man there can the English man come to

our school so I used to have to travel around this very large area in which I

lived and I used to visit lots of different schools giving talks

not only to students but also to teachers as well young teachers who had

just graduated Teachers College so yes I did I did a lot of that to be honest

sometimes I would spend more time traveling around visiting other schools

than I did in my own school I used to teach more outside the school than I did

in the school I ended up on television as well which was rather strange spring

fever comes to everyone spring fever it's time for fun there's no doubt now

love is in the air get up get out spring is everywhere apparently that was by

Elvis Presley ah ha ha is London an expensive place to live yes yes it can

be it depends whereabouts in London you live if you live near the centre of

London then the cost of living is much higher but many people nowadays what

they do is they work in London and they travel home outside London so many

people nowadays live in the suburbs or outside London because housing and the

cost of living is much lower some people commute for many many miles

maybe a hundred miles 70 miles 50 miles all away to London just to go to work in

fact mr. Steve's brother-in-law travels a very long way he works in London but

every day he has to travel a very long way all the way to London let's see what

the live chat is doing I don't know why the live chat seems to have disappeared

oh there it is it's back now but yes London is very expensive if you go to

one of the very expensive cafes in the centre of London if you have a cup of

coffee just one cup of coffee it can be maybe

seven or eight pounds justjust for one cup of coffee

so yes London can be an expensive place if you stay there for a weekend make

sure you take plenty of money with you because it can be a very expensive place

it really depends on where you go that's the main thing to bear in mind I like

reading Oh Lulu I'm glad to hear that you've settled in to reading I'm glad

I'm glad to hear that you like it

apparently it is now a quarter past 3:00 in the afternoon

in Egypt yes I believe that Egypt is around two hours about two hours ahead

of us don't forget this weekend the clocks will change here in the UK so it

might appear as if my live English stream on Sunday is it a different time

but it isn't so don't worry I only just realized that you are live Thank You

Emma yes I am live at the moment it is just coming up to 115 here in the UK on

a Wednesday afternoon I know I promised not to say this I know I promised that I

wouldn't mention it but I'm going to mention it brexit I'm sorry I had to

mention it I have absolutely no idea what is happening with brexit we are

supposed to be leaving the European Union in fact we were supposed to leave

on the 29th of March but no not now that's all been canceled it's all been

scrapped so today there are some very important votes taking place in London

in Parliament to try and work out whether or not we are going to leave the

European Union with a magic deal or no deal

it's a bit like that TV show isn't it there is a TV show called Deal or No

Deal where you have to open lots of boxes it's a bit like that really except

brexit will affect millions and millions of lives not just one or two pappu

says I have read about London but I don't know how it looks what are its

features and why one should visit it well I suppose London is one of those

places that is famous anyway so when you think about cities around the world most

people will say New York Sydney Paris and quite likely they will say London so

that is one of the reasons why people are interested in coming to London

because it's well known it's featured in many TV shows it's featured in many

movies and of course in literature so London is a place that's quite well

known so that makes people very intrigued very interested they want to

find out more about London maybe they will look at some photographs and then

perhaps they might feel very very interested in actually visiting that

place there are lots of famous landmarks in London there are many old buildings

you can go and look at there were lots of places to eat

definitely so I suppose the experience of being in London is one of the reasons

why people go to visit London for the experience Jeff is here watching in

Florida hello Jeff thanks for joining me mr. Steve is dreaming of his new shirts

from Harrods I think so but we're not going to London so don't

get confused we're not going to London that isn't the surprise that that I've

got for you so we're not going to London mr. Duncan do you know London London

music which was written by a Brazilian singer no I don't I've never heard of

that so that's a new thing for me brexit will definitely be on the history

or in the history books I think people will remember brexit for many many years

here is a very depressing thing to think about for the rest of my life

brexit will affect everything everything every day so even after all of this is

sorted out there will still be many many things that have to be arranged and

clarified and cleared and sorted out so so brexit won't be over once the deal or

no deal is signed it's another 20 years so 15 20 years of

chaos and reorganization will take place so for the rest of my life probably all

I will know is the changes caused by brexit it's a very depressing thought I

know David says it's a nice place you live at yes it's not too bad it's in the

countryside quiet serene lots of wildlife it's it's quite a nice place

and the garden is looking lovely at the moment it's looking rather nice because

all the flowers are coming out spring has arrived I will be going in around

about 10 minutes so if you are wanting to chat now is the time to do it

thank you for your kind information today oh it's not lovely thank you very

much you are you are very very welcome pappu says there is a Bollywood film

based on London called London dream hmm I have a feeling there might be lots of

dancing and music that is the thing that Bollywood films are famous for so a lot

of people seem very interested in London I'm not in London by the way for those

wondering I'm a long long way from London a long way

Hiroko is here oh hello hey Rocco where are you watching at the moment I believe

you are in I want to say Japan are there any sheep behind you no not at the

moment the field behind me is empty completely empty there is nothing there

at the moment we had some sheep here a few weeks ago but they've gone now but

maybe in a few weeks we might have some sheep at the back of the house

or maybe some cows or perhaps some bulls we had Bulls last year baby bulls and

they were lovely they're are so friendly we have Shanghai

on the live chat hello to Shanghai mr. Duncan I always remember you from the

from back from the English alphabet ABCD my son learnt the alphabet from you

thank you very much marathon you are welcome isn't that very kind of you well

thank you very much yes my ABC lesson it's one of my most popular lessons on

YouTube and a lot of people always ask during that video you look so serious

you stare at the camera all the time and you never

your eyes why is that I don't know why I'm not sure maybe I was hypnotized

maybe I was otherwise occupied maybe I was thinking about something in my mind

whilst making that lesson but yes there is an English lesson on my YouTube

channel where I read the alphabet and I try to see how fast I can actually say

the alphabet the sunny flowers are lovely in your garden yes the yellow

flowers can you see the yellow flowers the yellow flowers behind me are

daffodils daffodils we always see daffodils during the springtime very

nice flower as well is that an oak that's bird behind you which bird do you

mean I'm not sure which bird you are referring to is there a bird behind me I

don't know there is a bird calling now I think that might be I think the bird you

can hear might be a great tit great tit there are lots of great tits and blue

tits flying around at the moment and also there are lots of black birds and

at the moment the black birds are all busy building their nests so they are

preparing to breed after all it is spring that's what they do well my eyes

go looking for flying saucers in the sky this is a part of the London London

music do you remember it now I don't know I don't remember it I don't think

I've ever heard of it to be honest but thank you very much fan fest idioms

for letting me know hi I'm from Brazil I can hear the boat

hear the birds singing around you I'm losing my voice my voice is going like

to resume

have a nice day mr. Duncan and thank you for this live lesson Thank You Paulette

you are more than welcome thanks for sharing some of your personal

life events with us in this livestream such as being interviewed in China it's

always cool to learn something personal about the teacher I have it I have had a

very strange life many things have happened in my life even during the four

years that I was in China so many things happen to me a lot of people say mr.

Duncan you should you should write a book

maybe I should yes there are lots of birds flying behind me we can't lose

this voice no I think my voice is okay I think I will survive yes there are birds

flying all around pigeons

especially pigeons I am surrounded by birds at the moment they're all flying

around my head I don't know if you can see them please take care of your voice

I will try my best thank you very much for your company I hope you've enjoyed

this we are coming up to the end another five minutes and then I will fly away

just like the birds I really love listening to the birds chirping oh yes I

like that chirping when a bird makes a sound they chirp the birds are chirping

or of course they tweaked the birds go tweet the birds chirp don't you have a

glass of water nearby I know I don't I came outside and I don't have a glass of

water with me can you tell us regarding your interesting things that happened in

your school life do you mean when I was growing up and I was going to school is

that what you mean I must admit I I didn't really

Highschool all I merge if I was honest I didn't enjoy school very much at all I

found I found school going to school in my childhood rather unpleasant I didn't

enjoy it no not very much thanks for sharing lots with us today

you are welcome do I need to pay for this live chat no

you don't have to pay for this this is all free it's free but of course if you

want to make a donation you can to help my studio and all of my work continue I

spend so much money on this the equipment I have to pay for the phone I

have to pay for the internet line I have to pay for the equipment sometimes

things break and I have to buy new things so yes doing this costs me a lot

of money all the time so if you want to make a donation to help me do this to

carry on and who knows I might start doing regular lessons on Wednesday would

you like that would you like me to do that so perhaps

I could do a regular lesson on a Wednesday and my usual Sunday so we will

see what happens I hope you've enjoyed this my hat is

blowing away I will go now the cherry blossom is blooming in Japan at the

moment Thank You Emma I bet it is but the sad thing is and I

was talking to Steve the other day about this I would say I was saying to Steve

do you know what's sad about the cherry blossom it doesn't last very long it

comes out it looks amazing and then as quickly as it came it goes away it's

very sad that so now thank you David Thank You Lilia Thank You ts I am about

to go another maybe another couple of minutes and then I will go Thank You

Emma that is very kind of you to say

how are the spiders Oh Maria you remembered the spiders we still have the

spiders we still have two giant spiders that were taking care of for a friend of

Steve's so yes we still have them we did have three but sadly one of them died

and it had nothing to do with me trust me so yes we still have the spiders we

have two giant tarantulas living in the house and sometimes when I'm watching

television at night they come and they sit on my knees and they watch TV with

me no not really hello mr. Duncan thank you very much

it's very kind thank you Nadia thank you Salam thank you very much to

everyone who has joined me today yes I enjoyed your company Thank You Erin

thank you too fest idioms thank you also to Lilia David and everyone else who has

gotten in touch today did you like that I I went to all American then gotten if

you say you've gotten something that's often used in American English

don't be bitten by the spider mr. Duncan otherwise you will turn into spider-man

oh well that sounds like a good thing I would like to be spider-man I would like

to fly through the air suspended by nothing but my little webs I'm going now

for some weird reason the feeling is bittersweet after this lesson it is a

great stream just out of the blue thank you for being with us Thank You Lily

yeah it's okay it's a pleasure don't forget this cost you nothing you

don't have to pay for this I do this for free if you want to make a donation you

can the address is underneath this video and also it is going across the screen

right now so I'm going it is now half-past one on

a Wednesday afternoon the 27th of March 2019

this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English saying thanks for following me I

am back on Sunday 2 p.m. UK time please remember the clocks will go forward one

hour so that will make a difference to when I am on so look out for the

notifications on YouTube and of course you know what's coming next until the

next time we meet here on the Internet this is mr. Duncan in England saying

thanks for joining me and of course...

ta ta for now 8-)

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