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13-year-old Max Ash doesnt just like to play with his food.

He loves playing with his food.

Shooting, flicking, throwing.

The only thing he likes more than trying to score with breakfast is with an actual basketball.

But Maxs life isnt all so easy.

When he was five and he was first diagnosed, we were worried about

what his life would turn out to be.

We had generalized concerns, just because of the deficits that we saw,

and again, at a very early age.

Max has dyslexia and difficulty learning.

He attends the Carroll School for children with dyslexia and other learning-based disabilities.

It was here in art class, when he was eight, that Max did something

that would change his family in ways they never imagined.

He created a clay mug with a basketball hoop.

- It's become legend and myth at Carroll School.

You know, the kid with the mug? I mean they might not know Max Ashs name,

but everybody in our community knows the kid who designed the mug.

That first mug turned into a better version.

Soon he had a patent and more sports-themed mugs, all with hoops or goals.

- What's your favorite? - My favorite's the basketball.

It turns out lots of people like to play with their food,

becauseThe Mug With a Hoophas grown into a thriving international business.

It has nearly a half-million dollars in sales and growing on Amazon,

where the packing, shipping and customer service are all taken care of without the Ash family having to lift a finger.

And so it's a one-stop opportunity for us to let the mugs sell themselves.

Which means for Max, this isnt play time.

Its product testing.

- Not only are we proud of him, but we're really inspired by him.

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