Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Celebrity Food Taste Test

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can we guess which foods go with which

celebs let's talk about that



good mythical summer celebrities got to

eat regular peasant people got to eat

you know so what's better than having us

regular peasant people delivered food

from our celebrity overlords for us to

eat yes and lots of celebrities have

bizarre if not questionable food brands

that they are making the real question

is can we match the food with the

celebrity it's time for boom boom boom

so we'll try their food okay so all the

foods that we're gonna be tasting today

are either brands that are owned by

celebrities or they just have the

celebrity face right on high and

speaking of celebrity faces we are gonna

take their faces and put them in the

food that we think is from that

celebrity it could be from Larry the

Cable Guy or Demi or Demi Moore Rick

Ross Madonna Rachael Ray and me goes oh

there's they're so hip they're all over

the place and the Beatles have just this

generation yeah they are all right let's

start tasting round one okay here's our

first item these appear to be chips

chips with some sort of flavoring on

them Oh spicy just like a sour cream and

onion chip yeah nothing too special

about it it tastes like it's supposed to

be like low-calorie or something because

that would be like a mean thing you know

it's sweeter it's like a Hawaiian sour

cream and onion chip and none of my

choices are Hawaiian I don't know is

Damita wyan could be check a little

Hawaiian in her hmm for chips though

Larry the Cable Guy been munching on

some chips right yeah he's definitely a

chip man I ate chips you could replace

him he's when he passes this is tough

Rachael Ray I bet you it's Rachael Ray I

don't know why I just think that Rachael

Ray she likes a savory chip so right off

the bat I don't know that's my vote man

Rachael Ray could have been anything

Rick Ross looks like a man that he's a

lot of chips he's shaped up lately you

know yes yeah mm-hmm he's looking good

I'm so proud of him

I taste a slight artificial thing in

there like it might be trying to do

something low-calorie now if there's a

shrimp flavor in it

it's definitely rick ross cuz he likes

all types of shellfish is there a song

about that all of his songs include like

shellfish and i'm gonna go read Ross I

don't feel like I just gave him the

answer I don't feel confident about this

route to dang what is that Soylent it's

what's this like algae pudding what in

the world could this be man this has got

me ghost written all over it

do you think me ghost it just lives off

this and nothing else bad and bougie

yeah what is this baby food hmm

oh yeah thank me go this is baby that's

baby food that's like pieced up hmm

who's had babies I've had lots of babies

Rachael Ray might be beaten like Rachael

Ray could be

she's probably endorsed and owns lots of

different things and you know mom's like

really trust her so I could totally see

that but you can also be Madonna or Demi

you call it dimming her to me we called

her Demi all grown up and then like one

one week we just changed it Demi what

did we change it is she changed I think

she changed to me

she was dimming back when she was out

with Bruce Willis GI Jane man now why

and we're both going with the women


but again amigos might have a lot of

light it takes a man to make a baby a

lot of babies out there

amigos can have a lot of babies out

there that and this is the way their

sport the children I'm thinking this is

Demi to me I'm gonna go with Rachel I

feel like this is it I think it's an

all-natural baby food and Damis gonna

really care about that and there's a

vaccine in there too but she doesn't

believe in vaccines except in baby food


you're so lucky we got wings whose are

these this is the party is starting at

this point you want a drumstick or do

you want the I want that double wing

that's my thing right there mmm man this

is this is anybody but Madonna anybody

but Madonna Madonna want me caught dead

with a hot wing mmm what she's against

him she's against all hot things oh my

she eats meat man there's a good dog she

she pees in the showers oh she talked

about that a long time ago she did all

yeah remember that when that was a thing


that is a good wing is a really good

wing legitimately good wing no man

Larry cable the cable guy wouldn't be

paused it down south they know how to

make stuff but Halloween's came from

Buffalo New York not down south are you

telling me that you have to be from

Buffalo to endorse hot wings now hot

wings have spread out a buffalo link

I've had him in California so you think

it could be Madonna

I think his amigos they're so hot right

now and you know they're like man you

know what we should do sell hot wings

and people will go crazy over them yeah

it's a really smart thing and if if it's

them yes brilliant it's either them or

Rick Ross but yeah I'm thinking Rick

Ross because he they're these work on a

Atkins diet which i think is what he did

this just feels like a really this is

this is the smartest move I feel like

migos can't go wrong right now and I

feel like the things that we've eaten so

far are kind of been this is so right

and everything that Miko's does is right

I'm just letting the universe align my

answer now boy okay we have some sort of

liquid in front of us Rhett is this

Madonna's urine I'll let you know after

we taste it but for now I'm gonna say if

this is like an energy drink which it

doesn't look like it then I think this

could be like a Rick Ross thing cool

yeah we're awesome Mego it's kind of a

toss-up in you know things on you know

what if it's an energy drink it is me

ghosts because it's the kind of thing

that happens fast you can get it you can

get an energy drink on the market like

that you can yeah

how fast yeah I've already got one on

the market that's not an energy drink if

I knew what it was it might not taste

horrible but not knowing what it is are

you sure this is presented in the right

form what did you leave it out for a few

days it's something but it's like the

juice of something that doesn't mean to

be juiced this is a bodily float I know

what it is what is it I'm not gonna tell

you what it is it's something I've had

before it's not bad once you realize

what it is


I know exactly what it is but who would

sell it between these two ladies is it

like a weird coconut water thing yes

coconut water okay

man you think this might be demean all I

got is Madonna what is what kind of

drink is this I don't even know what

this is coconut you may have drink out

of it that stupid

Madonna is a good guess that's a

legitimate gasps I just I don't

want to play it safe though I feel like

Demi would do this kind of thing I was

thinking to me and I might have to

switch it when we get to that round but

yes but sticking we got something out of

a Jim Baker bucket I don't need to taste

this and no this is from Larry the Cable

Guy but I'm gonna do it anyway what is

this beast do you know man I bet you

there's there's beef and every one of

his meals food baby food you thinking

cat food before tell me brother Larry

the Cable Guy you think you got he's

like a dog man to me

I love dogs but I feed him cat food and

I call it meets two kids when you said

cat food it immediately hit me how much

it tasted like cat food

looks like it's got like a real

minerally taste who would have cat food

Rachael Ray would have cat food she she

still ubiquitous that she's moved on

from people to animals but I gotta say

Larry cuz I've only you're gonna switch

it to Rachael Ray in a minute I don't

know I'm Mike you actually think this is


I think it is cat food we're not bad


route 6 alright so we have a bowl of

gravy from me goes over here

it could be chocolate I don't know the

sauce its sauce

Wow working fur

oh that's hot that is tangy that is bad

and bougie there got some raindrop

coming off there drop top that's all I

have left I mean I've only got Madonna

lesson oh this isn't it I know this is

not Madonna's barbecue sauce but I'm so


it's got some spice to it that seems

like something that rick ross might do


okay so i'm gonna tell you how many you

currently have right and you are able to

switch as many as you want to switch in

this round after i tell you okay link

how many I got right you have three

correct whoa oh shoot

part of that is impressing about the

mess something up if I switch Rhett you

have I probably shouldn't touch anything

the chances of me getting three correct

by switching well obviously I've got to

see which one's okay I think you move

instant you move in some Rick Ross you

just switch these two gave him potato

chips you're agreeing with I agree that

you were right am i right yes but I

agree that you're right about this and

so then you think I'm wrong I don't feel

like this is cat food I think you were

right about Larry

I think that's Larry's idea of beef stew

I don't know what this is

but I think like barbeque saw Rachael

Ray would do a sauce before the meat or

Madonna would do it and then it's about

who's in the vitamin water I'm going to

say that you got those right so you're

agreeing with me so you're just trying

to agree with me and then go and then

get to tooth I'm not changing anything

I'm just hedging my bets that usually I

make things worse I ain't changing

nothing okay let's reveal where you want

to start down here yeah let's start from

down there all right

potato chips these are rap snack

with meteos all on the packaging that's


sour cream rich sour nose man dab of

ranch that a dab of red you got one

point they have their own theme song so

this is a snippet of it with a dab a

ranch we can make it happen they did

they made it happen so fast I agree with

that so right on that one you got that

one right okay so we agree on this and

when we write about the baby

rap snacks you worry about the right

about baby food yeah Dimmie or Demi

Moore's a happy family healthy baby food

brand of course of course that's the cat

name is you have vaccines in it hey

you'd like the nut I cannot comment on

things like a presentation but it didn't

taste great

what about your wing worried right there

we're in agreement now those are wings

stop wings and he owns nine different

wings stop locations as wrapped about

wings stop in six songs I should have


cuz we get Wingstop wings we all the

knees in there and they're so good

no they're just so good I love that

classic hot wings green on both of these

so again so were you right for the

coconut water yes you were just mean I

know that I lost now yeah we had a 1.5

million dollar investment and invited

Coco and she apparently drank it on

every day of her last tour according to

marketing course she didn't taste like a

coconut what about this beef stew / cat

food it's actually dog food told you

that was Rachel Brea should I don't add

me it's raisins Trish dog food brand I

knew it was dog things not your diaper

unrest wallet but you had that mineral

liver taste in it I convinced you that

it was beef stew dang it

and lastly that is a hot sauce from

Larry the Cable Guy this one's called

lord I apologize to pull a hot sauce

freaking spatula only Larry the Cable

Guy would sell you sauce and then throw

in a spatula eater dad does have a get

er done habanero but that's not what you

are tasting so that means that rhett

wins with four-link with three

congratulations right you knocked my

sleeves off man ain't congratulations to

you for hanging out with us through this

yeah and I swallowed that dog food thank

you for liking commenting and

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