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Instant Ramens are always my favorite. Today I just want to make my favorite food in a more special way

Start with chopping the Green Onions, just slices with any size you want, depends on your mouth size (which I know is really big)

Get some Fresh Shiitake if you can. Less smell than dried ones but more yummy.

Now let's fry egg. I usually pour the egg directly into the ramen pot.

But today, just to make sure my ramen bowl looks professional, we will go to fry this delicious egg (hehehe)

If you want the upper side of the egg more cooked. Use a lid to cover the pan, with low heat for sure.

Look beautiful, huh?

More than your ex, for sure

Or...maybe not, you didn't have one

Now go, boil the waterrrr. Don't make me guide you every step to cook instant ramen :))

Yeah, the most important ingredient today. The Korean Instant Ramen to make... Korean Instant Ramen

Let's dip the delicious ramen pack into the boiling water. Make it suffer all the hot from the water(Of course not from you).

Next is Shiitake. Because Mushroom need time to cook, let's pour them right after the Ramen

The second important thing today, the spices...from instant ramen pack

Now you feeling hungry, right?

Go beef go, as a meat-lover, instant ramen without meat is meaningless

Wipe your drool now, I can see them from here

Be sure to add more Kimchi, Kimchi is a must in Korean Ramen

Omg, It's midnight now, and I'm adding subtitle for you, so hungry

Ok, let's pour them into that huge cute cat bowl (which you can't find at your place :)))

Time to yumyum

Add some green onions to have better taste and

Don't forget your beautiful sunny egg from begin of this video.

Ok, now give us 5 seconds to admire our beautiful Ramen Bowl

ASMR time...

Thank you for eating a delicious bowl of Korean instant ramen :)))

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