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- A lot of people experience a lot of traumatic,

should I say, events when we left Uganda.

A lot of family members that I know, friends,

are no longer with us because of the war.

My brother and two sisters also came here,

I suppose started a new life.

I've always tried to encourage

some of them to come running,

so I Google parkrun and believe it or not,

actually, my parkrun is five minutes' walk from my house.

When you bring one in, the other one will come in as well,

and since they came, they have not left.

Within that parkrun community,

the women especially have given me so much of their trust

because I've seen people that have been

on the lowest of their life.

And when I see that growth and the confidence

that they actually have now, I feel so proud.

I can't express what sort of joy that is.

You always wait for each other at the end,

and when someone finishes and they always run back

to grab you, I can't imagine why no-one else does it.

It's just amazing.

And actually, most of the time it's always women!

So, I'm so happy when you the see the joy

and the smiles always says it all.

Burgess has probably brought more to the Ugandan crew

than anything and I'm so grateful for them embracing

the Ugandan culture as well.

Taught them a few words in Swahili, "Asante Sana".

So after today, sometimes when you're volunteering,

even people says, "Asante Sana!"

I was like, "Oh, okay",

which is obviously thank you very much.

Right now I can't actually imagine

not having the amount of people

or the people that I've connected with now.

If anything, they are the most positive women

I have ever met in my life,

considering what they've gone through

and they continue to go through.

The parkrun community gives me so much that I can't imagine

if I wasn't doing parkrun, if I would ever,

because these people, I now take them as family.

They're actually my family.

My name is Josephine, and I'm a parkrunner.

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