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Hi guys. It's Alejandra and I'm sitting here in my bathroom and

I recently did a, um, a organizing project, or an update to, um,

the way I store everything in my bathroom, my bathroom cabinet,

and I want to show it to you because it's, um, really cost-effective

to do. Like, it cost me around five dollars, which is pretty cheap

when it comes to organizing. And also, it's super easy to do.

Like, this should not take you very long; like, maybe ten minutes,

if that, if you have the appropriate materials. So, um, let me open

up the cabinet. So, I think you've seen these pull-out drawers that

I have inside my bathroom cabinet. They're made by elfa. They're from

The Container Store and the reason I absolutely love them is because

they slide really nicely. So, like, they slide out, they slide in.

Like, I can just, like, tap them in and they go straight in.

A lot of, um, a lot of cabinet drawers that are mounted to the

bottom of your cabinet don't slide nicely because they get stuck

on the track or, um, they're just not made for very, like, high quality.

So this is my favorite drawer to use if you're going to install

drawers in your bathroom cabinet. But anyways, I installed these

drawers about maybe, like, one or two years ago and they've worked

perfectly for my lifestyle and my habits. Um, I'm not struggling to

find more space or I'm not struggling to, um, you know, store things.

But something that's always, like, caught my attention or always had

me wondering is how I can maximize the rest of the space that's in

the bathroom cabinet. So, like, the top of the cabinet was, it was

dead space. Like, there was nothing being used there. And, um, it

didn't bother me. Like I said, that I was storing everything

perfectly, but I've always in the back of my head knew that there's

a way to break up that dead space and use it for storage.

So what I did recently about two weeks ago was I grabbed a, um,

tension rod from Home Depot. This is a tension rod. If you don't

know what a tension rod is, it's basically a rod that's expandable

to fit in, um, any size space that you're looking to hang the tension rod.

I don't know if that was a very good explanation, but it's

basically a rod that is spring loaded. So it expands or collapses,

whatever you want to call it. But I got a tension rod from Home Depot.

It cost around five bucks. And I placed it at the very top of the bathroom cabinet.

Not the very top, but, like, it's maybe like three or four

inches from the very top. And on this side of the cabinet

I hung some of my cleaning supplies like my weekly, um, my weekly,

like, counter sprays, there's, like, Febreeze, there's Windex.

I hung them on top of the tension rod and now they are just

out of the way. They're in the bathroom where I use them

and they hang really nicely. Like, the tension rod is hung very sturdy.

So it's not going to fall down despite these bottles being pretty heavy.

And the drawer still opens and closes without getting

in the way of the bottles. So, again, the tension rod costs,

like, five bucks at Home Depot. Super easy to do.

Um, you could hang bottles, or you could hang what's on the

other side, what I'm about to show you.

Okay, so, on this side I have, um, all of my hair products in the

basket like my blow dryer, my straightener, my brushes.

And then on the tension rod up here, I put some of my hair claws,

like, like these, these hair claws. And then I put, um,

one of my head bands. I don't wear head bands very often so I only have,

like, two. But one of them is on this side. And what I love about

this is, um, a lot of times I see, like, claws in the bathroom that are broken.

Like, you know, one of these breaks off, or, um, or you just

lose them because we all lose, like, hair ties and bobby pins and.

Well, actually I don't lose any of that stuff. I never that stuff.

I will tell you, and I'm not trying to brag or anything, but I

never lose hair ties or bobby pins because I have, a um,

I have a certain place in my bathroom where keep them,

where I know where they go, I know where to put them away,

and I know where to find them, so they never get lost.

But, um, these hair claws, they just, you know, they just

hang on the tension rod really perfectly. So, cleaning supplies

on that side and then hair stuff on this side, like claws and headbands.

And there's probably another way where, or, there's probably

more stuff that I can do inside this cabinet because there's

still dead space all the way in the back, but, again, I'm not

really struggling for space, so, um, it's not really high

priority right now to, um, fix the space in the back.

But, this is one way you can break up the dead space in

your bathroom cabinet. Uh, five bucks at the, at Home Depot and, um,

you can solve another problem. So anyways I hope that was helpful.

I will see you guys soon. Bye!

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