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India is progressing rapidIy in every sector,

sports is one among them,

there are many who have brought great IaureIs to the country,

few among them are Dhyan Chand, greatest hockey pIayer,

a great patriot who refused HitIer's offer to pIay for Germany.

Sachin TenduIkar, God of cricket,

Vishwanathan Anand, Chess champion,

Leander Paes, Mahesh Bhupathi, two eyes of Indian Tennis,

Karanam MaIIeshwari, who Iifted weight in OIympics to save India's honour.

Gagan Narang, who won 4 shooting goId medaIs in CommonweaIth games.

Saina NehwaI, a woman fast on the verge of becoming number one in badminton.

There are few sportspersons who made India proud with their achievements.

Now you're going to watch the future achievers!

Srinu, Chanti and Pandu,

their hope, wish, desire is on onIy one sport,

the sport pIayed by most of countries is footbaII,

with a dream of taking India to internationaI standard,

and their onIy goaI is to secure a pIace in the nationaI team.

Looks Iike he's going away!

What? - Get coconut chutney.

Are you using chutney as side dish or main dish?

What ever it is? We're paying for it, right?

You did but Iong back when your daughter attained puberty.

She got married and is in in-Iaw's pIace but you haven't yet paid me.

I'II pay you, am I Ieaving this pIace?

You'II not Ieave this pIace,

if get few more customers Iike you, I've to Ieave this pIace.

One speciaI pesarattu with ginger and cumin seeds.

Make a pesarattu. - Okay.

It's festive season, how is your business?

What to teII you?

EarIier festive season business was strong Iike Terri cotton cIoth,

with the arrivaI of readymade shops,

it has become very smaII Iike short sIeeved jacket.

Ups and downs in business is usuaI.

You're right but my business went down never to get up again.

It wiII go up, Bhramam has foretoId even fooIs wouId've a fieId day.

What?- There are onIy 4 idIy pIates, where's the fifth one?

A warrior who rips out the enemies,

a warrior who can down 100 warriors at a time KaIabhairava!

You must reIease arrows after I keep this as shieId. Okay?

Can't you stop with it after we attack?

If you question me, I'II push you into river Godavari,

just do I say! Attack! Why aren't you attacking me?

What happened?

Father! Is it you? - Did you think it's Ramcharan Teja?

Without going to schooI, are you pIaying games here?

Give it.

No father... - Shut up.

If you pIay games with boys,

I'II remove your short and make you sit on hot pIate!

Get ready! - Okay father, I'II get ready.

My father is feeIing proud about stopping my game,

but he doesn't know I'm a stubborn boy who never Iistens to him,

I'II come back to pIay the game again after opening the schooI gate, Bhairava!

Are you getting ready? - On the way, father! He found it.

Srinu, have miIk.

MiIk again?

I've been asking for boost since Iong time, mother.

You'II ask everything, your father isn't coIIector to buy what ever you ask,

just a post master. MiIk is better than those heaIth drinks.

Nothing, Sachin on TV says boost is the secret of my energy.

What wouId Sachin Iose anyway, he'II say anything after taking money.

If everyone who drinks boost wouId become Sachin,

if every woman who uses Lux soap wouId become Aishwarya Rai,

your mother wouId've become Aishwarya Rai Iong back. Isn't it?

If I was Aishwarya, why wouId I marry you?

Iid have married Abhishekh Bachchan.


One card pIease.

With your grace, I've made my father's 10 acres into 100 acres,

if you show some more grace,

if you turn those 100 acres into 1000 acres,

I'II donate Rs.1 Iakh at Rs.1000 for an acre.

Father, it's Rs.10 Iakhs at Rs.1000 an acre for 1000 acres.

Rs.10 Iakhs?!

I made a promise without caIcuIating properIy.

Got a good stick, if you bargain with God, this wiII be the resuIt.

Aren't you satisfied with 100 acres?

You mad woman ! There's onIy one thing which man wiII never say enough.

That is property.

Let anyone pIace hand on heart and say,

the property I've is enough, I don't want to earn anymore.

Nobody wouId say and can't say!

WouId everyone be Iike you?

Aren't there peopIe satisfied with what they have?

UnabIe to tie a turban, it seems a man said my head is cross.

PeopIe who can't earn wouId cIaim to be satisfied.

It's my fooIishness to argue with you.

Come and have miIk, Pandu.




Where are you?

I'm here!

Why are you inside a drum?

There's a hoIe to the drum, to cIose it I must find it first, right?

That's what I was checking.

I've brought the vesseIs. - Did you bring it?

Why did you bring it?

CouIdn't you've kept it in your home? - Why?

Won't you bring back the vesseIs taken on rent?

Is everything correct? - Yes.

A spoon is missing. - Missed a spoon?

Is it? Then pay Rs.10. - Just a spoon, right?

Just one?!

Is it paining? - Yes, paining.

I pIucked out just one hair onIy!

Even if it's one, it'II be painfuI.

One spoon is aIso a spoon, right?

I'II Iook after everything carefuIIy, so I was named as Bhadram.

Got it? So, pay Rs.10. Take out!

Dear...dear...Come here. - What's it, father?

Give this money to mother. Go...go...

You're getting Iate to schooI, why are you cutting siIIy photos?

Not siIIy photos but Prabhas photos.

Some photos, get ready quickIy.

Mother, father gave you money.

Why are you studying so sincereIy, Suri?

Don't know few questions.

Do you know aII the questions? - I know aII the questions.

But I don't know the answers. - How wiII you write the exam then?

I've got nothing to worry when Goddess of Iearning Parvathi is with me.

Goddess of Iearning is Saraswathi not Parvathi.

I too know it.

I didn't meant Goddess of Iearning Saraswathi,

I said about that Goddess of Iearning Parvathi!

HoId this!

Watch now!

Hi Paru !

How many times I've toId you not to caII me as Paru?

Okay, don't get angry. Did you study Iast night?

No. - No? Why?

Power cut in my home. - Power cut?

Won't you study if there's power cut? You must study using a Iamp.

If that is not avaiIabIe, must use a torch to study.

How can you not study at aII?

There's a boy dependent on you, many others are dependent on him.

They can write weII onIy if you write, don't you know remember it?

The onIy two things I Iove to see in this worId,

one if watching fiIm 'Magadheera' and second is your answer sheet.

Why are you denying me the second one?

You don't need to worry, though I didn't study Iast night,

I do remember everything what I studied earIier.

Can't you teII me that first?

Can't you study instead of copying?

The duII wouId copy from the inteIIigent,

my way is to copy, show me your answer sheet!

Write exam.

That's the question paper.

Hey Paru !- What? - Give me your paper.

Give me your paper.

Show me your paper. - Won't you Iet me write exam?

Give me your paper.

Why do you want that?

Exams are over! HoIidays from now!

GaIIoping horse, run fast!

Run without any rest...

PIay the game of ice boys...

It's an age to pIay...

You rock if you get hoIidays...

You thunder around the pIace...

WiII you stay in one pIace? WiII you ever Iisten to anyone?

OnIy you can out beat yourseIf...

There's Iot of beauty in your smiIes...

Swimming in the ponds... buiIding sand homes...

You're mischievous kids who Iet the cats out of bags...

Dancing in the fieIds... swinging from the banyan roots...

You're the first to chaIIenge in sports...

Your tender Iegs are never stay put in one pIace...

But the innocent IittIe chiIdren are aIways together...

These happy moments must become cherished memories...

The way you get thriIIed Iicking a stick ice cream...

You make the top to spin in your paIms...

You rub the seed on ground and burn others...

You break the scarecrow's pot with catapuIt...

You're Iike sparrows on the bank of river Godavari..

You reside in the heart of our viIIage...

Hey Veera, stop! - What?

Can't you teII our president and get us Ioans at 0.25% interest?

Why? To re-Ioan it at 2% interest

Our president is Seethaiah ! He'II not Iisten to anyone.

Why isn't our president coming out?

He'II come, he has Iot of work to do.

WouId he be sIeeping resting his Iegs on chair?

Hubby, coffee.

You think you're very smart, right? - Yes.

TeII me two things in this worId that can make man happy.

Eating and sIeeping.

No, scratching when you feeI Iike and cIeaning your ear.

You say such nonsense very weII, have your coffee.

CIean the ear but and keep it safeIy.

Sir, peopIe are waiting for you.

Let them wait, my weight wiII increase as much as they wait.

Why are you surprized? In poIitics you've to throw your wait around.

Others wiII not do it.

Go, teII them sir is taIking to the Minister.- Okay sir.

Instead of Minister if you say America President, it may add more weight.

Though you don't know, peopIe know I don't know EngIish.

PeopIe wouId beIieve if you say cock crowed from roof top,

peopIe won't beIieve if you say it cIimbed paIm to crow.

Greetings. - Greetings.

I got Iate taIking to the Minister. PIease don't mind it.

What brings you here?

It seems Indira house seIections are over.

Houses have been sanctioned but not finance to buiId it.

It seems your brother-in-Iaw is sick. - Dysentery.

If he drinks too much of arrack, he's bound to get it.

TeII him to quit drinking.

What brings Head master and TeIugu master together?

We both have been transferred.

We came to meet you before Ieaving the pIace.

You didn't get transferred, I got it done.

Did you do it? Why? - For abusing this viIIage.

I can toIerate anything but not if anyone abuses my pIace.

Never again do such things. You can go now.

Stop here.

Why did you get down here? - You carry on, I'II come waIking.

Why do you want to waIk?

It been years since I saw green fieIds, ponds, sparrows and jumping caIves.

I'II enjoy the beauty of it whiIe waIking home, you go.

Let's go to viIIage and teach the chiIdren there, come...

What a nature! What a breeze!

How Iong wiII you pIay footbaII?

Come here, Iet's sit and pIay a game.

Wait, we'II pIay for some more time and come.

My birth pIace is a beautifuI country...

Let's see!

Is he aIive or dead?

Who kicked the baII? - It was me, were you hurt seriousIy?

Is it any tabIe tennis baII not to hurt?

It's a footbaII, it did hurt me.

You fooIish boys! Why are you pIaying footbaII on road?

Sorry sir, we didn't see you coming.

WiII a sorry heIp it? I couId take it because of good exercise.

Had it been some weak man, he wouId've died.

We said it was by mistake, sir.

Why are you saying sorry after doing it?

I must scoId your parents for giving birth and Ietting you on roads.

Abuse us, if you abuse our parents...

What wiII you do? - What wouId we do?

What wiII you do?

Have you understood who we are? Never cross swords with us!

You'II get crushed! Come on boys!

What's the Iatest news in the viIIage?

You know Subbi of Kummari street, right?

His wife has eIoped with neighbour Venkat.

Has Subbi settIed with Venkat's wife?

How couId you guess it right, sir?

I've seen many such cases.

Who is he? He Iooks Iike a man to dredge weIIs. CaII him.

Hey you !- me? - Yes, sir is caIIing you.

Why did you caII me?

You've to dredge my weII, when wiII you do it?

Dredge weII? - If not do it in pond onIy.

I'II not do it anywhere. - Do you know who I am?- Who?

New head master to the schooI here.

Heads master? Do you've head or do you think we're headIess?

You and your dirty dress.

I'm teIIing you the truth, I was hit by a baII and feII into a ditch.

Did you get hit by baII and feII into ditch?

Had you been hit by bat, you'd have faIIen into Godavari!

I think he's head master. - Yes I think so.

A weII cIeaner wonit speak in EngIish.

Sorry master, I mistook you as a weII cIeaner.

Wash yourseIf cIean.

Even after wash he wouId be same.

I feeI very sad to come to schooI after hoIidays.

If you were so sad, why did you come to the schooI then?

You couId've taken Ieave today. - I tried that too.

But my father wanted me in hoteI, I thought schooI wouId be better pIace.

At Ieast I can sIeep here.

It seems new head master has come. - It seems he's very strict.

Come on boys!

What?- Look there! - What's it?


Who is this new girI? She Iooks great!

Yes, she's more beautifuI than Mithravinda.

This one...

New admission? - Yes.

What's your name?

My name is Srinu. - I'm Chanti.- I'm Pandu.

I'm Krishna Rao.

Are you new to this pIace?

Yes, my father got transferred to this pIace.

What is you father doing? - New head master of this schooI.

Head master?

I'm Narada Muni, I'm your new head master,

your parents send you to schooI to study,

education wiII teach you modesty,

modesty wiII enhance personaIity,

personaIity wiII teach you honesty,

honesty wiII make you rich,

richness wiII get you happiness,

it's a chain of benefits for you,

so study sincereIy.

If you say and do mischief,

I'II not speak but my stick wiII! Got it?

If head master sees us, he'II rip our skins out.

Let's cut schooI and roam outside.

How many days can we bunk cIasses?

Let it come to that stage, we'II take him.

Greetings sir. - I don't want your greetings.

God is mercifuI!

I wanted to avenge you boys and I got you in my schooI onIy.

We didn't know you were head master...

Though you hoId it knowingIy or unknowingIy, fire wiII burn you.

I'm aIso Iike fire. Turn back, boys.

Like Dharmaraju is for justice, Narada Muni is for justice.

I heard teachers discussing about it.

You must do justice to us. - TeII me, I'II do it.

Is it justice to avenge in schooI what had happened outside, sir?

Is it justice to punish us in schooI as head master for what happened outside?

You pIease teII us.

You're right, I'II not punish you for the mistake committed outside.

I'II punish for the mistake committed here.

Which cIass are you studying?

Aren't you ninth cIass teacher?

Do you've their progress cards? Give me.

Why do you want them now, sir?

You can go.

Come here boys. Come...come straight.

You got very Iess marks in haIf-yearIy exam,

I'II beat you for it, turn back.

You do justice for us, sir. - Just now I promised to do justice.

That's why we're seeking justice. - Ask me what do you want?

Did you conduct these exams whiIe you were the head master?- No.

No isn't it? How can you punish for exams which you didn't conduct?

You're right again. - He says right.

Okay, I'II conduct EngIish exam tomorrow to you,

and then beat you ! How is my idea!

If you conduct EngIish paper in TeIugu...

How can I conduct EngIish exam in TeIugu, you fooI?

It'II be in EngIish onIy!

Do you know what's the subject? - What's it sir?

Yes, banish of chiId Iabour.

Don't you know it? I know you don't know.

That's why I chose that subject.

Go boys...go... Idiots!

Take off your hand.

I'm dying unabIe to study.

Mother, I'm hungry. Get me something to eat.

Your father is making hot bajjis, have some.

Won't you ever offer anything other than bajjis and pesarattus?

I forgot to teII have the sweets and savouries given by neighbour.

have it. - Are you teIIing me so Iate?

Is it here?

Sugar candy parrot!

Sugar candy parrot!

O candy doII!

Never stop me hoIding your hand.

O branch of snow fIowers!

Never stop me touching you.

If you order me not to touch you or come cIoser.

what wouId happen to me?

O damseI! I was born for you.

If I don't get you, Iife is waste.

My heart is in severe pain... she's pinching me...

She squeezes my nerves and drags me into Iove...

I don't know what has happened to me...

My nights have gone sIeepIess, what a wonder your parents have given birth?

You've made my heart to produce music...

You've taken over my heart...

You've arrested me with your eyes...

You've charmed me with your words...

O dear, you've thrown me into chaos...

You've made your presence my bIiss...

Are you buying new bangIes, mother? - Yes.

These bangIes are good!

Rubber bangIes. - Rubber bangIes?

I've brought rubber bangIes for you...

I've brought ribbon fIowers...

I've given up parents and come to you...

I'm dying for you...

I'II foIIow you...

Mother... - What's it son?

I...- You? - I want that pumpkin, mother.

Pumpkin? Why do you want it?

Not exactIy for me but to the new head master.

Okay, take it. - Thanks mother.

Why are you pIucking drumsticks?

To give. - To whom?

To the new head master.

Why are you sharpening a stick, dad?

To take revenge. - Revenge? On whom?

On four IittIe deviIs! - LittIe deviIs?

Yes, IittIe ghosts. LittIe demons too!

What's that? - Pumpkin sir!

I thought it was donkey's egg. Why did you bring it?

Why? You can make crispies, sweet haIwa,

and use it to ward off eviI on your threshoId.

Stop it, I didn't ask about the uses of pumpkin.

Why did you bring it? - To give you.

Bribe? - No sir, present.

I don't Iike giving or taking presents. I hate pumpkins!

That's why I brought drumsticks, sir.

Did I ask you to bring?

We've a tree in home, I wanted to give you.

Do you've a treasure box in home? - We have, sir.

Bring it. - Treasure box?

When you can bring drumsticks from home, why not your treasure box?

Idiot! I'm not cheap character to faII for pumpkins and drumsticks.


Another one is here!

TeII me the matter.

Sir, take it. - I'II not. How do I appear to you?

Are you trying to fooI me by offering vegetabIes?

Go! - No sir...

Whether it is grown in kitchen garden or in your farm, I'II not take it.

PIease Iisten to me first, sir.

I'II not Iisten. I'II onIy say I don't Iisten.

Go!- May I? - SureIy!- Promise?

I don't say one word under promise and another without promise.

Take it away. - As you wish !

You can charm a king cobra but not me!

Gayathri, pIease bring some water. - Okay mother.

Did you take the vegetabIes sent by me? - VegetabIes?

I was coming after buying vegetabIes, I met one your schooI boys,

I sent the bag with him and went to visit tempIe.

Didn't he bring it? - That fat boy?- Yes.

Did you send the vegetabIes? - Yes.

Give me the gIass.

I'II not wake tiII he comes.

You practice everyday Iike this and become great Iike Gopichand.

Why wouId he become a fiIm hero Iike Gopichand if he pIays footbaII?

You mad woman ! AIways thinking about fiIms onIy!

I didn't teII about fiIm hero Gopichand. I said about PuIIeIa Gopichand!

But dad, Gopichand is a badminton pIayer, right?

He may be,

but heis the Ione pIayer to win Arjuna award as pIayer and Dronacharya award as coach,

We must be proud of a TeIugu man's achievement.

You must become as great as Gopichand of badminton in footbaII.

If he has to become great pIayer, he must Iearn it weII, right?

I'II appoint a good coach next summer hoIidays to train him.

Coach is very important for any sport, right dad?

Yes, though you've written a Ietter very weII,

if you don't write the address properIy,

it won't reach the destination,

Iikewise though you can pIay the sport very weII,

if you don't get coached weII,

you can't reach the goaI you've set for yourseIf.

Where wouId my coach be now?

Get down...get down...

HeIIo Babu ! - I'm Veerababu not Babu.

Is it? I want to meet the president.

Meet my sir? Come. - Come, I'II take you.

He's the president.

Sir, he's the new TeIugu master. He has come to meet you.

Greetings sir. - Greetings.

Your name? - My name is Ramu.

I thought you'd be Bheema seeing your personaIity.

Just for fun, don't take it seriousIy.

You've come with Iuggage, do you want to stay in viIIage office?

No, I'II find a house.

You don't need to find house, you can stay in my home. Come.

Kittu, buy me an ice cream. - Give him an ice cream.

You aI go to the cIass, I'II be back in a second.

Give me two ice creams.

One mango and another orange.

Just now I bought for you, right?

What did you do with my vegetabIes? - SoId it sir.

What did you do with the money? - I've bought these with it. happiIy.

You've get beaten up Iater, right? - Why sir?

You've to take EngIish test today. - I forgot about it, sir.

Did you study for EngIish test? - No.

What about you? - I studied.

Thank God! It means we've aII studied. - How is it?

I'II teII you, pIease bend down.

What did I teII you? Didn't I teII you to study?

Did I or not? - You did, sir.

Did I or not? - PIease don't beat me, sir.

Why are you beating him? - He's not studying properIy, sir.

WiII you hit his head if he's not studying properIy?

If you hit his head, it'II damage his brain,

you must beat in a pIace where it is not visibIe.

Turn back.

He's beating severeIy.

I can conduct your test in the cIass room,

but someone wouId heIp you there, so I've seIected outdoor, sit down.

Can sit cIose together?

To see and copy. Sit one behind another.

I'II know if anyone turns his head. Sit down.

We too want that onIy. - Sit down.

Write now.

Why are you turning back?

I'II show what I am!

How dare you take on me!

Sir, you've a phone caII.

If you copy, I'II kiII you. Keep writing.

No paper on my back, who are you the fifth guy?

You're no ordinary boys!

I thoughts backs were of washing and scratching onIy,

but you've shown me it can be used for copying aIso.

Ordinary punishment wouIdn't heIp you, turn back.

Turn back!


Go! Scared of beating, idiots!

Why don't you aIso come? - I'II take him head on !

3Why don't you go aIong with them?

I've aIready had a Ieak.

Master, I did this mistake without knowing.

Doing mistakes and taking Ioans once you start, there's no end.

It continues, turn back!

Master, one Iast time... - I'II not forgive.

I'II punish you myseIf by doing justice for your mistake.

Bend. - I'II but you mustn't beat.

How can I not beat you? Bend.

Beat, I don't care. I'm tough Iike stone.- Idiot!

Bend down boys!

Idiots! Are you doing things above your age?

Are you trying to impress girIs with vegetabIes?

How come you're waIking normaIIy? Isn't your back paining?

It'II be painfuI onIy if we get hurt, right?

My back is swoIIen ! How come you didn't get hurt?

When did you use this?

I caIIed you for this, you refused to come.

I wouId've come had you toId me for this.

For beating a IittIe boy Iike me,

if I don't make that master sit on hot pIate in our hoteI,

5my name shaII henceforth not be Kittu aIias Bhairava.

WiII you make me sit on hot stove?

I didn't mean you sir. WouId I do it with you, sir?

One dose isn't enough for you. - Leak, it's coming now.

Are you feeIing now for getting beaten then?

Go. - I'II be back in a second.

This won't be enough for me.

This one...this one is big.

Beat as much as you feeI Iike, sir.

Shut up you idiot!

Though I'm head master, I'm aIso a father.

Mustn't beat in the same pIace. This time I'II beat on hands.

No, beat on back. - No, I'II beat on hands.

It'II be new this time, sir.

I'II beat where ever I feeI Iike, I don't orders from others.

This is smaII pIace and that's big pIace, beat sir.

I don't want big pIace, I'II beat tightIy on smaII pIace.

I went to bathroom with great difficuIt.

Show me your hand.

Now on my back. - No, show your hand.

Beat on my back now. - No, onIy on hand.

I'm here to meet the head master, he is...

He's not in room. - Is he taking cIass?

Not taking cIass too.

He's right before you. I'm head master.

I'm new TeIugu teacher, my name is Ramu.

I'm Narada Muni, boys here are terror!

Very mischievous, if you Ieave them, they'II turn cIass into a market.

Take care of them. - Okay sir.

Hey stop boys! AII aren't good boy Iike me, Gayathri.

AII are bad boys.

Sit down boys.

Sit down chiIdren.

Why aren't you sitting?

SmaII probIem behind, I mean a heat boiI.

I'm your new TeIugu teacher.

My name is... - Tirupathi Iaddu !

My name is Saketa Ram. PeopIe caII me as Ramu.

Don't know who named me as Tirupathi Iaddu, very good name.

Because everyone Ioves Tirupathi Iaddu.

I want to meet the boy who named me after the Iaddu which peopIe Iove.

Is it you?- Yes sir. - What's your name?

You've used a good nick name.

It's good to have nick names for friends and teachers.

I think some of you wouId've got nick names.

Is it? - Yes sir.

I'm sure you wouId've a nick name for him too. What's that?

Tar barreI!

Why have you become duII?

Are you feeIing for Iaughing at your nick name?

It'II be fun to tease others.

But if anyone teases us, we'II feeI hurt.

You can be mischievous but don't hurt other's feeIings. Okay?

Sit down.

Today is my first day, so no Iessons, Iet's introduce ourseIves.

Each one of you teII your name,

and a poem or proverb or moraI in TeIugu.

Start from there!

My name is Supriya, I'II teII a proverb.

One who buiIds towers reaches top and one who digs ditches goes down.

My name is Monica, I'II teII a proverb.

Stomach cried for food and tresses cried for fIowers.

WeII said.

My name is Parvathi, I'II teII a coupIet.

Word spoken, past time, shot arrow, chance given up,

they never come back.

WeII said.

My name is Gayathri, I'II teII a poem.

Never be stubborn, if you hoId something, don't Ieave it,

hoId what is impossibIe, better to die than get humiIiated,

Iisten O Vishwada, Abhirama as said by Vema!

You teII now.

Why are you sitting after just teIIing names?

TeII a proverb or a poem.

We'II teII together not as individuaIs. - Okay, teII.

AII of you get up.

Can I start? - Go ahead.

ShaII I sing once more, sir?

AII of you get up!

Have you pIucked the coconuts? - Finished sir.

Okay, caII PaIakoIe Nageshwara Rao and teII him take the stock.

Okay sir.

I'm Dorababu, president of SakinetipaIIi, may I know who is on the Iine?

It's me Priya, brother-in-Iaw. - Is it you Priya? Are you fine?

Going great guns. - How is your TV9?

About my channeI, going great. How is sister?

Your sister is fuII Iike a pumpkin.

My sister-in-Iaw, your sister.

Sister! - How are you, Priya?

I'm fine.

Let's go to him.

What are you doing here, sir?

I came out to Iook around the pIace, stopped by seeing your game.

You're pIaying very weII. Who is your coach?

We don't have any coach, sr. - We pIay on our own, sir.

Yes sir.

You're pIaying very weII without a coach,

your game wiII reach good IeveI if you've a good coach.

Do you aIso Iike footbaII? - I Iove footbaII!

Do you know to pIay footbaII, sir? - I know, I do pIay.

Do you pIay footbaII?

I know why you got this doubt.

You got a doubt how couId I pIay with this personaIity, right?

Not now but I was good pIayer in my coIIege.

I wasn't Iike this then.

You can aIso pIay with us, join us, sir.

I'II not join but I'II teach you how to pIay.

Okay? Come.

Greetings president. - PIease take your seats.

How far the festivaI arrangements have come?

AImost over, sir.

Priest! Is everything ready for offering the prayers?

Ready sir.

Okay. Is your equipment of Iight, speakers and mic in good condition?

Even petromax Iights for procession are aIso ready. - Okay.

Are you ready with offerings? - Ready sir.

I don't know if you've or not, I'm teIIing you to be ready.

Forget about these arrangements, what about that arrangement?

How can I not support art with connoisseurs of art Iike you?

I've arranged a wonderfuI dance program.

KaIarani, she'II dance Iike Manju Bhargavi of 'Shankarabharanam' fame.

We don't want cIassicaI dances.

SiIIy man ! You asked for it, right?

We didn't ask for cIassicaI dance but the other type of dance.

I know, what ever it is you want dance baby dance, right?

WeII said.

CIassicaI dance in tempIe for devotees,

and for us cIub dance in the farm.

O Lord Krishna, why don't you show mercy on me?

AIways sporting a smiIe... it's aIways your magicaI pIoy...

This romantic Veena is waiting for you...

You've stoIen our hearts, O butter thief...

Why don't you appear and feeI you in my heart?

Krishnas are here... to steaI the beauty...

Lovers have jumped to waIIs to reach me...

Though tucked my youth and beauty under the cIothes...

It is stiII aIIuring you...

May I dance aIone without anyone?

Though my youth is rebeIIing...

I've the support of a handsome man...

I'II not say no to his wish...

Gopikas are chanting your name and are in a bIiss...

Lord, you're the rhythm of Iove and romance...

I'm aII yours...I'm your Iove...

You're the king of my kingdom...

Tease me, hoId me and show me the bIiss...

Our hearts are chanting your divine name...

I'm your Radha yearning for you and offering you my devotion...

In the festive of youth, join me...

I'm a beauty, enter the arena of fun..

There's beteI Ieaf and fIower bed, comb is fuII of honey...

Let's go to my home!

Mother! Where's Iamp? - Behind the photos.

Camphor? - There onIy.


How come you're asking aII that strangeIy?

Have you deveIoped devotion suddenIy?

It's not for God but for my hero!

My hero's fiIm has reIeased for the second time because of me.

Give me a coconut, I must offer it to him.

AIready your father is angry for your fiIm madness.

If he sees you now, he'II break your head not a coconut.

Get ready quickIy to go to schooI.

He's going to schooI today.

I wanted to bunk cIasses and go to watch fiIm, he's stopping me.

I've to go to schooI today, father. - Why?

Important Iessons wouId be taken today, father.

Master toId strictIy not to bunk cIass today.

You're studying IAS, right? If you miss a day, it won't be disaster.

There won't be any deIuge, don't go to schooI today.

I'm going out of station for a day,

you sit in cash counter and heIp your mother.

Father, I'II have to go schooI and I wiII.

How dare you disobey my order!

Any father wouId beat if son wants to miss schooI.

Why are you angry if insists on going to schooI?

Anyway I don't need his heIp. I can manage it aIone.

You go. - You go.- Go.

You've pampered and spoiIt him.

AIways beating him.

Mother, I'm going to schooI, I'm going to schooI.

To schooI!

Do you know this? I'm bunking schooI today to watch fiIm 'Magadheera'.

Are you going watch fiIm 'Magadheera' bunking schooI?

He's not a fan if he doesn't watch his hero's fiIm on first day first show.

Anyway it's not a new fiIm, right?

The fiIm is new to me every time I watch.

If you want to come, I'II take you aIso.

We too want but if we 4 bunk schooI, they may get doubt.

Moreover head master wants to avenge us.

They'II get doubt if we bunk schooI, if schooI is cIosed for the day?

You mean?

Head master wiII decIare a hoIiday today.

Why wouId he decIare hoIiday without any reason?

He'II not decIare, I'II do it for him.- How?

I'II not teII, I'II show you.

I thought you're short, are you short of brain too?

Who are you? You've caIIed me and say I don't have brain.

If I don't caII you and teII you don't have brain,

wouId I say your schooI has no brain?

How dare you argue with a CoIIector!

Is it CoIIector on Iine? - Sorry, I didn't know sir.

What do you know anyway?

How couId you become head master?

How? I studied M.A., B.Ed.,

Just education wiII not do.

You must common sense, generaI knowIedge and IittIe brain.

Is your schooI stiII open though DEO has died?

Has DEO died? I don't know sir.

Now you know, right? DecIare hoIiday now.- Okay sir.

He beIieved me.

It seems DEO has died, hoIiday for schooI, ring the Iong beII. Go.

Movie has started!

WiII you pIease go down IittIe?

Boss is coming!

I too want to watch the fuII fiIm, pIease keep your head aside.

I feeI the voice is famiIiar.

Oh my son ! Have you bunked schooI and come to watch a fiIm?

I'II take you to task.

I've come to watch fiIm without informing my parents,

I can't watch the fiIm because of him.

If I had KaIabhairava's sword, I wouId've beheaded him.

Not now, I'II take him to task during intervaI.

Watch now!

Hey you ! I've been watching you from the beginning,

won't you Iet me watch the fiIm?

Why are you raising you head to cover the screen?

Father!'re dead meat today.

How dare you bunk schooI!

I didn't bunk schooI, it's hoIiday today.

HoIiday? - Wait!

WiII you teII me what shouId I throw at you?

Are you going to watch fiIms instead of studying in schooI?

WiII you kiII him?

He's a kid, he wouId've done it unwittingIy.

Kid? If we cut him, we can feed entire coastaI region.

Moreover when he watches the fiIm, no head must bIock his view.

If it bIocks, he'II behead him. It seems he'II behead me.

Look at him, how he's staring at me!

Stop! I didn't know it was you, so I said Iike that.

If my head is not mine, who eIse does it beIong to?

I went to watch fiIm after my work was over and caught him.

If not we wouId think he's in schooI.

You caIm down pIease.

Let bygones be bygones, he'II never go without your permission.

You go.

I'II kiII you, fooI!

It seems he'II behead me!

Mother, come...

Was father angry for watching fiIm or threatening to behead him?

Ask him, he's in angry mod, he'II burn you with a hot spoon.

No pIease!

Srinu, Chanti...come here. - Come.

What's it, sir? - Did you see today's paper?

What's it, sir?

This Sunday East Godavari district sub-junior footbaII team seIections.

AII three of you go! - We?

Yes, you three! No use if you three pIay among yourseIves here in this ground.

Your taIent wouId come out if you go to seIections.

You'II get a chance to become better pIayers.

WiII you go?

We do want to go but wouId be seIected, sir?

You'II know about seIected or rejected onIy if you go, right?

But many boys wouId come from different pIaces, sir.

To win in war or game, first thing is be fearIess.

Let anyone come, I beIieve in your taIent.

I'II take you with me. - My parents wiII not agree.

They'II scoId for pIaying here.

Going out of station for it. - My parents too won't agree.

I'II taIk to your parents.

It's my responsibiIity to get their acceptance, right?

ShouId I send them to neighbouring town to pIay footbaII?

ShouId I give you my permission?

Why these games? WiII it be usefuI to earn a Iiving?

Don't say Iike that, you don't know about your son's taIent.

What's that I don't know about him?

Since you're a teacher, if you want take him for tuitions.

I'II not send him to pIay games.

If you don't encourage your son, who wouId do it?

Had Sachin's father thought Iike you, wouId we've got a Sachin?

Had Bhaichung Bhutia's father thought Iike you,

wouId he have pIayed for this nation?

Bhaichung Bhuta? Who is he?

It's Bhutia, father, he's captain of Indian footbaII team.

If I send him to Iay footbaII now wouId be come another Bhutia?


If you encourage him Iike his parents.

Master is teIIing you, right? PIease send him.

If he reaIIy become a great pIayer, he'II bring honour to us and this viIIage.

Okay, since you insist, I can't say no to you.

You can take him.

Master, I'm sending him because you're asking.

But one thing. My son must get seIected at any cost.

Because I'm weII respected and honoured around this pIace.

If he faiIs in seIections, it may mar my reputation.


Take this money.

If he gets seIected with taIent, it's okay no probIem,

if he faiIs, then manage with money and get him seIected.

He'II get seIected and save my honour.

WiII you answer my question? - Ask me.

What's the vaIue of your honour?

Is honour Iike fertiIizer to put a price on it?

Few things are priceIess.

You're right sir, taIent too is one of them.

You've to secure a pIace in team with taIent not bought with money.

I beIieve your son has that taIent.

If you beIieve it, send him with me.

You've so much hope on my son, take him with you, sir.

Greetings sir. - Greetings.

Are these the boys who have come for seIections?

Yes sir.

MP has sent this Ietter. He wants to seIect those two kids.

Those tow?- Yes sir. - Let's see!

We need MP's heIp in future.

ShaII we start?

SeIection committee members have to come, sir. To seIect the boys.

Who are they? If I seIect, that's Iike entire committee has seIected. Got it?

What brings you here, sir?

Today you're seIecting boys for footbaII team,

he's my son Harsha,

I don't know how you do it, my son must be in the team.

Take it as your son is seIected.


Divide the boys into two teams.

There are two of my boys, sir. - Your boys?- Yes sir.

Okay, Iet me see.


Ask them to pIay.

PIay weII. - Okay sir.

You two go that side. You two go this side.

I've divided them into teams, sir.

We too want to join, sir.

Time is up, come next year. - Next year?

You haven't yet started, right?

How dare you question me?

I'II not Iet you pIay, what wiII you do? Get out.

Sir, pIease don't say Iike that sir, he said without knowing, sir.

They've come with great hope. - So what?

They're good pIayers, pIease give them a chance.

It's me who wouId decide whether they're good or not, not you !

That's why I'm asking you to give them one chance.

I said no. Go away!

Sir, we've come from Iong distance.

If you refuse now, they've to wait for a year.

PIease give them a chance, sir.

Okay, Iet them aIso pIay.

Where are you? - Ground.

Let's meet today evening, baby.

Why is he taIking on phone instead of watching the game?

I'm waiting for you, come.

Suresh, enough of the game. CaII out the boys.

Boys, stand in Iine.

WouId we get seIected, sir? - I'm sure you wiII.

You pIayed very weII and hit the goaIs.

I'm tensed, sir.

Why are you tensed? AII three of you wouId get seIected.

ReaIIy sir? - ReaIIy! Go.

Though aII of youid pIayed weII, we've to seIect few onIy.

So those who are not seIected don't feeI sad.

I'II read the names of 14 pIayers seIected for the team.

Those names I caII, come and stand here.

Ten names are over. - Yes.

I wish the next four has our three names.

I wish the Iast three are our names.

It's enough if at Ieast two us get seIected.

It's enough at Ieast if one gets seIected.


You said we pIayed weII and wouId get seIected, sir.

But why didn't he seIect at Ieast one of we three?

Boys who didn't hit even a goaI got seIected.

Why weren't we seIected, sir?

We can't get seIected despite pIaying weII, what's the use of pIaying?

4Inform them about training scheduIe. - Okay sir.

Why didn't you seIect those three boys?

Who are you ask me that?

You asked me to Iet them pIay, I aIIowed them.

You don't have any right to ask about seIection.

You don't need rights to ask about injustice.

Why did you seIect boys who can't pIay weII and reject good pIayers?

How dare you question me!

I'II seIect the boys I Iike.

Your boys may be great to you but not to me.

I don't see any taIent in your boys. That's why I didn't seIect them.

How much if I pay can make you see taIent in my boys?

What the heII are you saying?

Do I Iook Iike a man taking bribes? - Worse than it.

What did you say now? Your team and your wiII and wish !

Is this your home team or your street team?

If this team Ioses matches, they'II not say Ajay's team has Iost,

they'II say East Godavari team has Iost,

it's not your honour that is Iost but district's honour.

Because of peopIe Iike you peopIe without any taIent are getting fame.

ReaI taIented are going away from game without getting a chance.

Just because I'm siIent, don't Iecture to me,

do you think my team is useIess because I rejected your boys?

Do you think they can win the state tournament?

Yes, they wiII win. - No way!

Are you predicting?

No need to know astroIogy to predict this.

If you know the game is enough.

Do you know more about the game than me?

Then, get a team ready with your boys.

Yes I wiII make a team of boys you'd rejected.

I'II make them win over your team.

ChaIIenging me? - Yes, I'm throwing a chaIIenge.

Today is 15, if you've guts face my boys with your team on next 15th.

If my boys win, you've to take those three boys in your team,

What if your team Ioses?

I'II faII at your feet before everyone in the ground and go away.

Then, get ready to faII at my feet.

Don't worry about it, be ready to take my boys into your team.

Are you so confident about yourseIf?

Not on me, I trust my boys taIent.

They'II sureIy win and that's it!

Why are you so duII? For not getting seIected?

We're sad for not getting seIected,

but we feeI you'd unnecessariIy thrown a chaIIenge, sir?

Yes sir. We weren't seIected, how can we win over them?

Moreover we don't have a team too, sir - I'II form a team.

Though you can, we can't win over them, sir.

Yes sir, I too feeI we'II Iose. - Do you know what reaI defeat is?

Not Iosing in arena, but the feeIing of Iosing before entering it.

Coward wiII run away if stone is thrown at him.

A brave man wouId stand up and fight back.

A wise man wouId buiId a fort with those stones.

So said a great man !

WiII you be coward or brave enough to fight and get your pIace in the team,

decision is yours now?

We'II pIay, sir.

We'II pIay and win.

But... - What happened?

WouId peopIe agree to Iet us pIay representing the pIace?

Leave that to me, I'II taIk to them.

What's there to taIk? What do you think of yourseIves?

Are you ChaIIenge Ramudu to throw chaIIenges?

You're just schooI master Ramu.

Though he's president, he has never thrown a chaIIenge for this pIace.

How can you throw a chaIIenge?

Our pIace Iost it's honour because none got seIected.

I Iost my honour because my son didn't get seIected.

They weren't seIected because of Iack of taIent,

because of coach's dirty poIitics.

There's poIitics in every pIace, sir.

If we get we're Iucky if not unIucky.

Since everyone is accepting it as ruIe, reaI taIent is getting ignored.

They've taIent, so I wanted to encourage them,

I want to fight the injustice done to them,

it is as wrong as not encouraging taIent as encouraging taIent Iess.

To say in your Ianguage,

it wrong to sow seeds in a dry Iand as much as not sowing in wet Iands.

Though there are many chiIdren who bring honour to parents,

there are very few who bring honour to their native pIace,

I trust these boys wouId bring honour to our pIace.

If you aIso trust me, pIease give en opportunity.

Why are you stiII thinking? Master is right.

When he's thinking so much about our chiIdren and our pIace,

how much shouId we think?

Right, but president must accept to represent the pIace.

Accept! Is he asking your property?

He's seeking permission to pIay footbaII on behaIf of this pIace.

PIease give him permission.

Are you the president or me? - You !

I'II think over and decide on giving permission or not.


There's another reason for master to throw the chaIIenge.

What's it?- He not onIy rejected us but abused our pIace.

Abused our pIace?

Yes, when he asked where are we from? We said SakinetipaIIi,

he said if you come form some God forsaken pIace, shouId I seIect you?

Did he say God forsaken pIace?

Yes, not onIy that we said abuse us not our Iace,

our president wiII not take it easy. - What did he say then?

To heII with your president! What the heII can he do?

Did he say to heII with your president?

How did he come to know the truth?

Then, we must bring down his pride.

Master, use what ever you want to in this viIIage.

Take which over boy you want. If you want, I'II send my son too.

We don't have a son. - I got emotionaI!

It's good you've aIIowed the boys to pIay,

what about their schooI and attendance?

Don't worry about it, I'II teII head master to mark attendance to aII boys.

Sir, you be on the job. - Thanks, sir.

Don't you've any other boys who can pIay footbaII?

There are 3 of friends, sir.

But they've stopped pIaying footbaII and started pIaying cricket.

Then, meet them, teII about the match and bring them to me.

Okay sir. Come.

Let's go to the viIIage and see who couId be usefuI to us.

ShouId we pIay footbaII with you?

On the coming 15th we're having a match with East Godavari district team.

Our team? Where's our team?

Since we don't have one, master is pIanning to start a team with us.

You know to pIay footbaII, so master wanted you with us.

It isn't cricket to jump as soon as you caII us,

we'II pIay onIy cricket. - PIease pIay for us.

You can pIay cricket after the match.

We said we'II not pIay, come on boys.

Okay, if not you, we'II find others.

We know you and even if you don't go to schooI, you'II get attendance.

What? No need to attend schooI?

President has ordered to put attendance to footbaII pIayers.

ReaIIy? - If you've doubt, ask president.

No need.

This is the best chance not to attend cIasses.

We can cut cIasses for footbaII and then pIay cricket.

Okay, we'II accept your invitation, we'II pIay with you.

Come, Iet's meet master. - Come.

No father, you're aIways beating me.


You're finished!

If I get hoId of you, I'II drown you in Godavari,

if not I'm no more AnnabathuIa Tata Rao.

Change your name.

What happened now? Why are you furious on him?

Furious? I'm terribIy upset with his behaviour.

Did he cheat you again? - He's a cheat to the core.

Veeranna wants me to cough up Rs.3000 for what he had done.

Why shouId you pay him Rs.3000? - Ask your son about it.

What did you do with him?

I didn't do anything to Veeranna, mother.

I caIIed his horse, that's aII!

Did he ask Rs.3000 for caIIing his horse?

How I caIIed it was...

PuII me Badshah...puII me...

Ranadev BiIIa is taking away KajoI before me.

PuII me up, don't eat grass.

PuII me, we must defeat Ranadev BiIIa, and save honour of Mithravinda.

PuII me up...puII me...

Did it puII you?

PuII him? How can it puII him? He puIIed it into river and it died.

Veeranna is creating troubIe to pay for his dead horse.

I wiII...stop...

He's stiII chasing me. - Stop...stop...

You're finished today!

We've found our goaI keeper.

Who is it, master? - Kittu ! Come.

Why are you beating the boy, sir?

You don't know what mischief he has done, sir?

ChiIdren are mischievous.

They can but it cost me Rs.3000.

If you I'II give you Rs.3000. I want to ask you a thing.

What is it?

I'm starting a footbaII team of this viIIage,

if you agree, I'II take Kittu into my team.

Too much master, you needn't have to ask me, sir.

May be sports wouId redeem him.

If you want keep him with you day and night to pIay. PIay.

Okay, you go.

WiII you pIay, Kittu?

Master, you saved my Iife, you're my saviour!

Not just footbaII, I'II pIay any baII for you, sir.

No need to pIay aII those baIIs, its enough if you pIay footbaII.

I'II pIay footbaII as you say, sir.

They're those 3 pIayers, sir.

We've toId him everything, they've agreed to pIay.

Come to the pIay ground tomorrow. - Okay sir.

Let's go and find few more pIayers. Come.

Why are you staring at the boy, sir?

The boy wouId be usefuI to us. - That boy?

Yes, a footbaII pIayer must have strong Iegs.

He pounds mud everyday with Iegs, so his Iegs wouId be strong.

Let's ask him.

Come in sir, do you want pots? - I want this boy.

Are you making fun of me? Do I Iook Iike a son seIIer?

I'm not asking to buy your son. - Then?

To pIay footbaII.

FootbaII? ShouId he pIay footbaII Ieaving IiveIihood?

If I send him to pIay, who wouId work here?

If you appoint someone eIse.

If I take a worker, I've to pay him Rs.100 every day.

Who wouId pay it? - I'II pay it.

I don't know how much you need your son for the work,

but I need him for my game. PIease send him, sir.

He's requesting so much, why are you thinking?

Just a game, send him.

Take him sir, make him pIay.

That boy is usefuI to us.

President toId me everything, your anger has honesty,

your struggIe is just,

reaI taIent wiII never Iose, it must never Iose.

Like you make them recite poems in cIass room,

make them practice Iike heII on the ground.

Okay sir.

Mother... - What?

Ladder feII down outside. - Is it? TeII your father.

Father knows it, Iadder feII on father.

How couId you faII Iike that?

May I faII again to show you? First Iift the Iadder.

Be carefuI.

Ladder is heavier than you.

Has Chanti gone to practice or not?

What's this mischief?

I'm safe because it was him, had it been you, I'd be dead.

Master has come.

ShaII we start the game? - Let's start, stand in a circIe.

The Description of Ramadandu Telugu Full Movie || Krishnudu, Krishna Bhagavan || Satish Vegesna || Sri Vasant