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- I'm so confused. How is that the first thing

you think of? What is going on with this person?

- You know, you may not get the points,

but at least you're funny.

♪ (upbeat intro) ♪

- (FBE) So, a fun thing on the internet

that we're gonna show you today is some funny test answers.

- Funny test answers? Oh my gosh, what?

That's so true, though, 'cause I always feel like

when I'm taking tests, people could say anything

they want on here.

- I love these. They're so dumb,

yet it can make anyone just have a moment

of happiness in their day.

- I have never written any crazy answers,

'cause I'm too much of a goodie two shoes.

I'm not gonna do that. I need those good test scores.

- I know they're all gonna be from little kids

that are just being sarcastic and funny and sometimes do that,

but that's what I love about little kids.

They're honest.

- "Write 'sn,' 'sp,' or 'st' to complete each word."

The first part's good. We looking good.

- "Write to complete each sentence. Use the word bank."

Oh my gosh. Okay, "I got yarn at the bank.

Do you like the bank?"

- "Put your feet on the bank. Did you bank the drink?"

- This deadass could be a Lil' Pump song or something.

A Soundcloud rapper getting this as their lyrics,

this is where they get their inspiration from.

It hast to be.

- She's not wrong. They said to use the word bank,

so Emma followed the instructions.

- That's not the kid's fault. It says right there,

"Use the word bank" and this person literally

thought about it and just said "screw it"

and put the word "bank" in every one.

That's not the student's fault. That's definitely

the teacher's fault for not phrasing that sentence right.

- "Women should periodically have a Pap smear test performed

to detect cervical cancer. Which letter indicates

the cervix in the diagram below?" It's the Lion King.

That's so funny. Oh my gosh.

It's pretty creative, though.

- That's the best way to draw one now, I guess.

Start off with the cervix and the vagina, make a lion.

- Looks good, I guess.

- I'm so confused. How is that the first thing

you think of? What is going on with this person?

- This is amazing for me just because I feel like

this person literally just sat there in quiet

and I'm pretty sure this person didn't tell anybody

that they thought this diagram of a vagina looked like a panther,

but now the whole world knows.

- I mean, I guess if you don't know the answers,

this is one way to get by without having a blank.

Whatever, works for me. A+.

- "Who would not want to grade this paper?"

"Do not touch. It's snot that fell from my nose."

At least they're being honest.

- He's just trying to be nice to his teacher,

let him know that's not an area you wanna touch.

- Ah man, we're so immature as a generation.

It's not wrong.

- It was polite giving some warning

and not just handing it and he got a 91.

That's a decent human being, gotta be honest.

He owned up to his mistakes. It's pretty nice.

- Someone did have to touch it to be able to write the 91

on there though, so whoever did probably

got this dude's infection from his snot.

I would have just left it blank.

- Aw, did he cry while taking the test?

That's so relevant. Oh my God, me.

Either that or he was just really sick.

I'll take it as he was crying.

- "Can a man still reproduce with only one testicle."

"No, girls don't find that attractive."

- You don't know. Other girls might

find that attractive. I'm sure it still works.

- This person got half a point for answering the question,

so is he wrong or is she wrong? Who knows.

We'll never know.

- "Nice try, .5" I guess the teacher

was nice enough to give him credit.

- See, that's what I'm saying. These test answers,

people could literally put anything that they want.

That's so funny.

- You gotta be tight with your professor to put

an answer like that. You don't want a professor

that you're not cool with to think this stuff of you.

This is still funny though. I'll give it to them.

- "What is the highest frequency noise that a human can register?"

"Mariah Carey." Yes, I love that.

That's so funny.

- A hundred percent correct. Skinny legend Mariah Carey

is the only thing that ever goes as high as possible,

'cause you can't even hear her half the time.

- That'd be funny if that was the teacher's reply.

Like, "Oh yes, I agree. I stand--

we stand."

- Wait, didn't she mess up at a Christmas special

a couple years ago, 'cause she couldn't sing?

So I don't understand why this person put Mariah Carey

if she can't sing in public anymore.

- I'd have to disagree with that. I feel like it'd be

Freddy Mercury. - ♪ Ayo

- At least there was hearts. She put hearts,

so it made it look cute, so I would give extra credit

and for the good handwriting.

- "What did you learn about Earth Day that you

did not already know? In what situation might

this new information be useful?"

- "I did not know Earth Day was April 22.

It might be useful in a trivia game."

The teacher's probably like, "Not what I was looking for,

but it's not wrong."

- This is true. You never know,

trivia games are weird and a lot of random questions

and this might be some useful information,

so kudos to this person.

- Gotta be retaining that knowledge, 'cause you never know when

the opportunity strikes to be in a trivia game

and you're gonna need that and you're gonna be happy

that you learned it.

- She's thinking smart, 'cause you never know

when you're gonna be on that trivia game.

A million dollars on the line, "When is Earth Day?"

She's ready. That's my type of girl right there.

- I can see HQ or something like that just asking this question

and then he gets it. I learned something today,

April 22, all right.

- This is a lot, 'cause first it's math that I do not understand.

That's in another language. That's why I don't understand.

- So, it looks like maybe they were writing out an answer,

but they didn't know it, so they covered it up

with "Top secret" and then act like they spilled coffee on it

just to make it look like their answers were messed up

and to be funny because they didn't know

what the answer was.

- I like the top secret one though. That's smart.

I should do that when I don't know the answer.

- The teacher didn't even appreciate his time to do that,

not like the other teacher that put "Nice try."

He just put an X through it. You ruined his artwork.

You couldn't even have put that on the side,

a little X that said "No points."

- I wish I was this smart and had this kind of intellect

to put these answers, because I feel like there are

some professors out there that will appreciate your effort

and just give you at least the point,

but that's really rare, so I don't recommend that,

but I would definitely do that.

- You don't know the answer, way to go.

You might not get the points, but at least you're funny.

If I was a teacher, I'd look at this and be like,

"[Bleep] dumb, but it's good." I'd honestly give half credit

if I was a teacher. That's hilarious.

- "I think my mom should do less of this."

"Drink wine." Oh my God, does the mom

talk about it all the time to their kid that they know that

they can't drink wine? That's so funny.

- I know it's supposed to be funny, but this kid is dealing

with an alcoholic parent. That's not fun.

That's so sad.

- Oh no. You already know this mom

got called into a parent teacher conference.

She said, "Do you have a problem?"

- Here's the thing though, aren't teachers mandated

reporters so if their kid says something really bad,

the teacher has to report it? So now what if because of this,

that child has no mom?

- Well, you're drawing her pretty happy.

I don't know why you would wanna take your mom's

happiness away. If you did this

and she was actually sad, I could see why,

but I mean, let the mom by happy.

- If you're drinking so much that your kid notices,

maybe take it down a notch, but at least her mom

still looks cute. She got hearts.

She got a nice, yellow background.

- "The difference between 180 and 158 is 22.

Explain how you found your answer in Problem 4."

"Math." Those were always

the worst questions when you find the answer

and then they're like, explain how you got there.

It's like, really? I had to do all the work,

now I just have to tell you about all the work?

They're all, "Math."

- I'm not even gonna try to see if that's right, actually.

"Explain how you found your answer in Problem 4."

"Math," yeah. There's no other explanation.

Math is the solution to everything.

- Math seems more to the point. I would have stuck with that.

- Technically, he's not wrong, so I don't see how this

is a bad answer. I wish I had the nerve

to do that, 'cause sometimes you

really just want to.

- Why would you write more when you could just write "Math?"

It's simple logic and I think that deserves credit.

- Is this person wrong? They're not, right?

And so, sometimes you just gotta work smarter, not harder

and this is one of those examples and it worked out.

- "What do we call the science of classifying living things?"

"Racism." Damn, this kid woke.

- That's so funny, 'cause it's kinda true.

Oh my gosh.

- In what stance are we classifying those living things?

I mean, he's not wrong, so if he wants to elaborate

on his thesis, I think he could get away with it.

- Oh my God, we classify things?

We're all racists. We classify bugs

on the color of their shields and stuff.

That's [bleep] up. That's dark.

- That's too deep, but he's not wrong,

so gotta give him points for it.

- Not a good answer, but it's a truthful answer,

which we all can learn from, so this kid's living in 3018

making sure we all know that we're classifying this way.

We need to stop.

- These were actually pretty cool. I think my favorite was

the top secret one and the coffee spilled on there.

I'ma have to take that for a college exam.

- I think they're really witty and I think really witty answers

deserve points and that's why I would give all these kids

five out of fives.

- Whenever you're having a bad day, looking through

any of these can just lighten the mood,

make you just that much happier.

- People are so witty and they're bold to write

these things on their answers. Me, goodie two shoes in school,

I would never do that, but that's so funny

that people actually did it and I think the cutest ones

are the kids when they think that they're being right,

but they're actually wrong and it's just so funny.

- Thank you guys for watching. See you next time.

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