Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Sun's Necessities [ANIMATIC]

Difficulty: 0

Ah, another morning

Another papers everywhere....everywhere

[ripping papers sound] I'm...TIRED of this!

I mean, who does need papers anymore in front of me....

Because I'm Celestia the ruler of Equestria

and I am so bored to work myself to sunset.

Oh-oh-oh I'm Celestia! The princess of Equestria

and I do not wan't to do my work.

[Luna] Stop whining

[Celestia] I cannot do

[Luna] For moon's sake

you're old and you can't run!

[Celestia] What did you say my lil' sis

I think I got brightdea here...

I sell my wings I sell my horn

I'll become just a normal horse!

[Luna] WHAT?!

The Description of The Sun's Necessities [ANIMATIC]