Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Boys in the Band | Official Trailer | Netflix

Difficulty: 0

And you, Donald,

you think it's just nifty

how I've always flitted from Beverly Hills to Rome

to Amsterdam.

I'm here to tell you,

the only place that I've ever been happy

was on the goddamn plane.

Run. Charge. Run. Buy.

Borrow. Make. Spend. Run.

Squander. Run. Beg. Run.

Run. Run.

Waste. Waste.


And why?

Who's coming?

Same old tired fairies

you've seen around since day one.

This is gonna be fun.

This old college friend of mine is in town,

but he's straight, so

Do you really think he doesn't know about you?

Emory, no!

I don't care what people do, as long as it's not in public.

It's the delivery boy from the bakery.

Ask him if he's got any hot cross buns!

Where the hell could Harold be?

Happy birthday.

-You're late. -Michael, you kill me.

When he's sober, he's dangerous.

When he drinks, he's lethal.

That's your surprise?

Hey, everybody, game time.

We all have to call the one person

we truly believe we have loved.

My God, Michael.

You're a charming host.

Who makes the first call?

If you make the call, you get one point.

I'm not playing.

Who would you call, Hank? Me?

If the person answers, you get two more points.

I just wanted to tell him that

to tell him that I

"I love him."

If you tell them that you love them

you get a bonus.

Who are you going to call, Alan?

You ended the friendship

because you couldn't face the truth about yourself.

I'm sorry.

I love you.

Hank, why did you do that?

Because I do love him. I don't care who knows it.

-I'm warning you. -Are you now?

I'm the one person you don't warn, Michael.

Because you and I are a match.

If we could just not hate ourselves so much

There's nothing as good

as feeling sorry for yourself, is there?


Mary, take me home. These queens are crazy.

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