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Material stuff don't impress me no more.

I know I can get it.

When you know you can get something, you gonna be like, "Oh, okay, I can get it again, I

can get it again."

It don't bother me if I see a pair of Louis in the store 'cause I know I can get it.

Nah, it wasn't about nobody.

I just did it from the heart.

I just freestyled, and did from the heart, how I felt.

It don't have to be about somebody, it was just for somebody.

For somebody to relate to, You know every girl, they worth it, you know?

They ain't perfect but they worth it.

A lot girls got to understand that.

When I put it on Instagram man, it went 2 million views in 3 days.

Everybody wanted me to drop it.

They didn't want me to drop nothing else but "Worth It".

People are trying to change they body up, trying to be the person they really ain't.

You got to show me that you ain't going to waste my time.

It's not about nobody, it's not about no face, it's about your personality, it's about how

you is, like the person you are.

People doubted me, people ain't thought I was gonna blow, laughing at me, blasé, blasé.

Hey, listen, look at me now.


Like I said last one, I like to put my girl in Versace, and Gucci, Prada, whatever she want.

She don't got to ask.

Time is very precious.

When I see time, I see money, and with me, if you wasting my time you wasting my money

and you taking my money away from me.

I don't like that.

Don't ever say you love me you don't love me.

Don't say that 'cause love is a very strong word.

If a girl love me, it make me feel, that make me smile, 'cause I know she really care for

me, I know she really like me, I know she really down for me, so don't say you love

me and lie.

Girls feel like, "Oh, he cheating.

Oh, he out here hitting all the little girls."

It don't be like that, baby.

I just be chilling.

I'm very smart, I'm very talented, I'm very brilliant.

I'm a ladies' man, I love treating a girl like rubbing your feet, I like kissing all

over your body, I'm the best, like what you want?

I got it.

I got it all.

I'm the full package. I'm a snack, meal, what you want?

I gotta feed my family, I gotta feed you.

Priorities, I gotta do that.

I gotta have that right.

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