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hello I'm Nick Shepherd welcome this is

number one of a set of two videos about

five prepositions which talk about time

in different ways first a reminder

what's a preposition well here are many

of them and the five we're talking about

in these videos are from and to four

since and until and here's the first

scene of a man and woman chatting I stay

here from June to August every year do

you stay for three months yes I usually

do so you've been here since June the

first yes I've been here for six weeks

and I'm staying until September 20th

okay in this video we look at three

words in this little conversation from 2

& 4 and there's a link at the end of

this video to the next one where we look

at since and until now looking at their

dialogue she says from June to August

two points in time marking the beginning

and the end of the period then he says

for three months which is the whole

period of time then later on he says for

six weeks again the period of time and

here are some more examples my class

today is from six to eight it lasts for

two hours so from six to eight six is

for time it starts and eight when it

finishes and for two hours that's the

period of time the course runs for six

months from September to March and a

couple more I lived here for ten years

from 2006 to 2016 I'm working for three

days from Monday to wednesday and it

works like this from a point in time to

another point in time from and to or

through a period of time for

and now it's your turn here are five

sentences with gaps after each word in

some sentences you have to put in two

words from and to and in some sentences

you put in one word for I'll give you

ten seconds to think about it you can

stop the video if you like and here are

the answers

number one the last European Wars went

on from 1914 to 1945 number two he's

been working here for five years number

three the meeting will last from 6 p.m.

to about 9 o'clock number 4 will stay

there for a fortnight and number 5 I

want us to meet regularly for a month

so that's it for today please write a

comment or ask a question and you can

subscribe thank you to Caroline for the

illustrations to Hugo for technical

support and thanks for watching


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