Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ADDICTED TO PRANKING (GONE SEXUAL)

Difficulty: 0

It's not a prank, it's a social experiment

Shut up

My name is Ethan and my best friend Anthony thinks I'm addicted to pranking

Which is totally not true

I mean I barely prank at... (chokes)

Someone help!

Are you okay?!

Are you breathing?


You got pranked!

You got so pranked!!

Dude that's not even funny. I thought you were actually dying!

Uhh, prank you very much!

****ing asshole.


It's going to go big

Anthony wants to stop Ian from pranking.

because Anthony is a lonely excuse for a man with no other friends

who just sits at home all day with his 17 cats.

Alright, Hey wait hold on I don't have 17 cats

I only have 15

Anyway Ian does nothing but sit around and watch these pranks or "Social Experiments" on YouTube.

And they are not even social experiments

They are just dushbags being asshole to people on streets

the most famous of these pranksters is Joey Pranktube Comedy



Oh Joey Pranktube is like the prank jesus of YouTube

The even like Rock paper scisors with girls on street

He's like if I win I get to make out with you

And even if he looses he still makes out with them

I was just What !!!

The prank chanells need a dumb name for fan base for some reason

The dumber the better so

So Ian chose Fart Army!

Yo, whats up fart army

Today I am going to go to the hood and asking change for a dollar

But what they don't know is when I ask for change I'm gonna sneeze on em

Let's Go

Hey excuse me, do you gotta change for a dollar

No I'm sorry


Really Bro?!

Ahhah!!! prank you very much

You just got pranked man

see the camera behind the bush, you got pranked!

alright catch you later Fart Army

don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube, I love you

like my twitter uhhh

I got snapchat too, I don't know what the link is uhh bye

Ian's getting worse, nobody is watching his videos

so, he decided to what every prankster does

to try to convince their audience

their not complete pieces of sh*t

yo what up fart army?

theres a lot of homeless people out on the streets

and thats wrong

so i'm gonna go out there and give them food

because i'm a good human being

with alternative motives, lets go

prank you very much

this is for you

I said prank you very much

I can't eat that.


well it turns out that homeless girl

had a peanut allergy and is now in a coma