Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Destiny Changing Vortexes in India

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Karma changing vortexes; I have done some videos before on the relationship between

time and space. That you can change your space and change time, not the other way round.

There are certain spaces in India; you can call them vortexes where you can change your

time, changing time simply means changing your karma. The Yogis found these places and

then they stayed there because that gave them the ability to transform themselves. So this

body is a result of karma. So they just wanted to turn this body into light in the cases

of Siddhas or just wanted to finish off the karma that brought the body into existence.

So they were looking at different spots, where they can go and live so that they are able

to change their karma by living in that space, in other words changing time through the use

of space. These places are the vortexes, later on after the Siddha passed away or disappeared

in some cases, temples were built. So you have a number of such destiny changing, karma

changing, and time changing vortexes in India. For past two decades I take people to India

to these vortexes. What we do is just find out what needs to be done for each individual

based on these sacred palm leaves on which their histories are written because the palm

leaves also say that you have to go to these vortexes and get your destiny changed, so

that your life becomes more peaceful and successful. Every year during the months of October, November,

December sometimes I also stay through January. These are very sacred months particularly

October there is fight between the positive and negative forces and the Gods and the Goddess

visit the plane to the vortexes during that time so you find all through these months

there is a lot of turbulence every where October ,November and December till January 15th.

So this is the time I schedule and I would always go there during that time, because

of my other constrains I am not able to do it but then the program will keep continuing.

Those who are interested in going to those vortexes should go and visit my website to

see if there are programs. My programs are very, very uncertain but even if I am there

or not there will be programs to take people to the vortexes because I have told my people

that its a very, very important service for people to go to India and change their


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