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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ellen's Personal Email

Difficulty: 0

- Hillary Clinton has been in the news lately.

Apparently, she used her personal email account

for government business,

and now she's calling those emails out and she's like,

she has nothing to hide.

And I have to say, the story makes me want to come clean.

Sometimes I use my work email for personal use.

I shouldn't--I know I shouldn't, and I do.

And so--I have nothing to hide.

I thought I would share some of mine with you.


This one is from me to Portia. The subject is "Very important."

"Look at this video of a cat trying to open a door!"

[laughter] "Ha ha ha ha!"

It was such a cute video.

And then, here's another one from me to Portia.

Subject: "Urgent."

"You have to see this cat snuggling with a baby."


And then I put a lot of emojiis on there, that's the--

Ends with a thumbs up.

Here's one from me to Portia. It's not a cat video.

This says, "Look at this dog!!!"

[laughter] "Now I want a beagle."

And this is a really cute video, so I thought,

I can't just talk about this, 'cause you're wondering

why would I want a beagle?

Because-- well, I'll show you why.

So, the beagle wants to-- the door's open.

He's just still confused.

[laughter] Come on!

"I want the toy," and then "Okay, I'll go around."

And--oh no, it's closed.

[laughter and reaction]

"All right, I'm gonna go-- I'm gonna bring it inside."


"Okay, just couldn't-- Nope, nope.

Oh, I just..."

Oh, the tail is wagging, so happy to have it in it's mouth,

and yet it can't go inside-- Oh! Oh.

"All right, if I go in, I'll have better traction.

I'm gonna pull with all my might."

Yay! [cheers and applause]

[cheers and applause]

That's the spirit! Don't give up!

I found that on Ellentube. If you have something

that you want me to see, you should put it on Ellentube.

And if you have the app, this week you could win tickets

to one of our Twelve Days of Giveaways.

So, I don't know--if you don't have the app, get it.


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