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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Clone Beth vs. Pickle Rick: Does Choice Matter? – Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 9 Breakdown

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Hey wisecrack, fleshy Jerry again and today we're breaking down Season 03 Episode 09 of Rick and Morty

Abcs of beth This episode Is One of My favorites not Only Because It develops beth in some

born to stab

Interesting Ways But Because It Builds on a Theme from Way back in another season three favorite

i'm pickle Rick

That Idea The importance of choice welcome This wisecrack quick take on the abcs of Beth

first a quick Recap the father of Beth's Adolescent Friend Tommy is about to be put to Death for eating his son

Beth soon realizes her childhood Fantasy of

Froopy Land Was Not some mechanism to cope with her friend's Death but a Very Real Place Built by rick to keep her

Sociopathic tendencies Out of His way also Tommy has built a Kingdom on incest and cannibalism i suppose you're Wondering

How do i Sustain Myself oh boy no We aren't

meanwhile Jerry Has a New alien girlfriend Kiara and Things are moving

Fast Does your planet Have Shorter Days Because you Guys aren't moving Kind of Fast no Jerry decides

to break Up with her but is unable to take

responsibility for His decision and Blames his Kids after Kiara tries to murder Morning and summer for Allegedly Causing the Break-up

Jerry Finally owns Up to his actions in the abcs of beth the a and B Plots

parallel each Other We Have beth Jerry and even Rick Unwilling to take

responsibility for Their choices Beth Refuses to acknowledge

Sentencing Tommy to a life of humping teletubbies Tommy I'M sorry You think you deserve an Apology

and Rick Denies Building Froopy land to avoid being emotionally available to his Daughter I'm sorry

you think you deserve an Apology Whereas Jerry

Refuses to take responsibility for ending His toxic relationship with Kiara

So what Does all This have to do with Pickle rick well this and i think it's because the only truly unapproachable

Concept for You is that it's your Mind Within Your control

You chose to come here you chose to talk to belittle My

Vocation Just as You chose to become a Pickle each of us gets to choose as we've Mentioned before

This Season is playing a Lot with the ideas of Agency Freedom and most Importantly choice as dr

Wong noted in rickmancing the stone Morty is Angry at His father for having no agency

stop standing in the driveway talking about custody

and either tell her you wanna stay married or get on with your life

but whatever you do stop being a baby and act like a man

in pickle rick, rick literally Gives Up his freedom By becoming a Pickle an

elaborate ruse to avoid

Therapy in the rick Landis Mix-Up we see What happens When rick's give up their Freedom and of Course in the whirly dirly conspiracy

One of My favorite Moments in the season is this Advice to Jerry But there comes a time in Every Man's life

When he must choose the foundation on Which his legacy Will be built one of compromise?

or One of Blood

in our pickle rick quick take We take we Talked about how some of The ideas Represented

There mirrored Jean Paul sartre Idea of Bad Faith for a Very quick refresher

Bad Faith is when we negate the radical Freedom we were afforded in our ability to make choices in a sense we choose not to

choose After She Realizes She's no different Than Rick

oh my god, i'm my father

Beth has an identity Crisis dad i'm out of Excuses to not be who i am so who Am i

What do i do so

How do two Sanchezes Cursed with intelligence Find meaning in an uncaring World? Am i evil worse

You're Smart When you know nothing matters the universe is Yours and i've never met a universe that Was into it

Rick's Conversation Reflects on some of sartre's Points

for sartre's The Whole problem of Our Existence starts with The fact That there is no inherent Meaning


Departing From Start a Bit Any attempt to draw Meaning from the universe will be met With

Cosmic indifference

You Know Smart People get a Chance to climb on top take Reality for a Ride but it'll never Stop trying to throw you

and Eventually It Will There's no other way off for rick though Smart enough Get to take Reality for a Ride Before they

Too are

Inevitably Thrown off or in other Words They can indulge in whatever They desire but When reality

Catches Up with them well we've Seen It before with rick beth Feels trapped by her family and her

Arguably Ironic attachment to Abc's Bachelors she

readily denies her own freedom and thus the choices available to her with the facts of her Existence

can't Do that The Kids Jerry My Job and as much as i hate to admit it Abc'S the bachelor Rick's solution isn't to free her

Necessarily But to give her a choice can make a clone of You a

Perfect instance Of You with all Your memories an Exact Copy in Every Way it'll love and provide for the Kids do your job and

consume Broadcast Network Reality Tv on the same Allegedly

Ironic Level as you You could be gone a day a Week or the rest of Your life with zero Consequences

The Moment you decide to come back i flip a switch and the clones Job IS done it Feels no pain

Regrets nothing and Has Zero Chance of Going Blade Runner

The important Thing Here is rick doesn't argue that she Should do this But Says then stay and

luxuriate in a life you can Finally Know you've chosen

My Secret Bonus Is that no matter What you choose you're Finally gonna chill The fuck out in other Words it's not Whether she takes

Rick Up on the clone or not but the fact that she Makes a choice that matters the prospect of the clone

Confronts Beth With her absolute freedom and Just By putting her in this

Crossroads Rick Is prompting her to choose her identity so no matter what she chooses the choice Brings Resolved to her identity

Crisis so maybe rick has Learned something from dr

wong After All

we can Split Hairs on Reddit Forums for Hours on whether or not beth decided to take Rick's offer but It doesn't really matter

Whether or not Beth abandoned her family, it's the fact that she chose that will ultimately help her find meaning.

So what about evil?

Jerry Claims he isn't evil but just a coward

Meanwhile rick tells beth She's not evil, just smart.

but are we to believe rick or is this for intelligence used to justify sickness, to quote Dr Wong.

After all, Rick built a magical play place for his sociopathic child is to avoid dealing With her inherited problems.

To Hear us Address these questions and more Check Out our rick and Morty Podcast the squanch we're breaking down Every episode of

This Season of Rick and Morty so click on the link in the description to get your squatch on thanks for watching Everybody peace


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