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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Prepositions in Common Phrases #3 - English Lesson

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are you often wondering about the

correct preposition in a common phrase

are you uncertain whether you should say

married to or married with or satisfied

with or satisfied about then join me in

this series of lessons for a review of

prepositions in some common phrases

hello and welcome everyone this is minoo

at anglo-link this is the third lesson

in our series prepositions in common

phrases today we are going to review

some phrases with prepositions about

from and with as in the previous lessons

you're going to remind yourself of the

correct preposition by doing a

gap-filling exercise make sure you

repeat the exercise a few times until

you get the preposition right each time

by the end of your practice you will

have built the necessary reflexes to use

the correct preposition every time you

use one of these phrases so when you're

ready we can begin prepositions in

common phrases part 3 in this part we're

going to practice 15 common phrases

containing the prepositions to about and

with as I said in the introduction oral

repetition is the key to assimilation so

let's go straight to the gap-filling


this is what you're going to do you're

going to see and hear a sentence with a

missing preposition

you're going to fill in the gap with two

about or with

you will then hear the complete sentence

which you should repeat out loud for

example you will see and hear their

committed quality

you should say they're committed to

quality you will then see and hear the

completed sentence we're committed to

quality which you should repeat out loud

do all the exercises once and then come

back and do them again several times

until you can find the correct

preposition each time without any


right then let's begin

complete the sentences with two about or


number one

what is the solution the problem

what is the solution to the problem

number two

I'm satisfied the outcome

I'm satisfied with the outcome

number three he is complaining his room

is complaining about his room

number four

he is married a celebrity

he is married to a celebrity

number five can you provide us a


can you provide us with a proposal

number six

she is concerned the future

she is concerned about the future

number seven I can't agree you

I can't agree with you

number eight I'm looking forward my


I'm looking forward to my holiday

number nine we're excited tomorrow

we're excited about tomorrow

number ten

I have doubts this project

I have doubts about this project

number eleven do you need help your


do you need help with your homework

number 12 they're entitled compensation

they're entitled to compensation

number 13 don't worry it don't worry

about it

number fourteen my friends are similar


my friends are similar to me

and finally number 15 are you familiar

this region

are you familiar with this region

okay I hope you got them all right if

not go back and do the exercises one

more time remember your goal is to get

them all correct without any hesitation

as you know you can now go to our

website for more lessons and exercises

thank you for watching I look forward to

seeing you in my next lesson bye now

The Description of Prepositions in Common Phrases #3 - English Lesson