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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Homemade Cornflakes Project

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- Mmm.

(fanfare music)

Hello everybody, I hope you are well.

One of my favourite breakfast cereals, which I don't

think I've ever really shared with you,

is the bog standard, corn flakes.

You know, you get your bowl, you pour your corn flakes in,

you drench it in milk.

I like to add a little bit of sugar.

And then you munch away.


Now, of course, you go into a supermarket

and you get a whole host of different types of corn flakes.

And they do vary in quality.

Got the basic ones, I don't know what these are.

Classic cock ones.

Yeah, I mean, this is not a sponsored video,

but Rellogg's are my favourite corn flakes to normally have.

For me, there is legitimately a difference.

Some of the real basic ones taste like a card.

So yesterday, cha-ching, look at this tweet.

Look at you, beautiful thing.

I just had this thing where I wanted to do some

homemade corn flakes and basically other than it

being a personal project, you guys actually wanted

to see me do it, which I think is brilliant,

because that's a video for me and I genuinely wanna do it.

So I've found three corn flake recipes,

varying styles and things like that, which we're gonna try

and do right now.

The first one we're gonna do

is actually involving frying tortillas.

Now, these are corn tortillas.

You get flour ones, wheat ones, all that stuff.

And I've actually made homemade corn tortillas before.

So the actual flavouring and all

that should already be in your tortilla.

We're just frying it.

Oh yeah, that's perfect,

and apparently we can do several at a time.

Now, I think two will be fine.

Okay, so it's gonna be a layer, enough to cover the base

of the pan, obviously, and then go up a little bit.

And apparently, the important thing is to not warm them

up too much, because they'll burn very quickly.

We're gonna just dunk these in,

like so, while the oil is still okay.

Just give that a little bit of a prod so

that it's all fully submerged and soaked.

So I'm gonna let that warm up.

And over here I've just got some kitchen towel so

that once they are fried,

just like any other thing you try and drain it off.

The corn flakes have gone soggy while I'm waiting.

So these better be good.

Whoa, we've got puffage and some gentle sizzling.

I am liking this.

So I'm turning the flame right down to a low,

so we really are frying these slowly.

You can see we've got a lovely,

out of nowhere, golden colour on this now.

We'll keep pushing on a little longer,

but I'm thinking on the outer edge there,

that's really the colour we're after.

Oh dear, uh, yeah, the one

underneath is looking really well done.

So, we'll lift it out, boom.

Okay, so these are still a little bit hot,

but ah, you can see the variant of colour.

This is the one that was underneath it.

Look at that (laughs).

So I would suggest that we're gonna go with just this one.

It's got a nice shade to it and just maybe do one at a time.

We'll just put more oil in it.

To be fair though, this probably does

make an awesome Frisbee. (tortilla crashes)

So, it did surprise me at first, but the next step, in fact,

the only step, there's two ingredients, tortillas, and salt.

Salt Bae. (piano music)


And we let them cool down, pretty much cool.

We now bash them up into corn flake-sized pieces.

(corn flakes crunching)

Not into fine pieces, just rough.

So there we go.

That is my corn flakes there.

Given them a bit of a shake.

We'll get them in there.

(corn flake crunches)

That's pretty good though.

Oh, I think I put too much salt on it.

I mean, I'm eating a fried tortilla, so it's not bad at all.

Conclusion, that is actually really, really tasty.

The salt is easing off now,

I think I might've just eaten a clump of salt.

It's good.

I would legitimately eat this for breakfast,

but I don't know if it's that healthy.

So the next ones are a little bit more complex.

This one's gonna involve baking the corn flakes,

which I think is gonna be my preferred method.

So we need to line a baking tray.

(upbeat music)

Eh, that'll do.

So we're gonna make a batter in here using cornmeal.

Basically, this stuff, which is really good

and a lot of pizza places use it to help get the pizzas

out the oven on the peels and that sort of stuff.

It feels nice.

We're gonna add a tablespoon of sugar,

a drop of vanilla extract,

180 mils of cold water, and some salt.

So, obviously, Salt Bae again.

If I can get it in the bowl. (laughs)

We just whisk this together.

Shoulda got a bigger bowl.

What we're trying to achieve is

like a pancake batter texture.

So I'm gonna add water gradually as we go

and keep whisking it through.

Not gonna add too much in, 'cause it'll absorb too quickly.

So you wanna sort of whisk as you go.

You can see that sort of made a better effect,

but you wanna make sure it's all incorporated.

(upbeat quirky music)

Yep, that'll do.

Alright, so I've greased this

to make it be a bit more flatter now.

The baking part is all like, oh,

so, we're gonna pour our batter into this.

So all I'm gonna do is push this

out so it's very, very thin.

Yeah, we kind of want it just like that.

So it's just semi-transparent.

And I personally think I've got too much in there,

so I'm gonna take some out.

This is a very strange sensation. (laughs)

(upbeat quirky music)

I'm happy with that.

We need to get a bit more cornmeal on there though.

Apparently, this is optional,

but this will help give it a nice sort of crunchy edge.

Add just a little drop of water.

And this time we do want it to be

that sort of crumbly texture like this.

And what we do is we take these crumbs

and we just sprinkle them on the top.

And apparently that will give it

that sort of bumpy, crunchy, bubbly topping thing.

It just feels like I'm sprinkling cheese

on top of custard at the moment, but we're gonna go for it.

Okay, so, now she gets baked twice.

This is the first bake, which is a lot hotter.

Gonna go in the middle shelf for approximately 10 minutes.

Alright, so, whoa.

Oh, we've got some crackage, but I don't mind.

That's alright, and what we have

to do now is leave it to cool.

And I've lowered my oven to 120 degrees C,

or 100 degrees C fan, but you're a fan.

I'm a big fan of your work.

Speaking of being big fans, just wanna say a massive shout

out to you, every single one of you,

wherever you are in the world.

In the last 28 days, we've had 35 million minutes

watched and 4.4 million views.

That is insane and I massively appreciate it.

And an extra special shout out to anyone that supports me

on Patreon and soon to be YouTube memberships as well.

It's just, with cooking channels, affording the ingredients

and things like that, it just helps

give me a bit more stability.

So massively appreciate ya.

Alright, this tray is at room temperature.

Look at the cracks, that is good.

We actually want the cracks.

We're gonna start tearing into it and making sort of little

flake shapes like this, because we're gonna bake 'em again,

but just really to control the colour.

We've got a lovely sort of bumpy surface,

maybe a teeny bit more hardcore than normal corn flakes.

Hardcore corn flakes, that's where we're going.

Now, I know this might sound a little bit corny,

it could even be terrible,

but I'm actually really enjoying this process.

This is quite therapeutic and hopefully it will smell

as good as it tastes or tastes as good as it smells.

Alright, so, just like when you're baking chips in the oven

on a tray, try to make sure as much as possible

that they're not piled on top of each other.

That looks fairly good.

Back into the lowered temperature oven.

And this might take a while just to get that colour on it.

We'll leave that going and make our final corn flake mix.

Ah, I didn't get Homer out.

That's better, right mate?

I only use him to focus my camera and as you can tell,

half the time it's out of focus anyway.

The last one we are gonna make a dough.

Let's do it.

It's gonna be good dough.

So, for this final one with the dough,

we get a big old bowl, plain flour, whoa, cornmeal, pow,

a touch of oil, oh, about half a tablespoon, and salt.

Obviously, there's a teeny bit of wet in there,

the moisture of the oil.

And I'm just getting flour everywhere.

Now out of all of the recipes, this one intrigues me

the most just because we're gonna lubricate it

by using some honey water.

I make that sound like that's something

that you can get off the shelf, but no.

It's literally just water mixed

with a good old squirt of honey.

That's probably some sort of magical remedy

for colds or something, smells good.

But yes, we pour it in here, mix it through.

If you do make it too sticky,

you can always add more flower and cornmeal in.

Remember, cornmeal is not cornflour, okay, that white stuff

that you use to thicken sauces here in the UK.

That's what Americans call corn starch.

Bring it together in here.

You kinda got a corn flake dough.

Alright, so for this step, we're gonna roll it

out nice and thin, but to help me,

I'm gonna get some baking parchment.

(upbeat piano music)

Gonna lightly flour it.

And I'm gonna take, yeah, like half the dough.

I'm just gonna help it a little bit.

Get it to know each other.

Alright, so that's there like that.

We're gonna roll out the corn flake dough.

And still I'm gonna have too much.

It's gotta be like a really thin corny tongue (laughs).


Does it look alright?

Yes, yes it does.

Just a gentle reminder that, obviously,

this is me doing it for the first time.

I'm reading out the steps.

I know it sounds like I'm saying this is what you do.

I'm just confusing you with confidence.

That's the best tip in life that I can ever give you,

unless you're probably an electrician

or something like that, don't ever try

and confuse someone with confidence.

Yeah, of course I can rewire your house, it's fine.

We can just sit this onto another baking tray and join it

in the oven with the other ones that are just finishing off.

In fact, when I say finishing off,

they haven't changed colour at all really.


But it's got me thinking, honey nut corn flakes.

Do we put more honey in?

Do I push nuts in now?

If this works, maybe we'll revisit that, okay?

And then we'll do Cocoa Puffs

and Rice Krispies and Wheat O's.

Now then, folks, the good thing is that they finished

at roughly the same time.

This is the one that was done with the batter, okay.

And over here, the last one that went in with the dough.

The colour, it kind of made like a biscuit. (laughs)

Look at the difference in that.

I could push these a little bit more, but there are a couple

that are darker than others

and I'm actually really excited for these ones.

This one, meh.

Alright, so that's corn flakes?

Oh, yeah, I'm supposed to just snap them off like that.

They made bread.

That's not very good at all.

Wow, tastes good though, but no.

(upbeat music)

I forgot to say, with any of these recipes,

you can keep them in an air-tight container

for probably about a week.

Yeah, I don't really have high hopes for these.

So I think we'll try this now and get it out the way.

I don't really like my corn flakes with flour on 'em.

Well, at least that's gonna wash some of the flour off.

(corn flakes crunching)

They taste more like bran flakes than corn flakes.

I think it's the fact that there was

more flour than corn actually in this.

It's just kind of, it's made it nice actually.

With a bit of sugar on there like I'd normally have,

I'm just trying to get that basic taste.

It's not bad by any means.

I definitely prefer the fried one,

but there is an honesty about this one.

It just feels fresh, so I do like that.

Let's finish with my favourite one.

So our final ones, look at the colour on these and the effect

that putting that extra cornmeal sprinkle on there has done.

I love it, they feel nice and light.

We've got them thin, maybe would've

got them a little thinner.

Could've possible spread out,

but we did fill this pan really, really well.

(corn flakes rattle)

I've got high hopes for this one.

I've gotta be honest, if you look at that

with maybe a little bit of a squinty eye,

that does look like corn flakes.

Look, that's the normal corn flakes in my hand.

The colour, you can just about see it there, is very similar.

It does say toasted flakes of corn, so these are baked.

Could you say that's toasted?

I guess, yeah.

Just gonna have a couple.

Mmm, oh, it has a bit more of a crunch

to it than a normal corn flake.

That flavour.

This is gonna sound really weird,

maybe corny, but it tastes more corny.

There's a crunch.

There's an innocence to it.

Get my sugar, I like my sugar.


Mmm, oh, it's the crunch, that's the only difference.

Of the three, actually, to be fair, the frying the tortillas

was just insanely naughty and super sweet.

I loved that, actually.

A little bit of cinnamon on there, mwah.

But, this one is the one.

I think next time, I mean, if you try this, get that batter

as thin as you can, maybe some more water,

get it super, so you can just about see it,

'cause as it baked it joined together anyway,

so maybe you do want it semi-transparent in the tray.

And you'll probably get that slightly lighter vibe

of a proper corn flake.

So there we go.

Just a little bit of fun, something I wanted to try anyway,

but you guys told me to do it.

So I hope you enjoyed it and if you wanna see some

more homemade cereal attempts, do let me know.

Maybe Lucky Charms, wow.

Check your level, player. ♪

No matter what your style, the kitchen's for me. ♪

Sideburns, moustache, goatee, maybe all three. ♪

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