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about to see.

The result takes us back to

a time that look at the

beginning of a new era.

Nina Simone set the tone

total of about 300,000 people

over 6 Sunday afternoon shows

When I stepped stage I was

totally totally taken aback

because I didn't expect a

crowd like that.

another huge stars including

19 year-old Stevie wonder BB

King and sly the family stone.

concerts portions aired on

local TV at the time, but no

one wanted to produce a major

In 2017 a mere Thompson

questlove of the roots was

approached by the guys who at

the video to direct a big

production. They said you know

you-you speak inside baseball,

day you get.

That may be your average

director might miss like wait

a minute ago like. I know

everything about music and how

Wasn't just about the

music, something very

important is happening.

Where you her black is


Where we were proud to look

like who were for questlove

this became a mission to

reveal forgotten history.

The emergence of black

pride in that the fight for

civil rights. No one can say

what impact the black

Woodstock film might have had

then but it's here now 52

years later there's so much

irony was not lost on me that.

Even 50 years later, the

Summer of soul is in

theaters and streaming on hulu

starting to day so as they

said back in 1969, consult

your local listings and do

watch this because this is

literally ahead in history

lesson you mentioned it's a

hidden jewel a big part of of

african-american culture that

has questlove was saying was

was purposefully hidden in

silence for so long.

I'm so happy to see it out

and you know this thing is

going to win a ton of Sundance

exactly I mean to see the

photo or the video Stevie

wonder 19 19 Year's lineup

family stone so will everybody

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