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You guys look where I am right now

Yeah, first of all, hi you guys may know Marquez MKBHD, you're so awesome

And I can't believe that I'm sitting here right now. Well, thank you I appreciate that. This is so exciting im about to eat some cheese

We're trying to figure out what video to do and I've been kind of like asking people about what their oldest piece of tech that

They had and you said you have your first smartphone here I do

So this when I first got actually too smart not even my first phone

This is the first oldest phone I've ever had nokia

3310 came out in 2000 first smartphone I ever had was the Motorola Droid

But then we found something that came out the same year that this did and maybe a little more relevant to Justine's channel

I don't I don't I don't even know. Are you sure are you sure about this totally confident that this will be an interesting?

Exciting unboxing I'm already freaking out. I think this is the original tape. This is the iBook

So this is the clamshell one and this was shipped


26 year 2000 so it's an 18 year old piece of tech, but still unopened

I don't know what happens when you ship something like this does the battery corrode? I don't know what happens

Maybe it's gonna be perfectly fine. This tape has never been

Touched this is great. Where did you get this this?

uh I have a friend at red who?

Used to work at a company a long time ago had a bunch of tech from there

Apparently had a room with a bunch of these in it you said hey, do you want one I said yes, here it is

I can't believe this you, okay, are you 100% sure I mean are you SURE, yes

Here are the specs , cause that's Maybe the best part 300 megahertz

PowerPC GT processor half a megabyte of cache on that chip 64 megabytes of storage


gigabyte hard disk, aww that's so cute

So Oh, so 64 Meg's of RAM Wow about six gigs of hard drive. Had a cd-rom drive. Do you remember that?

I do I do it wasn't even that long ago optional wireless airport card

I wonder if this has it optional Wi-Fi

But it has a built-in Ethernet Jack six hour battery quick and easy internet access includes 30 day free internet access

Microsoft Internet Explorer Oh

Outlook Express and Netscape communicator. Do you remember?

Netscape communicator that's something I don't remember Oh Mac OS pre-installed. That's really considerate. That's good

Here we go, I don't know if I want it

I do want to i'll cut half of it then you cut the other half

Okay, we have a power strip in case you want to plug it in, cause I have a feeling It's not still charged. You think? I don't think.

Okay I cut half , there you go.

Lets finish the job

My heart. seals broken, seals broken

I Can't believe what's happening right now. Cause, this is this is monumental. This is 18 years. Oh, it's upside down, oh okay ya. That's okay , alright.

Mean this box is in a really good condition. Yes, surprisingly not yellow

So this in a 2000 the whole thing comes up. I think I got my first

Geez whoa wait, is it a tangerine one?

Must be I'm so confused. Why is there a box inside of the box? Oh, no, it's not. What's this?

This is the accessories probably the charger. Yes all that fun stuff

why, why is that in tangerine?

I dont know, That's Weird.

Well all right. Should we just... getting further. This is crazy. Look at this

This doesn't really look like a very Apple way to pack things show that like this, kinda like...

You're curious what stuff shipped like? Oh don't drop it

That would be something I would do

Doesn't look very Apple-ish.

That's okay we'll just, Ill hold the box now.

Tadaa, its so beautiful.

I Never had one of these ,this remind you of Mickey Mouse at all?

Kinda reminds of lil android

oh ya

This looks beautiful

I have been researching actually because I've wanted to get all of the colors to find one of these that has never been opened before, that's pretty crazy.

How many colors were there cuz I see tangerine here. There's tangerine blueberry. Yeah, graphite indigo and key lime

The key lime was the online exclusive

This is still sealed too. The use of the materials in closed media as subject to terms presented for acceptance during the installation of any

Printed blah blah blah blah by opening this you agree to all such printed terms. We agree. Where's the knife? Let's do it

Alright, I don't even get it

Like this is a weird color, it's just I feel like this just doesn't look like a good design. In 2018

It doesn't but I brought this back to the year 2000. I think we might think other wow, that's the mouse.


I think

That's not the power there is no no. Oh, it's a laptop. There's no mouse No, that's right. This is the power. This is power...


Look at this

Oh that's a little sticky. I am now thinking back to like what it was like when these

It's like I mean the iMac really changed everything iMac is one of those

machines that I remember

Basically when I was in I think it was like fifth grade

Where the teacher had one in the back of the class and if you were a good kid

You got to use it sometimes play some

Solitaire or whatever you were into. Oh

This is still sealed

Oh I didn't want to rip it, but I ripped it so

How many new people are out there they'd have rooms of things that they don't have

opened a room of

Yeah, just this is a great color

Speaking of, We were just talking about colored gadgets and coloured iPhone's on the other video. This is nice

This is better-looking in person than in the photo. This is actually really much better looking

we did an ask video on your channel, and we're talking about iPhone colors

And what's crazy is they had all of these color choices and these are computers. They don't phones

These were extremely expensive devices.What happened to you Apple? These are nice. You should bring this back. This is a different blue than this

Oh and it has this when you open it like new laptops when you open them to have the little thing on the screen

I'm almost I'm pumped to see the screen because this is 18 year old display

Okay, I mean all of the ones that I've seen on eBay like it's all discolored they have a lot of cracking

Oh, that's cracked. That is cracked

But it's got a handle it does have a handle what a great idea

This is so early in the days of laptops that you had to make sure people knew that they could bring it places


so the first laptops had these handles here are like briefcase like almost and this is probably closer to a purse type of thing, but i thnk

Bring it places. If they brought the handle back I would be mad about it.

Well now I got these sleeves, oh the sleeves true this is cracked see

That was a very common problem actually

so thats

This is in such incredible condition, like I'm going to... I'm Going to pass out.

there's a lot of really interesting aesthetic things about this computer ,the keys

You can sort of see through the keyboard to see the switches

It's an apple keyboard for sure. It's kinda nice. Yeah, nice

Every key is concave and then I was looking for speakers. I don't think there's any up here

It's just this single circle all the ports

There's a headphone some ports never die, that's true except apparently until 2018, but you got to have fun

With it dying. Yeah, at first I was kind of mad

But I got my first phone with no headphone and I was just kind of forced into being okay with it

So I have wireless headphones now. I'm okay. We're okay. It'll be all right, but this is back in the glory days

And then oh, man

Over here we're looking at you have your modem you ever Ethernet and then you have one single full-size USB port?

One like what are you supposed to do with that plug in your mouse?

Technically today's laptops are throwback. That's true. And then this is your speaker output

So you have a headphone jack on once we know that's the power. Oh, I thought that folks. That's easy. That's the headphone jack

There's no mic input. That's the power cable. What is

This I actually really like this. Yeah, he wasn't aware that that's how the power cable worked

It's actually a really cool idea I guess so apples always had a sort of a smart idea as far as power cables

MagSafe was one of my favorites ever I

Really miss it. All right? I'm reckless. Oh and it's just plugs into the top

Trying to boot it before plugging in there's no way I mean if this has battery then I

Break it and it just goes really really far back. Well plugged in you Justine are pressing the power button

Looks like an air pod. It's no MagSafe, but

It lit up a

little green glowing

Circle I think that means it's time to press the button. I don't you I don't know about you, but I'm ready. Okay?

hard drives this

Mac os9 holy moly. You can see in its Bryton everything. Oh

Oh my god

oh and also feel the this the click eNOS is kind of

Cuz I went like this like expecting it to click is not the worst touch trackpad, obviously

Oh my gosh, all the plugins the control panel. Holy crap. I'm losing my freaking mind

It doesn't seem to have any problems at all. No, just me turn it off

No, no in dark. The mouse is still here

I think it's playing like a little like the the intro welcome to your computer for the first time ever. Oh wow

get hyped I

Just wanna see you freak out one day. What is going on about something? Oh, this is the first boot like welcome Cassie

The continue button this is kind of way

I'm getting like such a throwback because I

Was going into college when these sort of started coming out and I went to school for graphic design

So a lot of my design I was like mimicking from this like interface. This is not I'm gonna quit okay

If there is this register you register your product. Can I skip that?

Who's it gonna send this information to whatever else I mean novel has my entire life

I can see from here literally every single pixel, but that's fine. Where will you primarily use this computer?

At school college or government government and then what describes you best?

Design publishing. Yeah. Sure. Yes me all about that. Graphite one in the middle. It looks good. I'm all about it

You had your email in there? So you just sent a registration here. I've look Cisco. Oh, it's not gonna connected to the Internet

Oh, that's true. Do you want to get on the Internet? Yes. I wonder for Internet trial. I'll use my existing internet

Tell me more about the Internet

The Internet is a worldwide network of computers that you can access using your computer and a telephone line

It's simple to continue about the Internet. Yeah

It's just people who are on the internet they talk to you. Can you imagine being what have we stopped with the

Iconic some more about the internet. This is probably a lot of people's first machine that ever connected to the Internet

Yeah Considering how long this tutorial is when you want to browse the web or send and receive email your computer dials your ISP

And it connects to the internet. Usually it's a local phone call. So write in the comments below

Let me know how old you guys were in

2000 you're gonna be mad at how many people say they weren't born yet. I know it's actually shocking

Yeah, I've had a Mac my entire life from the beginning like our first one that we had

It was like the original Mac. It was the one megabyte version the Power Mac g4 was my first computer

That's what I took my senior picture with I instead of buying a car when I turned 16

I spent all of my money on this classroom. I had had this color IMAX. This is a long tutorial

Yeah, Wow, they really don't want us messing around

World book is World Book Encyclopedia?

Yeah, I used to just read it because I had nothing else on my computer except the world book trial

Oh now we're in an email tutorial. This is intense. Oh, he's an exit button. Should I just exit?

I think we're gonna get the point. Yeah

Area network

Yeah, I used to go to land parties because we didn't have internet like we did not have internet that we could actually play games

with each other so we need to bring our computers to each others house something that sit next to each other and maybe

Chosen Mountain Dew and a pizza and it was it was a time to be alive

Or the shirt for a reason the the Apple logo up in the corner is your classic Apple rainbow logo?

I'm gonna have to do some research and insert some fun facts for you guys here. Okay, the launcher down here

I completely forgot about that. Yeah, that is pretty intense. I keep wanting to for such. Oh

Wow tinnie

Gosh, do you invert ICQ?

My time, I didn't even have the oil Instant Messenger. I still remember my ICQ number

Let's try it. This thing's gonna turn to a 2018 MacBook Pro I plug it into

the suspense

I'm figuring your system. This will only take a moment. I

feel like a moment back in 2000 was a lot longer than

You're going online. It says okay if you have questions or get stuck

You can always refer to these twirls and how about you click connect connect?

Explore look at this, uh

Security film you try a different website. I think my first website that I ever went to is Oh my gosh, something's happening

Online kinda it's loading

Well because this is such an old browser that there's no way that this is really really supported. Well

google, or is this just like a cached version because

That's working it's working that's working do we try to watch a youtube video there's no way it's gonna work

I mean what also gonna do. I don't know. Oh my gosh Netscape communicator. This was an upgrade from navigator

Look at the forth quit. Oh my gosh

Do you guys remember this probably not because some of you were born yet you I remember this

It works so keycaps, I have a very fond memory. So this was a keyboard that

My mom wouldn't she would ground me?

If I didn't get at least A's or B's and if I got a C she would take my computer away for nine weeks

Until the next report card. She used to take the keyboard and the mouse, but I had an extra mouse

so what I would do is I meet my computer up when she was gone and I would use key caps to chat with my

Friends, cuz I would just chat on he caps coffee. She's not watching this, but that's actually brilliant

She knows I told her like many years later and she caught me

So then she got smart and then just like had to put a lock on him

I'm the actual desk that the computer is in no printer attached to you right unfortunate

All your application. Oh boy. It's gonna take forever to search. Oh

Yeah hard drive, oh my got a senior officer you put in world look yeah, there it is

CD drive pops right out

yeah, and

Then get this sound probably


It's happening


So Wow, nostalgia Oh, wow. Look at this. Oh my gosh. I remember these things Jesus. This is crazy

all these

Transparent elements. You can see through the CD don't want to shake it up too much with the CD

Uh-huh, but all the screws and stuff you get the vent up top. Oh did install

and then no webcam at the top just says iBook ideas, maybe Oh,

Installation was successful. That's a good sound. Okay. Let's open it up and learn now

This is still gonna be the world look from mm. What's learn about bees

Well, what is happening right now

I thought the CD sound with this. No the sound that plays when you look for bees, that's awesome

That's that's pretty good really insane what other animal sounds would a play if I looked up that animal

Course right now. Is it gonna nag me baby? Oh


Well, I know what you're gonna do in your free time now

Things make wait, this is the test. What does the Fox say?

There's no sound at the top not even worldbook

Mm knows what the Fox is. I mean we were still asking ourselves what the Fox said in what year was that?

That was 2000. There are 13 Tina

We didn't know in 2000 and we still don't know today I don't even know what else we can do with this

I mean we got on the Internet

You're now registered for a 2008. I want to get an email at some point of like thank you for registering for Netscape communicator

Welcome to the Internet. I'm still it. I'm really happy that it worked right away

This is plugged in in case you missed it straight to our router here in the studio

So it's definitely pumping way more than this was expecting

Well, thank you so much because this was such a special throwback moment like this. I didn't cry. So that's good

I did make it through this whole video, but I probably will cry when I'm editing it

But this was so awesome. The logo on the back is upside down. I flipped it over. Yes. I was like a huge thing with

It when you're out in the coffee shop people would know you have a Mac because I wanna be right side up

Make sure you guys go check out the video. We did in his channel

I'll put a link in the description and be sure to subscribe and go check out a channel if you have it already

Which I'm sure many of you have this was so awesome. Thank you so much. I'm

Super happy to be a part of it. Thanks for having me. Thank you. Okay. Bye guys

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