Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Romina, nahuli ang pagtakas ni Marga | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

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Romina! I'm so glad you're here!

Why weren't you picking up earlier?

I'll explain everything later

What happened to your car?!

As expected, I ran into Daniela's men.

Come. I'll explain everything.


Cassie's alive?!

I need to tell Mom.


Is there someone outside, Mama?


Come on!

Have you eaten, Daniela?

You look exhausted from looking for Marga.

Come on. Please.


Thank God. Oh my god.



Please pick up the phone.


Hello, Marga?

Mommy, it's--



Stop it, Cassie!

You can't tell anyone I'm alive, Marga!

And why not?!

You faked your own death!

And you blamed my mother for it!

Now, I'm going to expose all of your lies,

so back off!


Marga, hold on!

That was Marga, right? She's alive!

I'll call the police.

No! Don't call the police.

Why not, Daniela?

I'll take the law into my own hands.

I'll hunt down my daughter's kidnapper myself.


Someone interrupted our call, Nanny Esther.

Romina probably took Marga!

- Daniela-- - Nanny!

Romina's the only one who could've done this.

I'll just prepare you some food.



Help me! I've been kidnapped!

Thank you so--

You're welcome, Marga.

Let me go!

I said, let me go!

You're wasting your breath.

No one can hear you.

Then just let me go. What do you want from me?

Answer this first.

How did you wind up here?


I got in your car when you were leaving the airport.

I hid in the trunk.

My car?

Now will you let me go?

Before I do that... must promise not to tell Daniela where we are.

And why would I do that, Aunt Romina?

You lied about Cassie being dead,

and everyone has to know that.

Then I can't let you go.

Daniela, why did you call me here?

Have you heard anything about Marga?

No, but I won't stop looking until I find her.

That goes for me as well.

The search won't be easy,

but I know who took her.


Tell me, Daniela.

Was it Hector?

I knew it.


But the one I'm talking about is Romina.


She'd never do that.

She has plenty of reasons to do so,

one of them being revenge.

She has even dragged my daughter into this mess.

That's how evil she is.

Mommy was right.

You really are a liar.

I don't care what you think of me.

This is the only way I can protect my daughter.

What are you saying?

You've already been exposed.

Mommy knows Cassie is alive.

But she doesn't know where we are.

Well, you can't keep me here forever.

I know her, Daniela.

She would never stoop that low no matter how angry she is.


Then you don't know her that well.

Romina is the epitome of a criminal.

Not only did she kidnap Marga,

but she's also hiding Cassie.


What are you saying? She's dead.

The main reason why Romina kidnapped Marga

is because I discovered her secret.

Cassie is alive.

And Romina used her supposed death

to try to frame me and get me locked up.

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