Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Çağatay Ulusoy makes his first film

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In an interview for GQ Middle East magazine Çağatay Ulusoy announced that he would become

the director of a new film, the script for which he had written for the past three years.

Çağatay is very excited about the upcoming work, he thinks about it every minute.

The actor refused to disclose the details of the script, but responded to the journalists

joke that he now poses a threefold threat to his colleagues: as an actor, director and

screenwriter, agreeing with it.

Apparently, Çağatay will also play the leading role in the movie.

It is already known that the film will be shot in the small town of Kirklareli on the

border with Bulgaria, where the actor came several times to agree on the details of future

filming with the city authorities.

This was announced directly by the mayor of Kirklareli.

However, which company will produce the project is still not known.

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