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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: E-Super Bowl: Porsche Taycan vs Tesla Model 3 auf Autobahn mit Reichweiten-Überraschung

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Welcome from the cockpit of the Porsche Taycan on Super Bowl weekend.

In Miami, the Kansas City Chiefs meet the San Francisco 49ers.

Today, nextmove is holding the Emobility Super Bowl

between Porsche Taycan Turbo and Tesla Model 3 - on a German Autobahn.

In the half-time break of the Super Bowl, Porsche gives the starting signal for

Porsche's entry into the electric age.

800 million people are watching.

The commercial costs as much as one Porsche Taycan Turbo per second

and it runs for one minute - a total of 10 million euros.

The Environmental Protection Agency - EPA - certified the Porsche Taycan Turbo in December 2019

as having a range of only 201 miles, or 323 km.

The press response was devastating:

Der Spiegel - most important German magazine - asked the question:

'Is the Porsche Taycan the worst electric car in the world? '

The newspaper 'Die Welt' wrote: Only 323 kilometers:

Porsche Taycan loses range race against Tesla.

The press writes - nextmove tests!

We want to know in this Emobility Super Bowl:

Porsche versus Tesla - Germany versus the USA

in a head-to-head comparison.

This much in advance:

I was extremely surprised by the result.

Welcome to Porsche Taycan Range test

The Porsche Taycan is not a travel limousine. We believe it is a sports car!

We are at the Porsche factory (in Leipzig). I was on the race track with the car.

it is unbelievable what this car is capable of

But since it is an EV - everybody is talking about range, range, range

Naturally we also want to test the range of the car.

WLTP range is 381 to 450 km (237 to 280 mi)

But in the EPA rating the car more or less failed.

The Americans only attest 323 km (201 mi).

So the press nailed the car to the wall ,as a bad EV.

We say: the Taycan has other strengths.

But of course we want to how far the car drives on Autobahn.

And we are going to find out today.

We haves asked ourselves:

What is the optimal speed to show the qualities of the Taycan on the Autobahn?

It just went through the media:

The Netherlands have decided on a speed limit of 100 kph (62 mph).

100 kph (62 mph) is our test speed for today with the Taycan.

*Nobody wants to see this!* *Dude, this is a Porsche.*


Convinced! We drive 150 kph (93 mph). Let's go!

I have this controller. I can adjust range mode with maximum speed 110 kph (68 mph)

In sport mode the driving dynamics is activated automatically.

We want range today so I chose normal.

The chassis I set to normal but the suspension to low.

In order to achieve the maximum range.

I deactivated the Porsche Innodrive, because otherwise the car reacts instantly to the accelerator.

We just tested that on the country road.

Right after the place exit sign the car accelerates to 100 kph.

And also driving into places the car reaches the speed limit exactly at the sign and not 200 meters after entering the speed limit.

Porsche Innodrive is an awesome feature.

we have right here our trip meter. We reset them all to zero.

We are at 84% - we continue to charge a bit more.

And then it goes straight off

So I switched on the Porsche Autopilot- whatever the name is for this feature.

We drive according to speedo 150 kph (93 mph).

The deviation to GPS is 3 kph (1.8 mph) - so very little.

We are on our home stretch around Leipzig - with only slight differences in height

GPS tracker is switched on. So that we can show you if there are construction sites and speed limits.

are we able to drive constantly at 150 kph.

One round is about 90 kilometers long ( 56 mi) and let's see how many rounds we can do.

the car is freaking silent - you could hear a pin drop.

I think it is quieter than the Audi e-tron.

That small white dot changing lanes is the Tesla Model 3, so I'm

not alone on the road.

Range test Porsche Taycan against Tesla Model 3 - does it make any sense?

Of course it does NOT make sense. Because the Taycan is as an EV not comparable.

So why is there a Model 3 in this test? There are several good reasons:

First of all: we have nothing else!

We are a car rental company and currently we have a high utilization.

A Model S with 100 kWh battery or even a Raven Performance was not available.

We have 6.5 degrees , we drive with winter tires.

At the end of the day we will have some result but when the question will be

what is it worth at the end of the day.

when the Taycan achieves a certain number without having a reference point to compare.

That is why the Tesla Model 3 is driving the test as well in order to compare it.

This is a Model 3 Long Range with Rear Wheel Drive.

The car has a WLTP range of 600 kilometers (372 mi) .

The WLTP of the Taycan is in the area of 400 to 450 kilometers (249 to 280 mi).

And on top of that the Model 3 has a 4 cm (1.6 inch) lowered KW suspension.

Our previous test videos have shown that at such speeds there is a high gain in efficiency.

Up to 10 % higher range compared to a Long Range All-Wheel Drive is the result.

So that is a strong competitor and presumably will have a few kilomters left at the end.

So the question is: how big will the delta be!

Will it be one third more, judging from the WLTP range?

Will this gap of one third remain or

is the Taycan able to show its performance at high speeds and narrow the gap?

So that is the question in this test and that is why I am not alone in this test.

One remark regarding the nice driving scenes that you will see in this video.

These scenes were shot outside of this test cycle.

You will see high driving dynamics, the GoPro was outside, of course it has a high air resistance.

You can also hear that in the car.

if the GoPro is mounted on the glass roof.

These are recording we did before and will do after the actual test but not during the test.

But of course we want to give the Taycan a good show.

We believe it is a feast for the eyes to show the Taycan also from the outside on the Autobahn.

We've been driving for one and a half hour. We did two rounds.

I believe one more is possible. We drove 185 km with an average of 29 kWh/100km (46 kWh/100 mi)

With an average speed of 131 kph (81 mph).

We had a few construction sites with speed limits.

Height profile and speed profile will be shown in the analysis at the end.

for every round.

we are on the third round, I'm curious if we can drive 150 kph all the time.

WE started with the Taycan with 97%.

So 3% are missing, approximately 9 kilometers at the end (5.6 mi) that we add on top of the result.

I have 9% left in the battery. Lets check the other one.

Christian can you hear me? How much percent do you have left?

* I have 9% left - 40 kilometers (25 mi).*

So do I!



Both cars at 9 percent. The Model 3 started with 3 percent less - I check that, we have documented it.

But now: wow! Let's see how much further we can go - the round should be no problem.

Really exciting, those nextmove tests!

Not that you think we're now slowly driving. 108 kph. We can't go faster. There is a speed camera.

who drives faster gets caught

* that was a cute little tripod. *

2 hours 8 minutes driven. Nearly 280 kilometer (174 mi). But the battery is not empty yet.

Consumption at 28.8 kWh/100 km (46.4 kWh/100 mi) -> final result was 28.2 kWh/100 km (45.4 kWh/100 mi).

I see a slight power limitation in the display - marked in grey.

I am at 6 percent state of charge and still have about 50 percent of the power available.

I am sure it would be enough for maximum speed but we want to end this quietly.

Let's see how far we can roll.

We still have 5 kilometers (3.1 mi) in the battery. Driven in total 301 km (187 mi).

9 km (5.6) on top because we started at 97% instead of 100%

315 km (196 mi) in total. Let's see what the Model 3 has to offer.

Back in the studio! Some more important information about the driving style.

We show you the speed profile of all 3 Autobahn laps. The values were determined on the fly.

So determined already at highway ascend or exit:

But the approach and exit to the Autobahn were very short.

In the end there were still some kilometers of highway to drive empty, which are not shown in the graphic.

We accelerated in a family-friendly way, so that passengers and children in the car

would not have felt bad.

Regarding the range of the Model 3. We had to switch the starting point for the Taycan at short notice.

The Model 3 was already charged to 100%.

it drove 23 km ( 14.3 mi) on the Autobahn prior to the test.

Of course we included this in the final calculation.

With 9 km (5.6 mi) indicated range at the end the Model 3 would have made 332 km (206 mi).

Let's look at the ranges achieved in the test in comparison to the

respective manufacturer's specifications according to WLTP or EPA.

Tesla Model 3: 332 km (206 mi) driven compared to

EPA: 523 km (325 mi) and WLTP: 600 km (373 mi).

And Porsche Taycan Turbo: 314 km ( 195 mi) driven

compared to EPA: 323 km (201 mi)

and WLTP: 381-450 km (234-280mi)

That is indeed the wide Porsche range without further specifications.

What is our conclusion:

What are these 314 Taycan kilometers (195 mi) worth?

I hope that the Porsche fans are still there, because 314 km (195 mi) sounds like a bad result at first.

But: Exactly the opposite is the case.

How do we come to this statement?

We drove 150 kph (93 mph) as far as possible due to traffic conditions

and the graphics show that it was possible over long distances.

On average still over 130 kph (81 mph).

This is much faster than for the EPA test in the USA,

because it is driven at 96 kph (60mph) at most, and on average only at 51 kph (32 mph).

On top of that we had winter temperatures of 7 degrees Celsius (45 degrees Fahrenheit) and winter tires fitted.

And despite these key data, we almost cracked the EPA value.

Porsche had reacted to the EPA value in press reports:

The Taycan was deliberately designed for high efficiency with "Porsche's typical sporty driving style"!

Looks like Porsche was right!

Because the Taycan is much closer to the cycle values than the Model 3, even at high speeds.

And the second reason: Our so-called "reference vehicle" was not just any Tesla Model 3.

It was a rear-wheel drive model with the large battery.

WLTP range of 600 km (373 mi). Almost the same as the top Model S Raven with 610 km (379 mi).

In addition the car is 4 cm (1.6 inch) lower with a KW suspension.

And therefore has a lower consumption at high speeds.

We have tested that several times.

Our tests showed 7% better efficiency at 150 kph (93 mph) compared to normal height.

And even 11% compared to a serial all-wheel drive Model 3.

If you want to see it for yourself, we put the link in the corner.

And this wonder car drove just 6% further in our test than the Porsche Taycan Turbo.

An all-wheel drive Model 3 would probably have done less than the Taycan.

That is why the Porsche Taycan Turbo has surprised us extremely and did really well.

Some more remarks about the classification.

The Porsche Taycan was of course new.

The Model 3 already has 2 years and 40.000km on the speedometer,

that means probably 5% less range than a new car.

Furthermore, The Model 3 has a pronounced winter weakness. The extraction of the Model was 68 kWh.

not like some people think at 75 kwh.

This is consistent with an earlier test under similar conditions.

You find the video to the test in the corner.

In winter you simply get less withdrawal, especially with Tesla batteries.

Both cars were outdoors the night before the test, then driven to the Autobahn and recharged for the test.

for those of you who want to know, in the box you find the link to our complete

motion profile of the Porsche Taycan second by second.

Overall the Porsche Taycan has a small handicap because of the winter launch.

The VW ID3 will have it much easier in summer to shine with great ranges.

But also the Taycan will easily drive 25% more in summer.

400 km (250 mi) on the Autobahn seem to be absolutely possible and with that the Taycan even seems to be able

to drive up to 450 km (280 mi) on the Autobahn which is in the range of the WLTP cycle.

up to 450 to move km.

The lighter motorized Taycan 4S should also drive a bit further than a Turbo.

And electric car drivers know it: On long hauls, range is not everything!

The suitability for long-distance travel is primarily determined by the charging speed

an the Taycan is currently the fastest electric car at the charging station with 270 kW.

There will be a charging video soon on this channel - just subscribe to the channel to not miss it.

To the Porsche drivers among you.

You will probably not achieve a range of 300 km (186 mi) on your first test drive in winter.

The car is simply too much fun for that and that of course reduces the range.

It takes superhuman willpower or common sense to drive a Porsche Taycan Turbo at constant speed on the Autobahn.

But if you want to experience this new Porsche dimension and have a say in Taycan, you should

definitely take a test drive or rent one. I can assure you - it's worth it

I had the opportunity to drive the Taycan at the Porsche Experience Center on the Hockenheim Ring in December.

On the brand-new test track I was able to drive the Taycan through sloping curves and over different height profiles.

There I could convince myself of the unique road holding for the first time.

We will link the video again in the corner.

Of course there are also some kick-downs with launch control in the video.

Such driving experiences are also possible soon on the Porsche race track at the Experience Center Leipzig.

You see we had lots of fun with the Porsche Taycan.

Many thanks to the Porsche Center in Leipzig.

We are here at the Porsche Center in Leipzig.

Unfortunately, I have to return this car. It was not our car - but ours will look exactly the same.

And it will hopefully arrive soon.

Write us a comment in what kind of tests you are interested to see on this channel

with regards to the Porsche Taycan.

We can imagine to test the vehicle in a range test, regarding one full discharge

as well as across Germany against a similar car - so to say - from Tesla.

E.g. a Tesla Model S Raven Performance.

So of you want to do this with us, just send an e-mail and we see if it works out.

Or if you have any other ideas, just leave a comment.

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