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Hello, this is channel.

In this video, let me show you how to wear a scarf pretty using a rectangular scarf and a square scarf.

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I folded the long rectangular scarf several times.

Fold it more and make it thinner like this

I'll fold it in half.

I'll get the half folded up to my neck.

And cross them like this.

Let the long side come on top.

Pull the long side from the bottom up like this

There's a loop on this side, like this.

Put this long side in the loop.

You can just do it like this.

It's pretty even if it's this way.

Let's get this straight.

It's pretty like this.

It's pretty even if you spread out this part and make flowers.

Let's open it up.

You keep pulling the scarf out.

It's pretty if you make flowers like this.

That's what this scarf looks like.

It'll be very pretty in spring.

This scarf is a small scarf.

It's a square scarf, 50cm*50cm long.

You can use a larger size than this.

And I need one of these rubber bands.

First, fold your scarf diagonally.

And then there's the edge of the fold, and aake a good look from here

I'm going to fold this end, and that's how it ends.

Fold it like this.

To the end.

To the end, so I'm gonna tie this much with a rubber band.

I tied this much rubber band.

Remember this one at the end.

And I'll put it on my neck like this.

I'm gonna get it and put this end in this inner rubber band.

It's headed this way.

in the same direction as before

So you can adjust it to fit your neck.

So this is a scarf of this style.

Let's open this flower.

This is where I make ruffles with my hand.

What would it look like if I spread it like this?

It's a scarf like this.

I told you earlier to remember this end.

This is the end of the tie. Let's take this out.

What's going on here?

You can do it like this, and if you grab it and pull it out, like I did,

That's all I'm gonna do.

That'll make it a little more exotic.

It's a style.

It's pretty like this.

One time, do it like before. One more time, do it like this.

I folded the long rectangular scarf like this many times.

This one's big, so I'll fold it one more time.

Fold it like this and make it the same length.

Put it around your neck.

I'll give it a whirl. This isn't a spin.

I'm going to turn it one more time, and then I'm going to the other side, and I'm going to go from behind.

I'll switch and come to the front.

And this is the shape, the front shape.

At this point, you can see space on both sides.

I'm gonna put the other side in this space like this.

I'll put it in here first.

It's on the other side in the space.

This is the style. You just need to arrange it.

Let's spread the bottom like this.

I want you to do this with a rectangular scarf.

I'm gonna fold a square scarf.

First, fold the diagonal like this.

I'll fold it into a line.

Fold once and then fold again to fold the sheet

in the neck with a straight line

I'm gonna twist it three times.

This isn't twisted. once and twice

This is the third time.

I'm gonna put it in here, but how do I put it in?

This is the only part that gets inside. Let's just leave this place alone.

Don't pull this out until it's in and looped.

That's how the rings were made here.

I'm going to take these two off the bottom of this loop, one at a time.

Take it out this way

I'm going to put this side of it like this.

If you put it in like this, you take it out.

This is the shape of the scarf.

I'm going to use this part, but what I'm going to do is...

You just grab one of those slits over here and spread it out

Then, the flower will be shaped.

Let's spread out like roses.

It's got a scarf inside it, so

you can make a rose.

It's very pretty if you wear it like a flower on your browser.

I folded the long rectangular scarf several times.

I'll fold it a little bit thinner.

I'm gonna fold it, put it around my neck, and then I'm gonna

In this state, either way,

Please move it from top to bottom.

I'll take it. There's a space on this ring.

How are we going to play this part?

I'm gonna put the other one up from the bottom.

If you pull it from the bottom up, this is how the hook looks.

You don't mind if you just spread it out here.

If you'd like to make this more plentiful,

There are many layers over here. These look like two colors.

Let's match the colors

It's more feminine and prettier in front of it.

It's a square scarf. I'll fold it in a straight line with a square scarf.

First, fold it diagonally.

I'll fold it straight. Make it look like a straight line.

Put it around your neck.

Make it the same length, twist it twice.

This isn't twisted. once and twice

I'm gonna put this inside.

We're not going to put the whole thing in, we're going to make space here.

Hold here with your fingers and just put this end in.

Please put these two in this space and take them out on the other side.

I'm gonna put the other side in, and I'm gonna take it out this way.

And this is where the triangle is made.

Let me get this straight.

It's a lot more than it was when I just tied it up.

Pretty shape. Sophisticated.

It's a long rectangular scarf. I've folded the scarf many times

It's folded thin

I'm gonna put it around my neck twice.

Put it in here and make a ring.

Please put this end in this ring.

Then it comes out of this shape, and you can just do it like this.

One side is a little longer, the other side is a little shorter, and the other side is a little double.

Even if you spread it like that,

It becomes a pretty shape, but if it's not good

Let's spread out here and make a flower.

It's a lot of overlap, so I'll open it up.

You just keep spreading out the inside and shape it up.

I've been introducing you to a lot of different ways of wearing a scarf.

I hope you've been very helpful.

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Thank you.

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