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hi guys my name is Sulha(설하) I'm from Saudi Arabia and it's the autumn season so I

came and I want to bring you an autumn look so I want to give you a very easy

autumn look it's not for professionals you can do this very quickly and go to

school and I hope you enjoy the look . let's get started! I already put like the base makeup on

like concealer in foundation and I'm gonna just briefly tell you what I did

first thing this product is like my Holy Grail product it's 'Becca' under eye

brightening corrector I put this on underneath the concealer it just

brightens the under eyes for when you put the concealer on makes

seem like it's not put on a dark layer so it appears that you already have

brighter skin underneath concealer I think that makes sense

and then put this 3CE 'Stylenanda' back to Baby BB cream I don't really use any

foundation I just used this BB cream it's really really light and it's just

one color like that's the downside of it but you can just like darken it up with

like bronzer or anything but it's really nice and it's very moisturizing

especially for the winter you have to be very wary of dry weather because if you

put on a lot of matte foundation or matte like primer or a lot of powder it

can really appear very dry so what I recommend is to use very moisturizing

product so that's all I did and I'm gonna start now by doing the eye

shadow so I'm gonna do first is use this 'ANASTASIA' soft glam Beverly hills

it's really dirtyy don't look at it but I'm going to use this orange color

right here it's called orange soda

and I'm just gonna put this all over my eyelid

so after we're done with the base color which is orange because like you know

fall or in brown so after we're done with that color we're gonna go burned

orange it's kind of like a a darker like brown orange in color and I'm just gonna

put it like right like a little bit in near at like my eyelash line and then

outwards a little

and just put it underneath on my eyelid to like to make a little bit of depth and you know

I'm going with this rustic the color rustic and I'm going to put this right

underneath the eyelid

all right and now I'm going to go with the shimmery colors first I'm going to

take the color listen right here and I'm going to put it on the very center of my

eyelid now I'm going to go with the fancy beauty pillow kilowatts husstla baby

baby aisle highlighter I'm going to put that right over here it's broken but it still works

with the eyes I use my hand because I have more control but you guys can uses the brush as well

but when I do the inner corners I'm gonna take a brush

I'm going to do the under the under lid first I'm gonna put the same clay that

we first used it's the orange soda one gonna put it all over the under lid

a lot of people put their eye makeup before foundation

I personally I'm used to putting the foundation before I do my eyes how about

you guys you do you do before after and I'm gonna go with burnt orange the

second color we used and I'm gonna put it only on the center of the under lid

I'm going to a little bit sweep it to the side to connect both eys shadow fromt the top

I'm gonna move on to eyeliner I like to use a Clio's liner it's like a liquid brush liner I know

it's kind of hard to start out with liquid eyeliner but for beginners I

recommend the gel ones I think the gel ones are easy to remove and easy to

apply if you buy it with a brush so I recommend that but if you're you have

like a very stable hand, very stable then I think this is this will be okay

just gonna draw a very like straight line

my eyes are not very symmetrical so one is kind of like more upwards than the


wanted to be very like kind of school really get what I mean we don't want to

scare people in the morning you know how like when you put like makeup like near

your lashline that looks like there's like empty space and that's why a little

bit of gel liner look the same color a black gel liner put it on directly on to

my lashline I think that I've got a little bit of mascara on the one on my


really short now I'm gonna do some blush blush is my favorite thing ever

this is my favorite color this is Lucy my muse it's an orange kind

of like plum color like my best buyer I heard that if you have like a round

face you should have put blush here you should put it like this until I can make

your Facebook

just a little bit I just sort of contr with some stronger

I have it's from physics formula it's just very broad stir it to house shift

on beach a little bit hour on you brand

this is the very last step I told you in the beginning that you guys don't really

need powder for this look all you need is a spray setting spray and that can

keep her makeup on for the whole day you don't need powder be very generous and

that's it this fits in with the autumn season color is Browns oranges black you

guys liked it give us a thumbs up if you did and follow me on my achievements on

me official it's gonna be in the description down below and it was a

comment if you want more makeup tutorials with slut off next time do you

like by isn't like the password you're doing it rather than fast-forwarding you

can even cut it up so you just you just explain you do enough that you to show

like what is the end product

oh yeah if you like me yeah

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