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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Learn English from the News - Vocabulary from the U.S. election results

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hello students this is Shana your

teacher from espresso English dotnet and

I'm here today with another video for

our November news series of live lessons

on Facebook so today is an important day

in the news because we just had the

results of the United States

presidential election and so what I'm

going to do is I'm going to teach you

some words and phrases from the election

six of these phrases were actually used

by the candidates Donald Trump and

Hillary Clinton when talking or when

making public speeches last night and

today so let's get started the first

word is stunned a lot of people were

stunned by the result of this election

if you are stunned it means you are

surprised and shocked okay so if you say

people were stunned it means everyone

was surprised shocked they didn't expect

the result of the election to be Donald

Trump winning you can say the people are

stunned and you can say that the result

was stunning so this follows the rule in

English that we use ing when an

adjective is describing a thing so you

could say this lesson is interesting or

this lesson is boring I hope it's not

boring and use the IDI forum when

talking about the people describing how

the people feel so you could say the

people are stunned I am interested in

this lesson or I am bored by this lesson

I hope not all right so remember that

rule use the ing form when talking about

the event the results of the election

were stunning and use the

deform when talking about how the person

feels people are stunned or I was


okay one reason people were stunned by

the result of this election is that it

was not predicted in any of the polls

that Donald Trump would win

what is a poll well the word poll

actually has two meanings that are

related to elections in this case I'm

talking about the research that is done

before and during the election so a poll

is when someone calls a bunch of people

and asks them who are you going to vote

for and then they record the answers and

they calculate all the numbers and that

research that study is called a poll

taking a poll to evaluate the opinion of

the public now the word poll is used in

another way in the election you might

see or hear the expression go to the

polls the population is going to the

polls and when used in this way that

just means that the people are going to

vote ok the place where we vote is

called the polling place so you could

find your local polling place so that's

two ways that the word poll is used in

when talking about an election it refers

to both the process of doing research

and studying by asking people what they

are planning to do and how they are

planning to vote and the expression go

to the polls means to go and vote for a

candidate so now I'm going to teach you

some of the phrases that Hillary Clinton

and Donald Trump actually used in their

speeches so expressions 3 4 & 5 were

said by Hillary in her speech today when

she was congratulating Donald Trump on

the victory and she was admitting defeat

and thanking all the people who

supported her

so one thing she talked about was the

values we cherish as Americans and she

mentioned peaceful democracy and America

being a good place for all people those

were some of the values she said that

Americans cherish now what does this

word cherish mean if you cherish

something it means you love it and you

hold it very it's very dear to you it's

very close to your heart so this is a

word with a lot of emotion okay you can

cherish values like Hillary Clinton said

democracy and diversity

you can also cherish memories for

example my grandmother passed away she

died but I cherish the memories I have

of her because they are very special to


you can cherish an object for example I

cherish necklace that my husband gave me

okay so if you cherish something it

means that it's very special to you so

Hillary Clinton was talking about some

of the values that Americans cherish and

she also talked about how she

experienced many successes and setbacks

in her career and that the result of

this election was a setback what is a

setback that is something that takes you

back from progress so you're making

progress you're going forward and then a

setback brings you back it makes you

stop the progress or even go in reverse

and lose some of that progress so this

is a noun we can say a setback or

several or many setbacks okay but it

refers to something that brings your

progress backward instead of forwards

she also mentioned that we have not yet

shattered the glass ceiling now this

expression is going to take a little bit

of explanation let me start with this

part over here the glass seal

we have this expression it refers to the

fact that when you have a company or a

government or an organization or any

structure of power that for women and

minorities people who are not white it's

difficult to get to the higher levels of

that government or company or

organization and so a lot of people

refer to this limit for women and for

people of different ethnicities or skin

colors as the glass ceiling it's like

you can get up this far but then you

can't go any higher or it's very

difficult for you to get any higher and

so what Hillary Clinton wanted to do as

the first potentially the first woman

who would be president she wanted to

shatter the glass ceiling the word

shatter means to break something into

very small pieces okay we usually use

this verb shatter with glass so if you

have a wine glass a wine glass is very

delicate and you drop it on the floor it

is going to shatter it's going to break

into a lot of small pieces so Hillary

wanted to shatter the glass ceiling she

wanted to get up beyond the limit that

it's difficult for many women and

minorities to get through but she said

it has not yet happened today because

she lost the election all right so those

are three phrases from Hillary and now

let's look at three phrases from Donald

Trump one of the things he said was he

talked about the people who didn't

support him and he said I'm reaching out

to you and so that we can work together

and I wanted to talk about this

expression reaching out we use the word

reach to talk about extending your hand

so to reach out is to put your hand out

but in this context when Donald Trump

said I'm reaching out to the people who

didn't support me reach out means

to make a special effort to communicate

with and to connect with so this

expression shows that he is willing to

communicate with and connect with even

the people who didn't support him he

talked about he made a number of general

statements about things he planned to do

but one of them was that he wanted to

rebuild the American infrastructure

infrastructure that's a bit of a

difficult word to pronounce

infrastructure refers to the roads and

bridges and the the powerlines the

system of electricity and water and all

of these basic systems that we need to

function in society that's the

infrastructure and he said he wanted to

make American infrastructure second to


can you think of what that expression

might mean second to none

second to none is just another way of

saying the best okay because if you

think about it something that's in first

place is the best and then everything

else is second and third and fourth so

if you're in first place there's nothing

above you so second to none just means

the best and you can use this in a lot

of different ways for example if you go

to a restaurant that has amazing

cheesecake for example that's a dessert

it's a sweet cake you could say oh the

cheesecake at that restaurant is second

to none it means that restaurant has the

best cheesecake in the area or in the

world okay so second to none means the

best and another thing that Donald Trump

said was that he wanted to seek common

ground with other countries other

nations and this expression the word

seek is another way to say look for seek

is a little bit more formal when talking

about let's say everyday things we would

normally say I can't find my keys I'm

looking for my keys we don't say I'm

seeking my keys

just sounds a little too formal for

everyday life but you'll see the word

seek in news articles it's also very

common to talk about people who are

seeking a job that means they don't have

a job and they are looking for a job

they are trying to find a job and

sometimes those people are called job

seekers ok so seek means to look for or

to search for and then common ground is

an expression that you might be able to

guess means things in common

things that are the same things that are

similar ok you might talk about let's

see two companies maybe who are looking

to work together and they might seek

common ground like if you have a company

that sells musical instruments you have

another company that sells printed music

they have some common ground because

they're both in the music industry and

so they might be able to work together

in that so that was another phrase from

Donald Trump's speech about seeking

common ground with other nations and

that's what I hope happens with the

United States this election showed that

the country is very deeply divided

remember in my first English in the news

lesson I talked about immigration being

a divisive issue something that splits

people apart and separates them and

causes conflict and we've seen a lot of

conflict in this election and I think a

lot of Americans are relieved that it's

over but also a bit apprehensive because

they don't know what's going to happen

in the future

and so what I hope is that Americans can

seek common ground and can work together

to improve things because we have the

responsibility in addition to our

leaders to work together and make things

better ok so I hope you've enjoyed

today's English in the news lesson all

of these expressions again come from

just very recent new

from yesterday and today I hope you've

learned something in this lesson I will

stop this video and then you will be

able to watch the recording and leave a

comment on my youtube channel also make

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notified when I go live we had 75 people

watching today's live lesson thank you

so much for everyone who joined and I

will see you next time

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