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hi guys I'll come back to my life's

dream everyone

he has English teacher in France it's

live again here in friends everyone so

yes welcome welcome everyone so yeah

actually it's a yes Sunday everyone and

I actually went like it was very quick

this morning my time warning life time

so yeah so now I decided to go live

again and yeah your big day

how's everybody doing everyone how's

everybody doing hello a e 29th kids oh

my god did you see my message I actually

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right now thank you so much for coming

a/e 29 kids there's actually a e29

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thank you so much for coming how are you

hello i'm ryoya

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anna-marie Concha how are you yes guys

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life in UK big bus compassionate nurse

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my dad father how are you Dan Fowler

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oh whatever I'm in happiness a it

doesn't matter how much you can you

gonna stay as long as I see you here

thank you so much hello ladies and debt

from life in you cubed buzz yeah thank

you so much everyone

an American shot I left you were live

streaming did you just end your life

streaming an American shot all of our

discussion is also here they just see my

message the smartest kitchen actually

said I would leave because I wanted to

go live to see you know it's just a

quick one

how's everybody doing guys so yeah I

look so stressed today everyone yes very

busy guys teacher has been very busy

because we have a visitor my husband I

have some age here my how can I say my

my husband's cousin and my husband's

cousin his girlfriend they are heated so

they're gonna stay here for like five

days so yes guys so I have a bit busy I

can't legal live over there here because

of course I'm gonna make noise and they

passed by here I usually have my live

streaming from here at the table yes so

anyway there are other sites I just

thought oh I would go like just a quick

one you know BJ's life working here oh

thank you so much Markus kitchen no

problem yes guys so there are three

people watching right now so that must

be who Oh nature simplistic beauty

photography happy Sunday yes happy

Sunday everyone happy

everyone and we also have what happened

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it's my arm guys because I have been

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okay hello Jennifer

Avila welcome to my livestream thank you

so much for coming no problem no problem

everyone I really appreciate your

presence today yes guys bill that's so

this is a quick one guys so yeah so for

today's live streaming let's try to see

if there are students coming today so I

will be actually asking some the topic

would be all about students expectation

from teachers everyone so yes guys so if

if you guys are asked this question you

know about students expectations from

teachers what can you say or what do you

think are the students expectations from

teachers what twister gears with rece

turkeys hey hello the twister this say

Matthew Buddhists turkeys next creation

hello welcome to my life's free and next

creation thank you so much everyone for


Wow there are nine people right now and

we have been live for about five minutes

now that's this wonderful yes

more people are coming and I hope more

more are coming next creation you are

very welcome everyone so yes guys so SEC

the topic for today's live streaming is

all about students expectations from

teachers or expectations from teachers

so well of course getaway speed know

what kind of a big startup to you nice

to see you here oh my god oh did you

have work today get always wait a while

because I think it's still early there

right get it was way too well good to

see you here I knew why thank you so

much yes guys so welcome everyone Oh

sexy food hello good morning it's

actually good evening here a zesty food

thank you for coming door revealed hello

welcome to my live stream you are at a

party to repeal your bill oh that's

great so I hope you're having your party

you know you're having a wonderful time

at a party a Filipino party oh that's


to rebuild and get always but no well

it's Monday no work oh yeah I see I


oh yeah it's Sunday no word oh you don't

reckon Sunday I thought only teachers

actually don't work on weekends yes oh

that's great to see you everyone here

how are you everybody everybody so yeah

I think of course all of us have

experienced you know being a student you

know being students we all have

experience I work Monday to Friday only

all this a wonderful job it's like a


getaways being a well because you know

we don't work on Saturdays and Sundays

except when there is a kind of special

event or activity for students and we

are needed to be there you know yeah

that's great thank you so much everyone

for coming so yes guys everybody here

has experienced being a student right so

I'm wondering in your case guys when you

were a student or when you were students

what were your expectations from your

teachers everyone what can you tell me

everybody so to all the students out

there to revealed and I think a lot of

students are here in the chat room right

now so yeah what are your expectations

from your teachers so what are your

expectations so this is actually very

important for teachers to know the

students expectation in order to have

effective teaching yes that's one way to

have effective teaching to know you know

students expectation how's everything

with you teachers that's the food

everything is great with me too so I've

just been busy and in fact I haven't

been able to finish editing my new video

which is related to English yes I

uploaded a video yesterday I think yes

but I need to upload another video

related to English

hello polish friend magandang Gabi here

it's evening polish friend

magandang Umaga Wow you are learning

Filipino right now polish friend that's

so wonderful

you can speak Filipino now that's great

it's a great job polish friend so yes

guys I hope you guys can actually answer

my question what were if you were you

know if you're not a student anymore at

this time then you must have been a

student in the past right so what were

your expectations from your teachers in

the past and if you are still a student

now until now you're still a student

what are your expectations from your

teachers everyone yes I just wanted to

say one word in Philippines yes this

wonderful polish friend you have said

two words not one word polish friend

Magan dumb it means good Umaga is

morning so that means good morning so

you've got two words so that's one

expression polish friend that's

wonderful as mere honzik hello yes

compassionate nurse 87 thanks so much

nobody's answering my question come on


we have been live for about ten minutes

now and there are sixteen people right

now watching that's wonderful everyone

thank you so much everyone for coming

Paul in Ireland

hello oh did you change your

file picture polling Ireland camasta Wow

you're speaking Filipino now Paul in

Ireland I think you have learned a lot

from your Filipino friends right look I

didn't even have a chance to fix mine I

was cleaning guys and suddenly I just

thought oh I would go live just a quick

one because our visitors are not here

yet so yeah I'm here like what happened

what happened

ah it's automatic oh my god what is this

setting I'm sister 80 29 oh my gosh I

don't know what happened and low Silver

City dude welcome to my life stream oh

my god ayyy 29 what happened I don't

know what happened oh my god this booty

single oh sorry here I didn't say hello

no problem ayyy 29 batchman just find

out ah

because oh my god this booty Tsinghua

guys actually guys I'm so sorry guys

everyone nature simplistic booty

photography please explain to a ee 29

fashion oh my god she's put into timed

out because actually I have started

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will automatically delete all messages

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I mean caps lock and all words that are

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it's not a good idea oh my god I need to

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eighty twenty nine fashion it's not my

intention home again I didn't know it

was fast like that time come right away

I thought it would just filter the

messages oh my god

please explain to a e29

- to nature simplistic video photography

thank you so much well in Ireland yes it

needed an update because I've grown a

small goatee beard

our really Joanne - welcome to my

livestream polish friend one language

sets you in a corridor

exactly exactly having two languages I

think yes you can see here or you are

very smart

um Paul in Ireland you see one language

that's you in a corridor for life but

two languages opens every door a

long-term way so it's very true of

course if you know two languages or more

it will really open you more doors you

know more doors you can yes you can have

more opportunities 829 kids oh I don't

know 829 kids thank you so much for

understanding yes guys I'm still working

on what to sigmah guys I'm not so I'm

not yet very familiar I'm not even sure

if you can see but this emo but I can

see here in my chat room right now but

I'm sure you cannot see him in the chat

room right so it's a bit strange I

didn't know I've been trying to check

the setting but still I can't figure it

out I'm so sorry everyone yes

so let's me to do to teach in a way that

was easy to learn and read fairly oh so

this is your expectation a true

simplistic beauty photography you expect

your teachers to teach in a way that was

easy to learn and great fairly well this

is a very common expectation from

students on nature simplistic beautiful

ography of course I think it's not the

students activity expectation but

everybody's expectations right teachers

are always expected to actually treat


fairly force the through giving

evaluation and giving

rates and of course teachers are also

expected to actually make students

understand or learn more easily so

teachers have to be how can you say

skillful enough to actually check the

teaching style over the strategy used in

teaching in order to make students learn

more effectively

that's right nature is simplistic

beautiful trophy Silva City dude always

the pleasure to be here I'm in a quick

break from work

oh thank you so much that the city do

good don't forget to come I'll thank you

so much everyone also to be

compassionate when I don't understand

yes very true

compassionate nurse 87 Despina I mean

yes a guy she has actually changed her

um she changed her her channels name yes

so yes teachers need to be compassionate

this is one of the past how can I say

this is one of the positive characters

of a teacher we have me as a teacher or

as teachers for other teachers as well

we need to be compassionate in actually

doing our job for example whenever our

students don't understand what we are

trying to say or what we are explaining

special a certain lesson we need to be

compassionate in explaining to them and

till we can actually understand them

well yes that's right atrium was a

beautiful country she's she's there

still with her kids account oh it always

been oh well no problem enjoy cooking

and get away spin the wall Silver City

do dignity sure I probably told you this

before but it kills me in the US when

people are threatened by foreign

languages uh-huh

well I don't think it's a threat

everyone when there is a foreign

language or if when when a certain

language is foreign to you I don't think

it's that I'm not sure if I understand

you exactly I probably told you this

before but it kills me in the US when

people are threatened by foreign


oh yeah well some people we can't avoid

Silver City dude in the u.s. teachers

are expected to get hit by their

students and not physically respond

seriously no that's a no-no for me as a

teacher Wow 13 people right now watching

and 13 thumbs up thank you so much

everyone that's even possible that's

never acceptable suppose they do

how can students be allowed to do that

to the teachers I mean that is inhuman I

guess you know yes anyway um there are

some expectations of students to their

teachers or from their teachers but I

think it is not expected or I can't

expect or how can I say I will never

allow my students to do that to me as a

teacher I mean how can a student do that

that's this this insane I mean this is a

big thing of you know there's a big

proof that these kinds of students have

no respect to their teachers at all

correct me if I'm wrong everyone like

when you carried by said teachers to be

fair I know sometimes teachers may have

favorites but expects them to be not so

obvious about it to see each student

always loved that teacher before she was

strict but fair yes is correct it's true

life in UK we bus well it's not really a

problem when a teacher is strict as long

as being fair is still there you know

being fair to his or to their students

is actually very necessary as a teacher

everyone and that is one of the

expectations Jessie free all hello

welcome to my live stream Jessie free oh

how are you

teeth of our channel follow teeth of our

channel how are you t to our Channel

have you got any update from whitey

teeth word channel welcome welcome guys

see the word channel is actually under

review right now congratulations in a

back seat aboard Shannon Panetta so TV

hello panic wash on TV thank you so much


but when I pass out TV you need to

connect the right way with people here

so yes you just have to talk with people

here greet with people okay so yeah

that's the right way to do that okay

everyone thank you so much so yeah

that's it guys expectation team to our

channel busy rest day because it's


oh I understand yes I think so I think

so so let's see to do it sorry guys

so let's say the dude said these kids

don't respect their parents obviously if

they don't if they don't respect their

teachers that means to say they must be

doing that to their parents as well you

see I'm not sure if you agree with me

whatever behavior they have with their

teachers can actually show or it can

actually you know how can I say it can

imply that they also have that character

towards their parents correct me if I'm

wrong those parents blame the school for

the kids problem and those parents get

the schools to come to conform to their

kid basically basically gets run the

schools oh this is insane

I mean I can't imagine kids running the

school this is impossible well probably

in a private school it could be possible

Silver City dude it's possible for for

kids to behave like that but I think it

depends really on how parents discipline

their kids you know because of course

teachers are also responsible in

disciplining the students worse because

you know we teachers we are also parents

I mean we are considered as we are

considered as the second parents of the

students and we are expected to

discipline them but you know teachers

disciplining students who don't have


home is actually a kind of challenge for

a teacher it's kind of hard for a

teacher yes so I don't know if you agree

with me or not - yes thank you so much

everyone for coming

yes guys but this really it's always

just wondering about your expectations

you know thank you so much for thumbs up

everyone so you know you know because in

order to have an effective teaching as

the teacher or we teachers there are

really some you know there are some

expectations especially during the first

meeting or the first few days or the

first meeting to be to be exempt during

the first meeting teachers usually have

this question and answer portion where

teachers ask students expectations in

the class and expectations from teachers

yes so anyway there are in order to be

an effective teacher there are some

factors that are very important okay let

me read some messages I think there are

messages in the chat room right now so

let's say to do it said there is this

diagnosis of EB des emotional behavior

these disorders it basically means being

bad is a disability those kids can't be

disciplined the same as regular kids

because of that disability well well yes

it's true that's ebz well like it's it's

hard actually but you know I think that

kind of he has no problem stays

compassionate nerves 87 thank you so

much but I think still the city dude

that kind of students disorder can

actually be treated or it can actually

be overcome with the parents help so

that students cannot be like that when

he or she goes to school yeah but you

know it really depends on parents but in

some cases parents would say my child is

very good at school so I can't believe I

mean not not my snot in the school a

parents who say my child is very good at

home so I don't think

my child behaves this way at school yeah

but for me as a teacher I would really

say that whatever behavior student you

know has in the school has something to

do with what's happening at home I don't

know if you ever admit to all the

parents out there and to all the

students there just let me know if you

have your own opinion okay

feed the bird channel okay and so hello

fans and welcome to my live stream who

are you like a new Kiwi but sometimes

it's also because of so many complicated

rules and laws like teachers not allowed

to even touch children like when walking

them to playground that's why hickton

liangzi life to each other oh my god

that's terrible

yes it's true guys actually these

problems actually started when the new

law was implemented the law which is

protecting you know children from being

hit by teachers and parents so these

behaviors of students or children

actually started to exist when this law

was implemented yes guys I think this

kind of law really affects on students

behavior children's behavior I don't

know if you agree with me but that's how

I see it nowadays if you compare the

students nowadays and in the past there

is a big difference when it comes to

personality or behavior everyone yes

especially in terms of respect yes

compassionate nurse thank you so much

there's no problem compassionate nurse

87 and no problem so the city dude said

EBD is a junk diagnosis yes kiss can be

pardoned from the worst type of

behaviour when that kid is 18 and steals

or attacked someone they go to jail not

detention yes yes of course but you know

when the children are still young they

have the kind of thing message is health

review so the city do it kids me

to get the bastard sometimes humans are

animals animals keep their own life

through violence yes true it's true

simplicity dude but for me as a teacher

well I would say that this new law I

mean it's not really new it's been there

for many years already but when that law

started to exist I really think that

there will be a lot of negative changes

in terms of students behavior children's

behavior but you know we cannot also

avoid having this kind of law protecting

children because some parents and some

teachers are amusing I mean they abuse

children they give punishment to the

highest extent I mean no not not just


I mean whenever it is students do

something even if it's not so serious or

not so big they give punishment right

away or when they hit the students right

away so it's kind of you so it's really

confusing you know but anyway for me as

a teacher I don't agree with violence

you know I don't agree

hitting students yes probably it's hard

to control students but you know spare

the rod spared or what and I forgot

spare the rod guys and give a carrot you

know have you heard that one give a

carrot but spared your life yes flavors

would have low welcome to my live stream

flavoring food how are you so what they

do is what they're doing is throwing out

the baby with the bathwater oh yeah

you've got a point there

the seafood hello 80/20 nine kids shout

out okay yes guys the flavoring food

guys is actually from Pakistan and zesty

food as well so yeah you can see there

about Silver City dude he has a lot of

silver news channel and compassionate

nurse guys is one of our monetized

friends while 15 people are here like a

new key with buzz is our friend from

United Kingdom from the UK of course and

compassionate nurses from negative think

the word channel is another friend of

ours she is under review right now okay

yes well here they don't waste it no

well everyone is from the UK as well and

just before y'all I'm not so sure

because I think it's his first time here

and we also have fun some fans though

it's from Germany everyone media is a

Content consumer not a greater than

everyone okay yes and nature simplistic

beautiful cover fee is from the US

everyone and polish friend of course

John Duchess in Philippines but she used

to be in Sweden 1829 as well is in the

in European and Pauline Ireland is

from Ireland of course and the rest and

also shorter bill is from the UK others

and not so sure where they are from

Jennifer appleís is from UAE yep

and Markus races from the u.s. under

classes from Philippines Dan followers

from the US and we also have as mere

honzik I'm not so sure we're as mere

holiday is from yes so yeah just let me

know guys if you guys are interested to

introduce yourselves where you are let

me check the chart you have a nice

memory do you know about CSUN yes of

course I know about autism flavoring

food why do you ask have you ever dealt

with an autistic child yes yeah

no without your knowledge

I mean I think I haven't sure I haven't

shared this to you actually my second

major is special education okay but I

didn't really focus on that second major

my first major one English dating my

first major was English and the second

one is actually special education so I

used to actually teach kids like

children children who are autistic who

have some different disabilities but it

was just for a short time everyone I

realized that it wasn't really for me

because you know my patience is not that

high everyone so I can't really deal

with kids very well yeah everyday

logistic ah yes I have I had trifle

before but it's not easy you know

martial TV hello welcome to my

livestream martial TV roughly green

lungs hello welcome welcome

Russell Green blocks thank you so much

for coming people shout out hello fans

Oh English teacher friends from your

students parents who are more easy to

get along with a mother or father

well um fun so first I would like to let

you know that here in France I have

experienced talking to two parents so

far okay there's two parents these are

and I have another appointment maybe

next week parent is going to talk with

me because the student told him that she

has difficulty understanding English

class and blah blah blah and this kind

of challenge for me in a way yes so

these days actually I'm trying to give

more attention to be student because

yeah because of that complain yeah so

anyway going back to your question I'm

not very aware I'm not

I don't know I'm not sure I'm not sure

if Enzo which parent is easier to get

along with but for me I think it's the

mother yeah it's the mother but so far I

haven't had any problem here in France

because you know here in France I teach

middle school students but when I was in

Philippines I used to teach adults I

mean they are businessman so like you

find so much shine amen like everybody

here in the chat room these were the

students I had when I was in full penis

because I used to teach ESL and his

English as a Second Language

yeah so I didn't have a chance to you

know talk with parents but in our school

we used to have kids but I was not the

teacher because I used to handle big

ones so the teachers of the small ones

actually were complaining about handling

parents they think that it's more

complicated to talk with mothers

compared to fathers myself so I'm not

sure if in your country is this thing

okay where are we now no problem teeth

of which I know thank you so much hello

behind with Slava hand

what's one syllabi Baha bro

Xiong everyone that's actually my

student shut up everybody thank you so

much rustling we must be shout out to


18:29 kids he's a food yes a

twenty-ninth kids guys and a t29 our

fashion she has actually started going

live everyone if you guys can support


please go visit her channel everyone yes

yeah I think she's a great person like

nature simplistic beauty photography yes

you know that nature simplistic beauty

photography sometimes children act out

in school because there are issues going

on at home teachers should pull that

shine aside and have a conversation to

explore where the behavior is coming

from yes it's true nature simplicity

photography sometimes guys thank you so

much really comes down that's amazing

we've got a thumbs down thank you so

much congratulations to myself yes guys

sometimes it is um it is it is really

important to actually sit down with that

child who is acting out in the class

because it's true yes sometimes the

child is in fact a good child but

because of something that's going on at

home which is not good sometimes the

child can actually act out a different

thing which is actually negative when he

or she goes to school so as a teacher it

is expected from us to actually sit down

and have a talk with that child and you

know examine what's really the problem

of this channel yeah that's this this

right um

nature simplistic beauty photogra fee

you very very smart and pretty thank you

so much really green blobs yes because

I'm very smart and pretty

I've got a thumbs down that's amazing

isn't it I guess my best friend guys is


with her or with his vacation guys so

yeah my enemy or my best friend is back

we behind Messi and vana and mu swaths

of alive go myself up and work with a

skull with a school counselor and parent

yes this right nature simplistic beauty

photography it's actually part of

teachers responsibility nature

simplistic beauty photography and in

fact we have this kind of thing that

have to study the students behavior okay

especially when the students behavior is

really not how can I say it's not normal

or it's too much I mean you know not

really behaved you know I've encountered

a lot of students like that here in here

in here in France

fine so aha and so deleted a message

okay thank you so much fun so I'm

wondering what it was okay

film s and shall always be departed a

low B to hosi first time here I've been

wanting to join your allies the welcome

film a sense shackle of course you can

speak Tagalog in the chat room film on

Santiago because there are some

Filipinos in there but to be honest a

lot of foreigners as well in the chat

room so if I were you in my case I mean

I think it's better if you communicate

with people in this room in English

because there are a lot of foreigners in

the chat room right now film and

sunshine go rustle a green lots we're

going to eat lunch no problem Rosalie

green gloves I think Russell the green

loves is already monetized so I can't

remember now oh thank you you are very

welcome eighty twenty nine kiss labor

food I think mother's role is more

important to enhance the kids ability

and father's support can increase the

toss confidence true flavor food that's


that's exactly right you know guys

flavor food drug guys she also has

started going life everyone flavoring

food this China was all about oh just

like the seafood I think that seafood is

going to start going live as well why is

a seafood - that's a seafood I'm looking

forward to see you going lives of

seafood flavor food guys if you don't

know she used to be a teacher as well

she is a math teacher everyone flavor

food is also a teacher in nature and she

used to teach but now she has stopped

because you know she's taking care of

her kids yes guys um haha teacher is

this beast laughing where

finding food Silver City dudes that

nature simplistic beautiful beauty

school counselors are not mental health

professionals well yes

different Silver City dude maybe if

there's if the student really has a

special needs that means to say there is

the kind of disorder that's not normal

anymore of course that student needs

you know treatment with a specialist and

there are some schools which actually

handle special children yes we call them

special everyone let me see

oh okay okay that's why thank you so

much fines oh okay and rarely now yes

but of course if only behavior um Silva

City dude it's only behavior of this

child for example to tell is me

misbehaving but anyway mentally or

everything is normal except the behavior

I think counselor can be very helpful

that's why in every school there is

always a guidance counselor because that

is their role to actually assist assess

yeah they need to assess students

behavior the reason why the students are

acting that way okay yes where are we

now Nullah oh why are you laughing

eighty twenty nine kids I will remove

one message okay because the message is

double eight twenty nine kids thank you

so much for being here

Russell green blogs vodka and get lung

failure but blended in you and maybe

that person has a problem with the eyes

like that I so yes and maybe it's a

mistake but I'm sure it's not a mistake

this person has a problem with me this

person has been having her has had a

problem with me for quite a long time

now sometimes when he is on vacation I

am at peace without any thumbs down but

after a few days when this person is

back all my videos whatever quality of

that video has there is always a thumbs

down from that person I know you I know

that person so I

anyway it's your problem thank you so

much for the effort of giving me such

thing you know anyway you think I

deserved that so I still thank you

because you spend your time here

flavoring food she has to play rule for

both mother and father so true

flavored food mothers how can you say

the mother's role is really very

important it's really very important

because of course it's true you know

some mothers or many mothers are

actually acting you know both roles

being a father and being a mother

especially there are some mothers are

actually single mothers so yeah they act

as a father and as a mother at the same

time nature simplistic beautiful tog

Rafi said Silver City dude councillors

have the resources to refer the child

and parent for father constantly if the

term in its Meighan yes it's true it's


that's that's why they are called

counselor because they do constantly

they try to assess the students needs

whether this students needs farther you

know further treatment or further you

know needs then that's the time they

actually need specialist flavored food

so depending on counselors

recommendation you know or yeah Lee free

food said yes benzo it happens that's

the issue okay yes I so it happens then

again single mother can take help from

teacher or the person is close to retire

yes true flavored food flavored food is

true well sometimes it's a problem

because some single mothers cannot

control the child's behavior but you

know sometimes guys we cannot blame the

parents as well because sometimes there

are parents who are good they are good

they always do their best but it's best

that sometimes some children are

influenced outside for example their

friends or other people so there are

really many

factors which affect students behavior

you know eighty twenty nine kids I'm

about to go out so I will leave you

running no problem eighty twenty nine

kids no problem it's ok it's ok because

I don't really need much what's our ok

so I just need to actually have contents

as much as I can but for the West time

I'm already ok 18:29 case thank you so

much okay that's very thoughtful of you

um Phil Mattson shava noted host I'll

keep my tab open for Google then you're

funny Phil mice in Chicago welcome to

the live stream big shout out to

everyone yes so finally I was able or I

have been able to read all your messages

thank you so much for thumbs up everyone

so the city dudes that check this out in

the u.s. pairings are encouraged to

allow their children to be bad oh if a

kid is diagnosed with EBD the parents

can receive a government check for that

well that's this important solicited

dude is normal I think it's necessary

you know it's necessary for parents to

actually have this kind of check you

know because yeah it's it's part of it's

part of it's part of the study because

knowing the students behavior is

actually hard everyone unless there is a

study conducted you know parents not

only parents the teachers first but of

course if it's really hard for the

teachers well the government can do

something about that yes so there's

always a study in order to discover what

are the causes of students misbehaving

know oh my god my oh my god that's the

food why oh my god yes guys said this

related so you know anyway as a teacher

guys there are a lot of expectations

actually students expect a lot from

teachers everyone especially you know

some students even expect teachers to be

their friend but yet

possible but you know sometimes being

too close to the students is not good at

all but anyways it's okay to be friends

with student as long as they're still it

will you know a wall between being a

teacher and being students



sorry guys this is minute checking

something no yeah lusts I am lost

okay here we go yeah okay ready no but

as I said I wonder how much try to a

view to abuse it then Silver City dude

just itch just to get the check

mm-hmm so the city dude said no it's not

necessarily behavior isn't difficult to

figure out kids don't have the

expectation to go to school with a job

to learn too many parents are just drunk

parents just want to check all really

really thank you so much they miss banai

I mean us a compassionate nurse

compassionate nurse thank you so much


abacus thank you so much Donna Church

but my drive in a mine okay please be

careful driving compassionate nurse 87

yes Silver City dude but you know

sometimes parents sending their children

to school it's also sometimes you know

this kind of behavior and parents is

actually sometimes necessary this is for

the future of the case you know because

there are some kids actually guys who

are not very interested to go to school

they're not interested to be educated

they're not interested to learn but when

parents pushed

parents actually find a way to what to

fete them to do so they actually changed

your mind so in my case I mean as a

teacher it can also be helpful to

sometimes give pressure to the students

but of course the pressure should not be

too much you know there should be a

limit just to actually you know

encourage the kids to go to school and

study because this is very important for

their future

zesty fluency said teacher it's not a

good idea to let the children to be bad

just to get a check

oh yeah they do that so you mean oh I

got your point now so some parents are

actually just making their children

behave bad in order to get the check

from the government so they do this

intentionally just to get the check

oh that's ridiculous then that's

impossible I mean I can't understand

that behavior is it happening in the

u.s. seriously oh I can't understand

that philmont's and shallow

compassionate nurse okay so let's see to

do it we have a culture in video ads

that don't value how hard work if

parents don't value school their kids

want but in my case of a city dude I

don't think so I mean maybe for kids yes

it can be true but for maybe high school

students I think they are responsible

enough and even if they see that their

parents are not interested or their

parents don't value school or don't

value education I think high school

students they actually have their the

right mind already so they are

responsible enough and I think they will

consider you know valuing school some

students would do that in my case I was

one I mean how was young of course to be

honest my mom was not able

to finish her education and I saw that

situation my parents and some other

people I know in my country they were

not able to finish their studies but in

my case when I was in high school I

thought like oh it's not really good to

be in that situation I mean you didn't

study you didn't finish school or

something like that

so I'm my case I want to study hard I

want to finish I want to have education

I want to have a good education and I

did that just because of my own

motivation it's not because of my

parents it's not because of anyone it's

because of my motivation yes that's the

food your you are right Silver City dude

okay married Paul and need Omar hello

welcome to the live stream job these on

blocks hello thank you so much for

coming just B's on blogs I think I met

you at the beach boring families live

streaming right big shout-out to

baseborn family I hope you are feeling

better these days so actually she needs

time to rest everyone so maybe you have

seen their movies foreign family hasn't

gone live you know fans of Silver City

dude a lot are spoiled but even here in

Europe yes this is the service this

issue as well you know fans Oh some some

kids are spoiled that's why they

misbehave there's also one of the

factors white kids are misbehaving film

essential question host what are the

best and practical approaches to

motivate our kids so they'll be more

interested in going to school uh-huh

this very interesting huh well for me as

a teacher actually filming such a bright

also a teacher are you also a teacher

well in my case they'll my son shall go

well I do believe that punishment cannot

have or cannot do anything good with

students motivation you know I think

reward is better you know but not


well punishment what kind of punishment

are you gonna do that doesn't do any

good for me as a teacher reward is the


I do whenever students or whoever the

student or yeah whoever the student that

gets the highest score every time I give

a certain exercise I usually give them a

reward and I even do that here in Europe

I mean here in France and I think it

works I mean it's very good to motivate

them instead of be motivating them

because you know when students are not

doing well they are not very motivated

to study and yes they don't perform well

in the class

so if that's the case and you give

punishment to them I think they will be

more demotivated so I don't agree with

punishment to be honest but some extent

punishment is necessary but it's not the

first choice you know it's not the first

choice it's not the best answer thank

you so much follow blueberries big shout

out to you welcome to my life's dream

how are you follow bloggers so let's see

to do it it's just not like that here

the government gives out too many free

checks and don't emphasize independence

oh that's the problem as well so maybe

the government doesn't really give time

to examine whether that situation is

true or not so I'm not so sure I'm not

very familiar but you know maybe the

government needs to be more strict when

it comes to this kind of benefits right

am i on crime if I'm wrong this people

would said my question is how to

motivate children to read books Wow

assess people that's interesting huh are

you a teacher is a seafood well for me

how to motivate a student to read books

or motivate children to read books

well actually guys it's hard to motivate

students to read or children to read

books but I do believe when you start

training them to read books when they

are still very young

for example the arts they of toddlers or

elementary or even preschool when you

train them to read books for example

night or in the daytime you let them

read I mean you make you you how can I

say you you give time you let them read

something in order that they can make a

habit of reading and when they start

having this habit they will love reading

all the time you don't really need to

motivate them because they they will

read themselves without you telling them

yes in fact here in France with my

students I teach middle school students

I'm very surprised because there is a

daily I think every Tuesday they have 15

minutes for reading time for reading any

books that they have for example novels

or storybooks they have 15 minutes in

every class before the class starts

teachers should give them 15 minutes to

read their books and I'm very surprised

because students love doing it so I'm

pretty sure it's because of the training

I mean well some students maybe 5% of

the students are not like that

but majority of the students are very

motivated to read books so in my case I

believe that if you train them to have

the habit of reading books you won't

have a problem with making them okay

replay where's that 60 oh sorry guys

zesty take away the phone simple replace

it with a book I don't think it works on

fans oh because even if you actually

replace the phone with a book I don't

think the child will read a book it's

hard you know so the best thing is as

early as possible you have to train your

kids to love reading books you know

nature simplistic teachers can make

generalization which comes to their

students they have to approach each

child's situation case by case yes it's

true simplistic beautiful tog Rafi you

can't avoid some teachers actually have

this some teachers actually

like students but I think it's also very

important for teachers to actually

examine individual I mean individually I

mean each student

yes it's true and yeah it is expected

for teachers we we have to do that it's

it is one of our responsibilities to

examine we have a kind of study we study

students behavior we study why the

students behave this way yes so let's

say you do punishment has its place

yes is true Phil man sit chuckle I'm a

father of two by the way the eldest is

ten year old boy

and the second is a six year old girl oh

great age so in your case Phil Munson

shadow uh do you find it hard to

actually handle them I mean you know

they they are they are at different age

I think four year gap so is it hard for

them to actually discipline or motivate

them to study Germany's Channel hello

welcome to my life's reading Jeremy's

channel looks familiar Jeremy's channel

I think I met you as someone's

live-streaming I can't remember exactly

but nice to meet you here Jeremy's turn

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everyone a Silver City dudes that if you

are a reader and your kids see you're me

they are likely to read yes true Silver

City dude you know that's what we call

waddling we don't there is a saying

don't give your kids fish but teach them

how to fish

you know it's similar it's applicable to

that because actions speak louder than

words you know if you actually always

say to your kids read a book read your

book do this do that but it doesn't sink

in to their brain you know they cannot

follow so all we have to do is to be a

model you know you show something you

you show them that you are doing this

and they will wonder and they will

follow as well you know it's modeling

ice that's the best way you set yourself

as an example to the kids flavor food

yes dude is right okay so the city dude

word from banjo film essence shut up no

I'm not a teacher myself and my wife are

working parents and we don't have

full-time nanny with that perhaps you

now have an idea about how much time we

have for them when we are at home

yes film Edison shadow I can fully

understand the act because I myself I

use I mean how can I say I didn't used

to have time for my case special with my

first daughter I did have time with her

much because I worked full-time and it's

even full-time because after my work at

school I also had work online so I had a

lot of extra work online so I really get

to have time with her so it's a it's

kind of

problem as well when you don't have time

for your child because you cannot really

monitor the child's behavior but even if

even even so we need to find time to

talk with our children from time to time

how are you

what is this and why is that how are you

do you need something or what or

something like that yes it's very

important even if we are busy

syllabus if you do is said also read a

book that there is a movie of and

compare all we add this right because

maybe some kids are actually interested

in watching the movie before they will

be interested in reading them because

they will be you know kids are kids have

amazing imagination

so yeah they might think all reading is

more interesting I'm wondering about

this book if it's a more interesting

than that movie I have seen yes it's

true that syllabus if you do you don't

get a point there kids doing less poor

to here's what is that sorry guys I

missed the message it's doing what sport

to these days yes that's true fans of

the sea but no no no I'm a mother of

three Oh was s t through this one Daisy

why select re oh hello welcome to my

life's free thank you so much for coming

Oh Phil - Santiago my son loves reading

and so our little girl it's just that

they're not into spending much time

reviewing their lessons and they are not

showing that much of interest going to

school Oh seriously but I think it can

motivate them going to school by

rewarding them giving a reward but

sometimes guys using the reward system

shouldn't be abused because it can also

have a negative effect on students yes

you can give a reward for example if you

say if you're performing well at school

if you have this good score I will be

buying this for you because you know

there are times and our kids actually

ask something to us they say can you buy

me the one

and that so you would say well I will

buy you that if you do good at school

yeah so I think it's effective I'm not

sure I mean with you guys if it's really

effective not sure if anyone I'm him

here in the chat room have tried that

has try that method you know to motivate

students going to school

hello Mary flour Vietnam welcome to my

life's treating how are you how are you

English teacher and Friends I'm doing


yes trying to be you know much better

every day

I mean day by day main floor in Vietnam

Jolyon start re Joey start re welcome to

my life stream blessings everyone yes

thank you so much everyone for coming

and we also have thanks so much for

thumbs up everyone Jaya start re coming

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is so much that's very kind of you think

it thank you everyone yes it's all

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think I only have 28 minutes more before

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okay thank you so much everyone

bye zesty flop favourite food Silva City

dude said a teacher I know had her dad

as a model for reading yes she'd see him

reading the newspaper every morning she

didn't know what if she wasn't adamant

that her dad was who was illiterate but

didn't want her to know Oh seriously oh

my god I've got chicken skin here so

let's see - dude that started that's an

amazing father you know yes guys

modeling guys even if you can't really

be perfect but at least you can show

good things to your kids yes and for us

teachers as well we do the same epic one

you know because actions speak louder

than words whatever you say sometimes it

sinks in but sometimes it doesn't but at

least when you do a certain action or

when you do something and they can see

that children you know children they

learn by doing you know yeah learning by

doing this another method that's another

method of learning gesture journey went

to the Art Museum yesterday in Saint

Louise caught a lot of interesting stuff

check it out if you have a chance oh

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sorry Mary flooring getting on because

we've got a lot of visitors today thank

you so much everyone

that's up thank you so much okay where

we know a few months and shadow

we got a few messages said yup rewarding

system I think it's a good it's good

sometimes but it's draining financially

oh yeah financially but feel nice and

shadows there are many forms of

rewarding system it doesn't I mean not

all the rewards includes money

you know you can't give a reward in a

different way there are many ways who is

that filming sunshine boom yes the lens

and shuttle we're happy now seriously

host thank you for your insights you are

very welcome feel nice and shallow thank

you thank you for your time and thank

you for sharing your opinions as well

everyone your opinions tonight mean a

lot to me mean the world to me everyone

you know of course teaching is learning

everyone as I always say I always set

myself as not just teaching my students

but I also learned from them like how

they learn from me I make my I make I

make I make sure that I can also learn

from them and the same here I'm going to

just teach you I'm not just telling I'm

not just telling you guys I'm not just

giving information to you but also

getting information from you everyone

flavory fool I'm almost done with the

first step flow flow flow in Vietnam

what do you mean Mary floor Vietnam

very interesting and intelligent host

thank you so much Diana start Kyrie

that's very amazing opinion from you

think is so much flavor e food your LS

is really informative I also read

Forrest different

teaching techniques to deal with

children I also love teaching you are

passionate teachers thank you so much

flavoring food yes you might have felt

how passionate I am in teaching because

even if I'm so busy even if I don't have

time for myself I still find time to

actually share the knowledge that I have

as long as I'd have something to share I

always share that so if you guys have

questions or if you guys have some

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Kathy's angels okay I'm gonna write it

here Cathy's Angels this is my Facebook

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have some suggestions or inquiries or

you can actually comment on this live

streaming below this live streaming you

can comment ok yes guys

oh very no Giants victory not always

good to talk sometimes you have to

listen yes Giants are very true so the

city dude the problem I have with a

reward system in the u.s. is that kids

are rewarded for regular things they

should be doing oh no no no no this is

not what I mean

Silver City dude because this will

surely spoil kids like things that they

have to do for example at home some

parents they they they use that reward

system for example if the kids clean

their room if the kids do some stuff in

the house which they have to do parents

give money or some gifts to their

children this is not good for me I don't

want to use it at home but it's cool you

also need to limit you know using this

reward system there should be how can I

say criteria when to use the reward

system everyone to me rewards should be

for above-average behavior yeah

true Silver City dude Diane start Ari

I'm very open about my ideas and wife

believe the government schools are

teaching our children a lot of really

solicited do it people don't usually get

promotions or raises for a media prison

many opt we have to lead by example

true that's exactly what I've been

saying Silver City dude we need to set

ourselves not just parents but teachers

but everyone we need to set ourselves at

examples to children I mean for us

adults you know giant giant star Terry

award should come from accomplished task

so true good deeds nothing more yes for

usual things things that they are

expected to do I mean it's already you

know kind of how can I say I know a

common things that they have to do I

mean they're expected to do I I don't

think you have to give them reward or

something like that

joyous arguing the us uh-huh okay Silver

City duties asking giant sorry are you

from the u.s. giant surf touring where

flower and I'm have to go to bed now

have fun everyone good day to all of you

thank you so much for dropping by

Mary flowering Vietnam ezy salute area

yes you can treat your children favorite

snacks cooking their favorite menu yes

this is another way of rewarding them

you know treating them giving them some

things that are actually their favorite

not just money but of course having

those treats you need to spend money but

at least you know there are many ways on

how to prepare those streets of yours

you know all right

giant artery I'm in okay so you're also

a week from the US

USA is my controlling ground flavor food

I'll visit Cathy's angels Cassie's

Angels flavor would thank you so much

bye for now yes think it's so much

flavor eat food and have fun and yes I

hope you can have a wonderful day

as a new hot dick hello dear friends

okay Giants Atari back to the slave

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okay thank you so much giant start re

have a wonderful day at work as mere no

self promotion everyone guys as I've

been telling you this is out of my topic

tonight you know I'm talking about being

a teacher or students expectation from

teachers but for me as a teacher going

live here as a creator I also have some

expectations from people who join in the

chat room everyone if you guys are new

to this waiting room please I'm just

sharing this don't feel bad with me okay

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Yolo you love hello welcome to my live

stream thank you so much compassionate

nurse 87 big shout out to you take your

beautiful have a wonderful and blessed

day thank you so much Diane tart re the

same to you abolish dentists crews can

be apparent to every student so true

Jennifer a bonus but we can't do

everything which parents have to do to

their children Jennifer analyst field

Mike Santiago gotta hit the sack now so

we always have to say of why this Apple

a few months and Charlotte makes so much

dropping by so what did you do it

because of our special education system

sped students get rewards for not

cursing or hitting people the regular

kids get mad about that no I don't but

I'm wondering Silva city dude are you

saying correct me if I'm wrong are the

regular students mixed with a special

students because I don't think they

should be they should be they should be

educated differently I mean they should

have a different class yes and in some

cases they should have they should even

have you know different school but of

course there's special kids they need to

learn something like normal kids so yeah

it's good when they are at the same

school but at least they are in the

different classroom something like that

I don't think it's good idea to actually

mix them they are missed oh this this

kind of hard I mean it's very hard for

the teacher side so what did you do they

are mixed seriously oh that's very

interesting information thank you so

much Jennifer Abalos big shout out to

Jennifer Alice yes big shout out to my

angels out there shut up - Jennifer


Annamarie clenched teeth of our channel

compassionate nurse 87 Marcus rich 101

foot trouble big shout-out to you I am

Erik Lehnsherr yes Ruby's foreign family

big shout-out to you guys thank you so

much for being always my angels everyone

thanks so much and Jenna gave a layer of

blood shout out to you

race in Japan shout out to you yes

everyone out there thank you so much big

shout out to be of course big shout out

to Dan Fowler fans oh david broder i

thought police shine Amon yes shout out

to everyone out there thanks so much

so yes guys I really appreciate all your

opinions that all the opinions that you

have shared here at my live streaming

today yes guys so anyway actually

students you know they're they have a

lot of expectations from teachers but as

a teacher everyone there are really

that are expected in order to be

effective as a teacher you know one

thing is of course as a teacher you are

expected to be a good communicator no

you are expected to be a good

communicator and as a teacher second

thing you need to be organized

okay a teacher is expected to be

organized okay and another thing of

course teachers should be engaging okay

teachers should be engaging to their

students engaging means you can actually

you know motivate students to

participate in the class and to learn

more you know and of course teachers are

expected to be concerned about the

learning process and the outcomes of

course because us as the teachers we

need to know which learning style the

students have so which teaching style

vision use okay and of course because of

that because of knowing those things we

will know how to actually get the

outcome and what we should do in case we

have a bad outcome everyone yes and of

course as the teacher we are expected to

be a good classroom manager okay so we

can also be managers everyone teachers

are everything teachers gave me an

artist an actor and actress a manager

and after everything yes that's how

powerful a teacher is correct me if I'm

wrong yes guys teacher is a very

powerful profession you know and of

course as the teacher we should not

forget we have to be professional okay

and of course being professional it

means to say we have to have the mastery

of the subject matter or the lesson

whatever you gonna teach you need to be

knowledgeable about it and of course the

most important thing is we need to be

enthusiastic in teaching we need to be

able to get the interest of our students

by teaching in a very interesting way

and very much

anyway everyone yes that's it those are

the things that are actually expected

from teachers as an effective teacher

those things we should have okay in

order to have you know great learning

environment and so let's say they do the

political politically correct please do

this so all the kids can feel normal

What nonsense some kids are determined

to show that square in the Triangle whoo

oh yeah it's true silver city dude but I

don't really understand why the kids are

mixed I mean the regular students in the

special students I don't see the point

I mean yeah I don't know I've I think

it's hard it's hard for them to be mixed

you know not just for nuts just for kids

side but also for the teachers side it's

fine your line here now thank you so

much for being here

oh my god espanol on here now I'm going

to delete all your messages because

these messages are not supposed to be

done in the chat room

sorry Spinola hello thank you so much I

hope you understand I have what

explained about this so sorry guys don't

talk about connecting in the chat room

guys hello see you didn't even earplugs

thank you so much for coming big shout

out to Genevieve and Lear applause till

the city dude classroom management is a

joke when a teacher has 35 kids in one

room no 35 kids well 35 kids we're

talking about in the US or another

countries it's not very bad to be honest

in Philippines Silver City dude a class

has 15 more students the worst case a

class has 17 students one class has 70


that's insane isn't it yes but luckily

here in France guys I mean in the school

where I work I'm not sure with other

schools here in Europe but in the school

where I'm working there are 25 students

in the classroom

and in fact I have

I only got 23 see the maximum number of

students I've had in the class is

actually 25 so I have 22 23 years

maximum is 25 students I think that's

good enough

Silva sidic do good classroom management

okay yes thank you so much everyone so

actually right now I only have 9 minutes

more before the show and so I hope you

guys actually you know enjoy sharing

your thoughts your insights your point

of views about the topic in today's show

everyone so yes thank you so much

everyone for being here I really

appreciate it and if you guys think I

deserve a thumbs up thank you so much

for all your thumbs up everyone and of

course your precious time I really

appreciate your specialness silicic dude

you're a prick right now but you're here

talking that's amazing silva city do it

thank you so much and of course all of

my friends out there all the people in

blue you guys are amazing thank you so

much big shout out to Genevieve and Lyra

vlogs thank you so much Genevieve amir

applause and yeah everyone yes yes yes

so there are 12 people watching right

now Oh

amazing huh 12 people are still here yes

guys so yeah that's really the theme so

being a t-shirt is not an easy task

because there are a lot of expectations

not just students expectations but

parents expectations as well and not

just parents but also the government

everyone the government of course also

expects a lot from teachers yes

so this how it is being a teacher

everyone is so challenging but you know

it's a great feeling seeing our students

learn and improve themselves especially

when it comes to their skills really

amazing big hard to get away Sweden well

by the way started to get away speed

well thank you

so much and of course shout out to life

in UK with bonds Silver City dude big

shout out to nature simplistic videos

with Tom Murphy have a nice day see you

later solicited it's always a pleasure

to be here

oh thank you so much nice to hear that

Silver City dude I I don't know how to

thank you but really thank you so much

everyone for being here at my life

screaming yes I hope you guys you know

oh my god

the title of my I just realized there's

a mistake in this description anyway

I'll check it out later

yes guys thank you so much thank you so


Shafi night I mean yes a big shout out

to me so yes guys it's really tough from

English teacher in France today yes guys

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my channel everyone

yes AE 29 kids thank you so much see you

later big shout out to you color Makery

channel hello everyone welcome color

makers Channel

good timing I only have five minutes

left color make your channel thank you

so much for coming

I'm gonna end the show in about five

minutes okay how are you color because

shuttle hard worker t-shirt yes guys yes

so the city dude I thought I could spend

hours talking about education so let's

see to do it if you don't mind

have you ever been a teacher so the city

dude because it sounds like you have

amazing information when it comes to

education simplicity dude what do you do

I mean just if you don't mind me asking

this each family have features kind of

no welcome to my livestream how are you

my ear still one oh my god big shout-out

to you thank you thank you thanks sis ha

thank you so much sis my mouth my feet

start up to you the same family

by the way everyone we have friends in

the chat room right now they're actually

monetize friends we have color makers

channel compassionate nurse 87 and the

Siege family editors everyone

they are already monetize guys so yeah

guys they are still amazing very

supportive yes

well passionate nurse 87 I think my best

friend has actually come back to me

because my intro is always like that

come back baby come back so my best

friend has come back and giving me a

thumbs down

isn't it amazing guys wow thank you so

much you are amazing you really have you

know time to give me a thumbs down head

really guys it's interesting for your

information this person is very

interesting because in fact this person

sometimes gives me a thumbs down before

I start the show so what do you think

about it

oh I think it's so much no problem since

let's say you do it no problem but I'm a

teacher oh you are a teacher or nice to

meet you

wow I've met a lot of teachers nowadays

during my live streaming we've got um

flavored food also teacher and so what

they do it is also a t-shirt here we are

guys be sure teacher t-shirt yes

it's for guys is it no no no discomfort

no can you get that one for me please

it is for me please okay my baby just

woke up everyone I'm so sorry my son



sorry guys my baby is a soul Capri yes

bitch shut up to the stage family

adventures I'm actually one minute

rather always great oh that's great to

hear that call are made for eternal Vice

Ganda welcome to my life's dream it's

show time

welcome to my wife's room ah interesting

NEMA uses your friends it is the kind of

funny that I've been a fan of yours for

this long and you didn't ask before I

figured I figured I dropped enough

hands-free yeah you know stillness did

you do it

um it takes time for me to get to know a

person I just actually observe person's

messages and that way I tried to be to

know the person and after some time I

asked the question which I think that

person is and yeah this time has finally


so the Phoebe dude I'm asking you

because I really figured it out then you

sound like a teacher so you are so I'm


oh yeah it's correct Silver City dude

thank you so much thanks those t-shirts

are you are very welcome easy why

solitario a big shout-out to you

everyone yes I don't okay no problem no

problem bye I think English teacher in

France color matrix shinola bikes and I

think color recruits not at all come on

gonna remake your son no you are playing

again thanks teacher goes you are very

welcome everyone so actually I only have

40 seconds right now so yes guys thank

you so much everyone for tuning in this

is once again English teacher in France


a wonderful morning afternoon evening

everyone and of course whatever meal you

have have a wonderful breakfast lunch

dinner everyone around the world yes I

have high respect for teachers or

special needs and behavior disorders oh


it's a very good job a syllabus see to

do it it's hard to actually teach a

special children you know I'm your

teacher no problem color maybe shut up

thank you so much everyone

yes guys I hope to see you again at my

next life screaming because I'm gonna

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a wonderful day thank you so much big

shout out to you the same family

adventures Silver City dude bye bye bye


enjoy your Sundays