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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Jane Fonda on Kissing on Camera

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- Let's talk about the show because it is fantastic

and it's you and Lily Tomlin and how in the world

did it take this long for you two to do something together

since "9 to 5"? 35 years ago, "9 to 5".

Can you believe that? That's amazing.

- Yeah, I know.


And, uh,

I don't know. We stayed friends.

We've been friends all that time,

and, I mean, what a great thing

to be able to work with her again.

I've wanted to do a television series

- for a long time. - Mm-hmm.

- And I wanted to give a cultural face

to older women 'cause we're left out.

- Yep. - We just, you know,

the mass media doesn't really deal with you

after a certain age, and, um,

and I wanted to change that.

And then Marta Kauffman and Howard Morris

she co-created "Friends" and she pitched this idea.

There was nothing written, but this idea of these

two older women who get dumped by their husbands

who have fallen in love and want to get married.

- And there's a little romance-- kissing scene that--

how was that for you?

- How was that? Yeah, I--you know something?

I hadn't had an onscreen kiss in 15 years.

- Really? - No, I left the business

for 15 years, and if somebody had told me then

that at 77, I would be back in a thing called Netflix,

it's not even television.

It's like you can look at the whole season all at once

in six hours or something like that.

And that I would have my first kiss at 77 since 15 years,

I would have said, "You're crazy."

- But it was fun. - Was it fun?

- It was fun. It was Craig T. Nelson.

- Right. - It was a lot of fun.

- You have a clip? - And--yes,

we were just showing it.

- The whole time. - I didn't see.

- No tongue. No. - So, no tongue? No?

- No. - Did you establish that rule?

'Cause usually before a kiss you'll talk about things.

- Yeah, no, we didn't. We didn't.

We wanted it to be spontaneous, and I waited, but no.

- No tongue came in?

But, you know, I mean, it's just--

it's the lesson for me is that you just never know

what's in store in life, right?

- Mm-hmm. - You just never assume

that you're--I thought I'd never be back

with a career in acting, and that certainly

I'd never have an onscreen kiss, and look what happened.

- Look what happened. - Yeah.

- Well, you know, first of all, you're so--

you've got so much energy. You're so vibrant.

You take care of yourself. You look great.

- Thank you. - And I agree with you.

It's ridiculous that there's a certain age

that you don't see women

represented at all on television, and it's--

- Or as the butt of a joke, and certainly not funny...

- Right. - And sensual,

and having a good time, and kicking ass,

- and all that kind of thing. - Right, which is--

- I'm sorry. - Yeah, you can say--

you can say kicking ass.

- And we--and--I can? It's daytime.

- You've said it and I said it.

Now we've both said it.

You can say it again if you want.

- Okay.

We deal with, you know, issues that are important

to older women. Vaginal dryness, for example.

- What?

What happened? We were--we were--

- No? Can't do that. Okay.

- Now you just turned a corner.

I don't know what happened.

- Lily's character--Lily's-- I can talk this

'cause a lot of people have already seen the whole season...

- Right. - And love it.

But Lily's character makes lubricants

- for that part of the body... - Right, yes.

- Out of yams. - Yes.

- And she puts it in the refrigerator in a jar,

and I think it's jam, and I put it on my toast.

- That, you know, that got a-- - Yeah.

We're dealing with the real issues.

- Yeah, yeah.

Yeah. Now you've given that away.

All right.

- There's no such thing with Netflix.

- Yeah, no, I know.

Because you can just sit there and binge watch.

- Yeah. - I want to talk about

- your 60th high school reunion. - I just went.

- I know. And how many people showed up?

- Four.

And one had an oxygen tank.

It's true. But no.

But here's what was so cool about it.

I wasn't sure who was going to show up.

I knew there was one person I really wanted to show.

Her name was Pat Johnson.

And she was gay at the time,

but you never said that. No one ever talked about it.

And I would, "Whatever happened to Pat Johnson?"

She was the one with the oxygen tank.

And the minute she, you know, took the mask away,

there she was, all feisty and everything with her wife.

- Ah, good for her. - Wasn't that good?

- That's amazing, yes. - Yeah.

- Good for Pat.

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